Chapter One :Chapter 1

"The Huo family wields great power and wealth. Marrying into it should be considered your good fortune. Don't be ungrateful!"

Sheng Lingxi swept her icy gaze over the three people before her and sneered.

"If it's such a blessing, why not have Sheng Xingyao marry into the Huo family then?"

Sheng Wanlin's complexion turned ashen, "What kind of nonsense is that! Xingyao is only nineteen, how can she get married!"

"I'm only a year older than her, is there really such a big difference?"

"The difference is vast, how dare you compare yourself to Xingyao! Sheng Lingxi, I'm not bargaining with you here. Stop skirting the issue. You only have two choices now: earnestly marry into the Huo family, or leave the Sheng family for the countryside and never dream of inheriting a dime of my wealth!"

Upon hearing this, the chill in Sheng Lingxi's beautiful eyes intensified. At the age of five, she had been maliciously abducted to the countryside, only returning to the imperial city half a year ago. What greeted her after the long separation was not parental love but cold indifference and disdain.

For half a year, she had been living in an apartment outside, neglected and ignored. Now, they had suddenly called her back to the Sheng household for a business deal, intending to marry her off to a notorious hedonist.

Still using the threat of banishment from the Sheng family and the loss of inheritance, little did they know that she didn't care about the Sheng family anymore. As for their money, she had never given it any importance.

Sheng Xingyao stood by the side, enjoying the dramatic scene. Compared to marrying into the Huo family, she would much rather have Sheng Lingxi driven out of the Sheng family, out of the imperial city, never to return.

"Dad, don't get angry. It might harm your health. If my sister really doesn't want to, then let me marry into the Huo family. As long as I can help father overcome the difficulties, I am willing to do anything." Sheng Xingyao feigned innocence and selflessness.

Seeing his sensible younger daughter, Sheng Wanlin's heart softened, "What nonsense! You're such an excellent girl, how can you marry into the Huo family!"

Sheng Xingyao chuckled silently. She knew Sheng Wanlin would say something like this, and added, "But I want to help father, I don't mind."

By comparison, Sheng Wanlin hated the disobedient Sheng Lingxi even more.

"Look at your sister. She's so sensible. Now look at yourself! I'm giving you three days to decide whether you will marry into the Huo family or leave the Sheng family. The choice is yours!"

"No need for those three days." With a cold voice, Sheng Lingxi started, "I am leaving the Sheng family, and from now on, I have nothing to do with you, or the Sheng family."

Upon hearing this, Sheng Wanlin was somewhat surprised. He didn't anticipate that Sheng Lingxi would prefer to sever ties with him rather than heed his words.

"Very well, stand your ground." Sheng Wanlin gave a cold sneer, "Just don't come back crying for my help!"

"Rest assured, that day will never come."

"Hmph!" Sheng Wanlin angrily turned away.

Meanwhile, Lin Yuyong remained silent. Even though Sheng Lingxi was her own biological daughter, her identity....

Putting aside her status, she simply couldn't accept this daughter brought back from the countryside.

Lin Yuyong cared highly about her image. In the half-year since Sheng Lingxi's return, she had never involved her in any banquet or let her socialize with the ladies of high society. She didn't want the wives in the circle to scoff at her.

At each banquet, she only brought Sheng Xingyao, who she painstakingly groomed, not even willing to mention Sheng Lingxi.

Lin Yuyong cast a cold glance at Sheng Lingxi: "Since you are unwilling to obey our arrangements, we can't control you, then act as you see fit."

With that, she turned and ascended the stairs.

Watching their indifferent figures, Sheng Lingxi let out a sarcastic laugh.

Her only family, her kin, it was laughable!

Sheng Xingyao was extremely pleased with herself, a smirk playing on her lips, "Look at you, you've even driven away mom and dad. You need to have some backbone, don't come back crying to them. That would be so embarrassing."

Sheng Lingxi gave her a cold glance, then turned around and left.

