Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Xiuyun is back, you guys should have a good talk. The sooner you get the divorce, the better. I'm only thinking what's best for both of you."

"I can't stand the way you're living your life, it's embarrassing to us all. If you don't care about losing face, I do!"

Pei Wanqing just came out of the operating room when her mother-in-law, Zhang Yuanyuan, called her.

Over the years, the marriage between Fu Xiuyun and Pei Wanqing had been the most distressing matter for Zhang Yuanyuan,

She should have never agreed to it!

"I will talk to him."

Pei Wanqing's fingers curled slightly. After ending the call, she began to browse the news. The headline was about Fu Xiuyun's return to the country.

The photo was a candid shot from the airport.

The man was descending from a private jet. Standing tall and handsome, with a deep-set eyes and prominent features. His jawline was smooth, and the setting sun cast an attractive glare on him.

Perhaps he was tired from the long flight, there was a hint of fatigue on his face.

His slim-fitting suit perfectly accentuated his well-proportioned shoulders and long legs, his moves conveyed an innate nobility.

His assistant was reporting something to him, and the secretary followed behind him with luggage, looking serious.

She looked at the news, she must be the last one to know that he had returned.

However, she had grown used to it. After all, just half a year into their marriage, Fu Xiuyun had moved to New York and hadn't even bothered to notify her.

He would come back once or twice a year, but she always heard the news from others.

However, she had no spare time to reflect as a doctor's job is hustling. In no time, someone was calling her again.

After several consecutive surgeries, when she walked out of the hospital, the neon lights were already shining outside.

Standing on the roadside, her stomach was growling with hunger, she then realized she hadn't eaten all day.

She hailed a taxi and returned to the villa in Wenxi Estate.

Normally, even if she returned late from work, she had a housemaid at home, hence she seldom cooked. Most crucially, she indeed had no talent in cooking.

Fu Xiujun's return was indeed at an inconvenient time, just a few days ago, she had just let the maid go. If he came back, not having a meal ready felt quite improper.

She prepared a few dishes according to the recipes online, which took nearly two hours. By the time the meal was served, the wall clock already showed nine o'clock.

Yet, Fu Xiujun had not returned.

She sat at the dining table waiting for another hour, even calling Fu Xiujun, but she couldn't get through.

She then sent him a WeChat message, but there was no reply either.

She looked at the dishes she had painstakingly prepared, she wasn't feeling hungry anymore, perhaps because she had gone beyond the point of hunger.

When the clock pointed to eleven, Fu Xiujun still hadn't returned.

She idly scrolled through the social stream, and was startled to see a status update posted by Ruan Hao.

The caption read: 'Welcoming meal.'

Pei Wan clicked the photo, the background seemed to depict some high-class club. The lighting was dim, and all of Fu Xiujun's friends were present.

Fu Xiujun sat on the edge dressed in a white shirt, with two buttons unfastened at the chest. The slightly open collar revealed his collarbone, and the dim light cast a lazy glow on his body.

His long, slender legs crossed, the cuffs of his shirt slightly rolled up. His well-defined fingers rested on the sofa, holding a cigarette that glowed red in his hand.

Next to him, a woman in a tight mini-skirt was sitting tightly against him, her eyes filled with such tenderness that they seemed to ooze sweetness.

Pei Wan closed her phone, picked up her bowl and chopsticks, and silently ate the cold dinner on the table.

After finishing her meal, she cleaned up the kitchen before returning to her room for sleep.

Meanwhile, at a private club, Ruan Hao personally poured Fu Xiujun a glass of top-notch brandy.

This was a century limited edition that was not on sale in the market.

An old heirloom that the Ruan family elder had been unwilling to drink for many years had been snuck out by Ruan Hao, the dutiful grandchild, to welcome Fu Xiujun.

"Bro, welcome back!"

"Are you leaving again this time?"

Leaning lazily on the sofa, Fu Xiujun's grin tugged at the corner of his mouth, "Why, you want me to leave?"

Ruan Hao laughed sycophantically, "How could I! I'm the one who wants you back the most!"

The friends around also booed, "Ruan Hao is so devoted to you, he misses you more than your wife does."

Ruan Hao kicked one of them, "Get lost!"

Fu Xiujun put out the cigarette in his hand, picked up his wine glass and shook it, his eyebrows raising slightly, "Miss me that much? Do you want a spanking?"

"Bullshit! The old man beats me all the time!" Ruan Hao said, "You have no idea, it's no fun without you!"

"By the way, where's your wife?" someone asked from the side.

"We brothers are drinking, why should she be here? It's a mood killer!" Ruan Hao answered casually.

Everyone knew the relationship between Fu Xiujun and Pei Wanqing. He was emotionless towards his wife, and his brothers didn't consider her as 'Mrs. Fu'.

The lady next to Fu Xiujun got the important message and asked shyly, "Second Master, are you married?"

Fu Xiujun raised an eyebrow and took a sip of his drink, a secretive smile on his face, "Why? Is my wedding ring not shiny enough?"

The lady then noticed the wedding ring on his hand holding the drink.

As he took a sip of his drink, his visible adam's apple moved slightly, his half-opened collar exposing a hint of his clavicle.

The lady blushed, wondering what kind of woman would be so lucky to have him as a husband.

"So, what is your wife like?" the woman asked out of curiosity.

Fu Xiujun put down his drink and lazily leaned back on the sofa. The colorful light shone on his face, reflected in his brown eyes and a faint smile appeared, giving people a sense of deep affection, "Not as pretty as you."

The lady's heart thumped wildly...

Which woman wouldn't be moved when such a man looks at her and compliments her beauty?

"But don't take his words seriously, there's nobody in the entire Yicheng who could be compared to his wife."

The lady's pink bubble burst in an instant.

She looked at Fu Xiuyun with resentment.

Fu Xiuyun lazily smiled without denial, a faint smile curving at the corners of his lips.

The woman's fantasy was completely shattered.

Perhaps Fu Xiuyun had grown tired; he seemed altogether lackluster. He lost interest in smoking and drinking, got up, grabbed his coat beside him, and began to walk out.

"Bro, you're not drinking anymore? Leaving so soon?" Ruan Hao, who was pouring drinks, saw him leaving and immediately questioned.

"Hmm, I'm tired. You guys go on." Fu Xiuyun said with an expression of indifference.

- - -

Pei Wanqing was a light sleeper, capable of being woken up by even a slight disturbance.

The moment Fu Xiuyun pushed open the door, she woke up.

The bedroom was dimly lit, adhering to her lifelong habit of sleeping with a light on.

She rolled over and saw a man standing with his back to her, undressing.

The faint scent of liquor wafted through the air, completely awakening her. She leaned against the bed, half reclining.

"You're back. Why didn't you give me a heads up first?"

The last time Fu Xiuyun was home was over half a year ago. Seeing his silhouette now, she felt somewhat dazed.

Fu Xiuyun turned around to look at her.

All he saw was her sleepy eyes, her strapless nightgown loosely worn, the thin straps slipping off her shoulder, revealing her delicate and fair collarbone. The hint of her chest was barely visible. Around her neck, the jade pendant only emphasized her fair and luminous skin.

With one hand unbuttoning his shirt, Fu Xiuyun asked casually, "Why? Is there someone else in the room?"

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