Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Isn't that Director Lu's daughter-in-law, Su Ning? Why did she faint?"

"Forget about it, so embarrassing! Su Ning was caught cheating in the act by Wu Da Bao's wife, Tian Da Ya! Tian Da Ya is no pushover, would she let Su Ning off? Look at what she did to her clothes! Tsk tsk!"

"Tian Da Ya even said, the two of them were all over each other. Lucky we intervened when we did. If we were a bit later, who knows what they might have been doing on the bed."

"You've got to be kidding, Director Lu is so handsome; he earns a good salary, has good morals, isn't he a hundred times better than Wu Da Bao? Why would Su Ning even look at someone like Wu Da Bao?"

"Well, you never know. Look at Su Ning, always flaunting herself because she's good looking, flirting with all the men in the family members' courtyard, always touching and moving about - she's not someone who wants to settle down. I suspect Tian Da Ya didn't rip her clothes; maybe Su Ning tore them herself to seduce Wu Da Bao!"

Su Ning slowly opened her eyes amidst the clamor around her.

She looked around curiously. There were many people standing around her hospital bed, some wore doctor's coats, and others had faces with distinct traces of an early era.

Su Ning was taken aback. Wasn't she editing videos? How did she end up in a hospital when she opened her eyes?

Next moment, multiple scenes flashed past her eyes leaving her in a state of confusion.

"Hey, she's awake!" someone beside her shouted.

"Little Su, how are you feeling?" A man who helped bring Su Ning here, stepped forward and asked.

The man immediately winced in pain, holding his waist and exclaimed,“Ouch”. He turned to see his wife retracting her pinching hand, glaring at him, "Where are you looking? Your own wife is here!"

Several onlooking men, thinking the same thing, took a few steps back to avoid suspicion, and kept their distance from Su Ning. After all, they almost got into a huge mess before.

"Hey, Director Lu, you're here!" Someone shouted.

Upon hearing this, everyone turned to look at the direction of the entrance.

Seeing Lu Xin with a gloomy face standing at the door, everyone became silent, not daring to utter another word against Su Ning.

The atmosphere dropped to a freezing point, everyone greeted Lu Xin in turn and quickly left Su Ning's ward.

Lu Xin, standing a few meters away, looked at the woman lying on the bed, a complex affection flashing in his eyes.

He was even reluctant to step into the ward to get a better look at her face. Seeing the nurse carrying an IV drip into the ward, he sternly closed the door from the outside, waiting outside the door.

The nurse inserted a needle into the back of Su Ning's hand, the stabbing pain snapping her back to reality.

Su Ning’s vision became clear once more. Her eyes fell upon the calendar hanging on the wall. She muttered to herself, "1988, June 8th."

A set of memories that didn't belong to her flooded her mind, making her realize that she had traveled back to the 198s, and had become another woman with the same name.

The reason she was lying in hospital was a woman named Tian Daya, who perceived her as a vixen seducing her husband. She had been pushed down, hitting her head and causing a momentary faint.

Actually, all said and done, the original heroine was not entirely innocent.

Brainwashed by her birth family, she had always believed that the value and purpose of a daughter's existence were to support her brother.

Even her marriage was nothing more than a scheme to acquire a large dowry for her brother, who was a leftover man of advanced age.

The original heroine was beautiful, on-demand by many matchmakers. However, the prospective grooms were scared off by the high dowry demanded by the Su family.

In the end, the original heroine and her family concocted a scheme and tricked Lu Xin, a sturdy worker in a state-owned automotive factory, into marrying her for a dowry of a thousand yuan.

After marriage, the original heroine's heart had always been in her maternal home, constantly finding ways to take advantage of Lu Xin and transfer that to her family.

But not only was the Su family ungrateful, they felt it was their right, and they doubled down.

Recently, the Su family pressured the original host to beg Lu Xin to arrange a job for her brother in the factory.

The Su family even threatened that if she couldn't make it happen, they wouldn't recognize her as their daughter.

In order to satisfy this demand, the original host pestered Lu Xin into submission, but he refused to budge.

Upon her mother's suggestion, she climbed into Lu Xin's bed in the middle of the night, hoping that by giving him her body and getting pregnant, he would fall into line. But surpringly, Lu Xin pushed her away, treating her as if she was a venomous snake.

In the face of constant pressure from her family, she was forced to start inquiring around the residential compound of the car factory.

Coincidentally, Wu Dabao told her that their workshop was hiring temporary workers and invited her to discuss the details at his home. With her mind focused on her brother's condition, she didn't think much about it and went.

Upon entering Wu's house, however, Wu Dabao dodged the topic and even attempted to embrace her physically.

Noticing that something was amiss, she was about to resist when she was caught by Wu Dabao's wife, Tian Daya, who misunderstood the reason for Su Ning's presence and created quite a scene...

Now, this mess had fallen into Su Ning's hands.

Su Ning, known for her straightforwardness, sought clarity about the whole event, and publicly clearing her name; she couldn't carry this undeserved stigma.

As Su Ning was thinking about this, she felt a wave of dizziness come over her and fell into a light sleep.

In her daze, she heard a nurse ask, "Oh, Director Lu, why are you standing here? Aren't you going in?"

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