A month later.

Capital's Top Medical College.

Sheng Lingxi steps out of the top-secret research lab.

After talking with Dean Gu for a while, she heads to the locker room to change her outfit.

In the evening, at the Moonlight Bar.

Under the flashing lights, Sheng Lingxi, dressed in casual black attire, leans lazily in the booth. Her bright, captivating beauty contrasts strikingly with the ambient bar scene, yet lights it up in an extraordinary way.

Despite seeing her regularly, Gu Jingyu is continuously astounded by her beauty.

Having sat for less than half an hour, countless men have already attempted to strike up a conversation. However, they've all been driven away by Gu Jingyu.

"Lingxi, when will you finally rest? I'll take you out for a few days to relax," Knowing that Sheng Lingxi has been feeling down recently, Gu Jingyu is always contemplating taking her out to distract her mind.

Sheng Lingxi takes a sip of her drink, lazily responding, "Soon."

"How soon?"

Before Sheng Lingxi can reply, a familiar figure suddenly enters her field of vision, making her smile stiffen awkwardly.

The man is tall and slim, his facial features handsome, exhibiting a noble and aloof demeanor. His innate regal mannerism is awe-inspiring and intimidating at the same time.

The women in the vicinity can't help but stare.

"Lu... President Lu! Why would President Lu be here in the bar?"

"Oh my god! He's so handsome!"

"What kind of celestial beauty is this, help!"

"I just want to know why President Lu came here! Will he come again in the future?"

Lu Chengjin, the CEO of the Lu Group, the sole heir of Lu family, the first financial tycoon in the capital, stands at the top of the pyramid.

Sheng Lingxi just took a glance and shifted her gaze immediately, consequently, she picked up the iced wine on the table and gulped a large mouthful, her mind unavoidably recalled that absurd and embarrassing night again.

About a month ago, she drank because of her bad mood and dizzily returned to the hotel, unexpectedly entangled with Lu Chengjin for a night.

She had initially thought that based on Lu Chengjin's status, he would give her a check afterward, acting as though it never happened, but didn't expect that when Lu Chengjin woke up, he said he wanted to take responsibility for her.

Even though she didn't intend to have him take responsibility, she still asked, how do you plan to take responsibility?

With a mesmerizing look on his striking face and a magnetic, beguiling voice, he said, "We will marry and commit ourselves to each other."

At that moment, both of them were still nestled in the quilt.

Sheng Lingxi had already forgotten how she reacted and what the motive was, she just irrationally agreed.

The next day, they took their marriage certificate.

At the stairs, Lu Chengjin suddenly stopped, turned his head towards Sheng Lingxi's direction.

Seeing him suddenly stop, the man beside him asked, "What's wrong? What are you looking at?"

Lu Chengjin's thin lips curled up slightly, with a spoiled look in his eyes, he said, "A beautiful scenery."

The man followed his gaze and saw Sheng Lingxi lazily leaning in the booth, and he understood immediately.

No wonder the President, Lu, insisted on coming to this bar today, his interest does not lie in the drinks.

This display of affection caught him off guard.

The man raised an eyebrow, "Do you want to go and join in the fun, while I head upstairs?"

Lu Chengjin retracted his gaze, "You go ahead."

The two men went up to the private room on the second floor.

Gu Jingyu's phone suddenly rang. He glanced at the screen and then stood up, "Lingxi, you sit for a while, I'm going to take a call, it's too loud here."

"Mm." Sheng Lingxi replied, and took a sip from her drink on the table.

On the other side of the booth, Sheng Xingyao was sitting with a few women.

One of them said, "I recently heard a rumor that President Lu is secretly married, but no one knows who his new wife is. It seems quite mysterious."

Another woman's face filled with surprise, "President Lu is secretly married! Is that true?"

"I just said it's a rumor. As for whether it's true or false, who knows."

"Which woman is so lucky!"

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