Chapter One :Chapter 1

“Morgana, you must marry Mr. Salvador!”

“Why, father? Everyone says that Royce Salvador is an ugly man who abuses women! Why do you insist on me marrying him?”

"As long as you marry him, our family will get the support of the Salvador family, so that our family will not go bankrupt."

"No, father! I will never sacrifice my lifelong happiness for the sake of such ridiculous benefits for the family!"

“Morgana, I’m warning you. If you don’t agree with the plan, you will watch your mother die from her illness helplessly! Our entire family will perish together!”

Thinking of her father’s demented anger, Morgana Gilbert pursed her lips in distress. Her lips were pushed into a straight line and she forcefully grabbed at the bedsheet beneath her.

She had a greedy and paranoid father. Back then, he had abandoned her mother to marry the precious daughter of the powerful Clark family. Now, he was coming to make use of Morgana. He wanted to get more benefits out of Morgana. He treated her and her mother like objects to bartered for power and money!

Morgana felt a sharp pain which made her feel very disgusted. She was forced to stay there for the night to serve that ugly and brutal man. She had to please him as much as possible until he was satisfied. Otherwise, her father would stop paying for her mother’s medical treatments. Morgana knew that her father was vicious enough to follow through with his threat.

The endless darkness made her tremble in fright. She was filled with panic and anxiety as her instincts told her that horrible things would soon befall upon her.

Suddenly, a big hand grabbed her neck, and her scalp was numbed with fear. Morgana wanted to scream but her voice was stuck in her throat out of fright.

"Morgana Gilbert? You look delicious." A low, hoarse voice rang in her ears. The voice seemed a little hostile.

Morgana looked at the dark shadow by the bed with her eyes wide open. She was thinking that this should be that legendary Royce Salvador.

She forced herself to calm down and said placidly, " Mr. Salvador?"

The man’s large hand grabbed her neck firmly. She heard her own voice, which sounded like the sound of air bubbles escaping from compressed plastic pipes, coming out intermittently. In the darkness, it seemed very eerie.

“Oh?” Royce’s voice sounded very surprising. It seemed that he did not expect for Morgana to call out his name so calmly.

"Mr. Salvador, please undo the ropes on my body and let me serve you well!" Morgana felt that her face was burning hot, and her heart was thumping loudly. She could feel her pulse racing under her cheeks and in her throat.

To prevent Morgana from escaping, her father had tied her up with ropes earlier. She felt that her body had become numb from being bound so tightly.

She was uncertain if the man would do what she had requested. However, she did not wish to be treated like a piece of steak on a plate, to be savored in any way the man wished. At the very least, when it came to intimate physical contact, her dignity would never allow this to happen.

In the darkness, Royce fell into a momentary silence, which made Morgana feel anxious, so she kept worrying if she had infuriated him somehow and if she had destroyed her father’s plans for her marriage.

"Then, let me see how you will serve me, Miss Gilbert," Royce replied. His voice sounded like the music from a cello, low and elegant. Yet, it carried a tinge of peculiar delight.

Morgana felt something sharp cutting the ropes on her body. She wriggled gently and the ropes loosened. Now that she had been set free, she felt even more distressed. She knew that whatever would happen to her next would bring her even more suffering.


Suddenly, the lights were switched on, which made the room as bright as day in an instant. Morgana squinted her eyes in discomfort because of the glaring light.

After regaining her senses, Morgana realized that the room was a heavily decorated bedroom. The furnishings were all in the style of a medieval aristocratic residence. There was an ornate frame design around a fireplace, and the ceiling of the room was very high. All around the room was a sense of elegance and mystery.

Not far away, a man in a dark plum-colored suit was sitting on a high bar stool, with a cold look. He was staring at Morgana.

The man had golden hair which was soft, smooth and curly. His eyes were as green as precious emeralds, and his skin was glowing fair. There was a shiny silver face mask covering the left half of his face. However, the uncovered right half boasted a breathtaking allure.

Morgana had never thought that Royce Salvador, who had been long referred to as an extremely hideous beast, would turn out to be such an elegant and fine-looking gentleman!

“Miss Gilbert, you said you wanted to serve me?” Royce’s lips curved into a cruel smile.

“Yes, sir,” His icy cold voice shattered all the illusions in Morgana’s heart. A familiar pain began to fill her chest again.

She gritted her teeth, and slowly stood up from the ground. Her fingertips were trembling as she removed the clothing from her body. In her mind, a voice was screaming at her, commanding her to walk slowly towards that man. He was as seductive yet dangerous as an opium poppy.

When Morgana arrived within a step of Royce, she stopped!

She felt numbness in her body, and an overwhelming sense of shame washed over her, building up in her throat.

She heard Royce getting up from the chair. His large hand touched her again. However, this time, his fingers strolled along her cheeks, touching the tip of her nose, then to her lips, and to her chin. Finally, his fingers stopped at her collarbone. His icy cold touch made Morgana shiver involuntarily.

“Scared?” Royce leaned over to her ear, and his captivating voice was filled with intoxicating charm. “If you are afraid, you may leave now.”

Morgana’s mind was in a mess. She was extremely anxious and could not figure out if he was just trying to test her.

If Morgana did not follow her father’s instructions and sacrificed herself, her mother would die from her critical illness. Also, Morgana’s father would never let Morgana go that easily! He would definitely punish her heavily.

Hence, she could not leave!

“Nor, sir, I’m not afraid. I can do it!” Her voice was filled with determination.

“Oh?” Royce’s voice grew even colder. His emerald-colored eyes narrowed slightly, which seemed somewhat menacing. “This is your own choice, I hope you don’t regret it, Miss Gilbert!”

Suddenly, Morgana’s eyes widened in horror, as if she realized something horrible.

To her horror, Royce’s eyes were changing in color, from emerald green to inky black. The expression on his face gradually turned ferocious, and his teeth grew into sharp fangs. He was staring straight at her, with a thirsty look on his face!

Morgana’s mind went blank. She could hear a loud ringing in her ears.

Royce Salvador, the most distinguished entrepreneur in the business world, was actually a bloodthirsty vampire!

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