Chapter One :Chapter 1

On the rugged desolate mountain road, fluffy snowflakes fell from the sky. There were few people here, and the cold wind was piercing.

"Crack, crack, crack..." An ear-piercing sound of a beast-taming whip echoed, splattering a beautiful yet tragic spray of blood on the young girl.

"Miss Su, since you are the legitimate daughter of the family, Miss Qingqing grants you a dignified death. You can't blame anyone but yourself for being a useless person who can't cultivate, dreaming of having what you don't deserve. So, stop wasting time and go!"

An old woman held a thick hemp rope, one end of which was tied to the blood-stained hands of the young girl.

The young girl was around fourteen years old. She had a face contorted by extreme fear. Her face was smeared with blood and ice fragments, making it impossible to discern whether she appeared beautiful or unattractive.

She wore a thin coarse cloth shirt and her frail body trembled in the freezing wind. She occasionally let out a hoarse and pleading voice.

However, the several burly men around the old woman, who were holding beast-taming whips, ignored her. Each time the young girl stumbled, she was mercilessly whipped, leaving her bruised and battered. She could only scramble to her feet and continue moving forward.

"Su Wulei, the Diabolus Tomb is just ahead. No one has ever come out alive from there in the past century. Miss Qingqing is merciful enough to not beat you to death. Hurry up!" One of the men sneered and delivered several more lashes, seemingly enthusiastic about the opportunity to punish his own mistress.

The old woman threw away the rope in her hand and kicked Su Wulei a few steps forward. Looking at the dense black mist in front of Su Wulei, she was a little afraid and quickly took a few steps back.

Su Wulei glanced fearfully at the black mist, wanting to turn back, but the cracking sound of the whip behind her made her eyes fill with tears. Trembling, she walked into the darkness...


Within the depths of the black mist, nothing grew for miles around. Besides the dark brown soil and the pervasive black mist in the air, not even snowflakes could fall from the sky.

It was as if this place was a forbidden zone for life.

Silence enveloped the surroundings, and a blood-red coffin lay horizontally in the center. Its color was strange, dripping with blood.

Time seemed to pass unknowingly.

"Err..." Not far from the coffin, an inhuman growl resonated.

Su Wulei, who had been lying motionless on the ground, suddenly opened her eyes. A cold light flashed through her eyes, displaying a calm and vigilant demeanor with unprecedented sharpness.

Su Wulei, the chief assassin known as 'Gui Jianchou' by Earthlings, the ruthless wielder of the deadly poison and sword... had awakened.

"Uh? Where am I?" Su Wulei surveyed the black mist and the blood-stained coffin around her, feeling a putrid odor filling her nostrils. Her face darkened with a terrible grimace.

She remembered during a mission when her most trusted sister, who was also her only family and partner, shot her in the back.

"B*tch, if I ever see you again, I'll definitely grind your bones into ashes." Su Wulei muttered in a hoarse voice. Her face regained a sense of calmness, akin to the stillness of a timeless landscape.

"Huh, can't believe I couldn't finish you off?" Suddenly, a low, bewitching voice sounded in her ears, as if it could lure away one's soul.

Su Wulei suddenly looked over. A flash of black light emitted from the blood-red coffin and transformed into a tall figure shrouded in black mist, approaching her gradually.

Almost instinctively, she sensed danger. With her sharp senses, she couldn't believe she had missed someone hiding!

Su Wulei quickly stepped back, maintaining a safe distance before standing still. She stared coldly at the dark figure and said, "Hey, hold it right there. If you take another step, don't blame me for striking." She subconsciously reached for her waist, but unfortunately, she couldn't find her dagger and medicine pouch.

"Aren't you afraid of me?" The bewitching voice sounded somewhat surprised. The figure showed no signs of stopping, seemingly unconcerned about Su Wulei's warning.

Su Wulei's dark pupils constricted. Just as the shadow entered her striking range, she suddenly moved.

She turned into a blur and rushed toward the shadow with incredible speed. Her finger pointed like a sword, carrying a fierce momentum as she aimed for the shadow's throat.

Still as a towering pine, swift as a cunning rabbit. This was a necessary rule for assassins!

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