Chapter One :Chapter 1

There were two people in the presidential suite at the Grand Banquet Hotel, and the room was pitch black.

"It hurts! It hurts!"

Was she dreaming? Why did her body hurt so much!

What was wrong with her consciousness? Was she dreaming?

"Bear with me for a little longer, and it won't hurt anymore." The man's deep voice travelled into her ears. He sounded like he was suppressing his s*xual desire.

"Mm!" Cyan Gienger groaned as she felt slight discomfort.

The room was very dark. The man could not see the woman's appearance clearly, but he could sense her clean and pleasant body scent as well as her beauty.

He did not know how long it took before he stopped. He let out a deep, lustful breath.

He looked at the woman, who had fainted beside him, and his field of vision went black. The darkness engulfed him. 

When Cyan opened her eyes again, she felt as if her whole body had gone through a car crash. She was weak and in pain, like she was almost falling apart.

She slowly sat up with her eyes half closed. Where was she?

She remembered she came to the fifth floor to get some documents for Myra Gienger.

"Hello, what's the room number you've told me? Where are the documents?"

"Room 503, alright, I got it."

She remembered she was hanging up the phone. She remembered noticing she was standing before Room 511, and when she was about to leave... 

The surrounding lights suddenly went out with a loud buzz. Immediately after that, someone violently dragged her into the room.

She had a cold today. After taking the medicine, she felt a little sleepy. At that time, she was dizzy and her consciousness began to blur.

After a long time, Cyan came to her senses and realized someone was lying beside her. Her eyes widened abruptly. The room was filled with a strange smell.

She was extremely shocked and she suddenly looked down at her body. Even if she was stupid, she would already know what had happened. 

Cyan was so scared that she did not know what to do. She felt as if her whole body was on fire, and her mind went blank.

After sitting for less than a minute, she quickly got off the bed and got dressed. It was said that darkness could cover up one’s most vulnerable moments. 

Right at this moment, Cyan's whole body was trembling uncontrollably. She bit her bottom lip hard with her teeth, and the intense pain calmed her down a little. 

She found her bag and her cell phone in the dark. There were two things placed beside her cell phone. She did not think too much about it and put both of them into her bag. She then stumbled out of the door with her sore body.

Cyan was in a trance when she returned to the Gienger family’s mansion in River City.

The sky was still dim. She could see the hickeys on her body clearly, and she was scared and at a loss for what to do. 

She wanted to go in quietly. She did not want anyone to know what happened last night.

When Cyan was about to open the door and enter the mansion, she suddenly heard a joyful voice ringing out from inside. Cyan's hand was on the doorknob but she did not open the door. Why did her mother and Myra get up so early?

"Mum, after raising that ungrateful b*tch for so many years, we finally put her to good use. Mr. King is a perverted man and he only wants virgins. Cyan just happens to fit his preference perfectly. I never expected her to be so valuable. She is actually worth ten million dollars."

"Hmph, didn’t I raise her until she graduated university only for this day?" 

Cyan was extremely shocked when she heard this conversation. There was an ache in her heart. 

"In the future, if you meet people like Mr. King, you can just let Cyan accompany them. It will definitely grow our family’s business. I only gave her a low dosage of the drug last night, so she only thought that she had a cold. I didn't expect the drug to be this effective."

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