Chapter One :Chapter 1

Baiyun Airport.

A stunning silhouette weaved through the crowd, in a tailored longa dress which accentuated the woman’s graceful figure. Her pale, slender neck was reminiscent of a dancer. A pair of large black sunglasses hid her beautiful face, but it was clear that, she was at least, of radiant beauty.

Beside this mesmerizing woman, a tender boy tagged along.

The boy was only three or four years old, with a face like a porcelain doll. It was faintly visible that this boy had the beginnings of overall good looks. This much charm at such a young age, would the grown-up version of him become an irresistible bad boy?

This dazzling pair attracted many turned heads, with Tang Xiaoman even waving to some older men and women in greeting.

Tang Xinxin took off her sunglasses. The star-like aura that she just emitted was instantly worn out. A pair of bright eyes darted around, as if she were looking for someone.

Tang Xiaoman asked curiously, "Mom, what are you looking for?"

Passersby couldn't help but glance at Tang Xinxin strangely. They were amazed that this young woman was the child's mother?

Tang Xinxin tightened her grip on Tang Xiaoman's hand, "Son, let's not make a scene. Let's slip away quietly..."

An idea suddenly flashed in Tang Xiaoman's little brain, "Mom, you're afraid of being caught, aren't you?"

Tang Xinxin couldn't help but grit her teeth, "It's because I’m afraid you'd be caught. You are mommy’s treasure; if you were not around, how could mommy survive...”

Upon seeing Tang Xinxin's dramatic declaration, Tang Xiaoman couldn't help but roll his eyes adorably.

"There he is! Grab him!"

Suddenly, there was commotion from the crowd. Tang Xinxin turned to look, a group of men in black were running towards them.

"Oh no, is this really necessary?"

Without a second thought, Tang XinXin threw her high heels aside, gathered little Tang Man in her arms, and started sprinting.

But carrying a child, she could hardly outpace the bodyguards. She was soon caught up after a few steps.

Tang Man clung to Tang XinXin's neck tightly, shouting at the men in black, "Come chase me!"

Tang XinXin immediately shouted back, "Shut up!"

A man in black stepped forward, taking Tang Man from her arms.

"Hey! Have you no law and order? Kidnapping a child in broad daylight! Have you no shame?!"

Tang XinXin tried running towards Tang Man, but a group of men in black blocked her. Her heart pounded in her chest; how could they just take away the son she had raised for five years!

Absolutely not! Her son was hers!

Running barefoot on the ground, Tang XinXin tried her best but couldn't break through the human wall. She watched, helpless, as Tang Man was taken away in an elevator.

Suddenly she spotted a handsome man in the bustling crowd. He donned the same black apparel, but his persona was incomparable to the brusque bodyguards.

She saw the man who took Tang Man hand him over to this handsome figure.

He must be the leader!

Tang XinXin was determined, she had to get her son back, no matter what!

In the airport, a woman with an alluring figure was seen running barefoot in the waiting area. In front of her, was a large crowd of men dressed in black.

"Give me back my son! Give me back my son!"

Tang Xinshin was like having a cheat code, weaving through the crowd and quickly getting closer to that group of men in black.

The group had the exceptionally dressed man surrounded, and they were already trying to move away from the scene!

With a surge of worry, Tang Xinshin forcefully made her way through the crowd. She didn't hesitate to step on the feet of the men in black to move forward, managing to break into their circle.

"Son! Tang Xiaoman! Son!"

Little Tang Xiaoman, who was held, heard Tang Xinshin's cries from afar, and promptly began to scream.

Fu Zhongqi, the man holding the child, frowned at this. If this continues, someone might actually stop him, thinking he's child trafficking.

He disliked the look of Tang Xiaoman and commanded, "Keep quiet."

Tang Xiaoman held his tongue for a moment, looked at Fu Zhongqi's frigid chin, then, he began to shout louder, crying out loud.

"Mom! Save me! Mom!"

With this outcry, everyone in the airport looked their way! A group of men in black blocking a fragile woman crying out for her son, and one of the men in black holding a bawling child crying for his mom – this situation was clear to anyone with half a brain.

"Young Master, what now..."

One of the men in black looked at Fu Zhongqi with difficulty. Spotting the airport security starting to communicate via walkie-talkies, Fu Zhongqi frowned at Tang Xiaoman, "If you keep crying, I'll really leave your mom behind."

Upon hearing this, Tang Xiaoman quieted instantly, "For real, big brother?"

Fu Zhongqi was slightly taken aback by being referred to as 'big brother'. Looking at this clever child in his arms, he found the situation somewhat amusing.

"A gentleman's promise is worth a thousand gold coins, didn't your mom teach you that?"

Tang Xiaoman nodded, "I've learned it! The horse is out of the barn!"

Fu Zhongqi's face darkened. He had just praised this child for being smart!

"Also, I am not your brother, you need to call me... uncle."

Tang Xiaoman nodded again, "Uncle, can you let go of my mother? Her skirt is ruined!"

Fu Zhongqi's expression stiffened for a moment, but still, he turned his head against his usual behavior.

Behind him, Tang Xin's hair was all messed up, but it still couldn't conceal her stunning face.

A glimpse of her snow-white shoulder made the scene look different in Fu Zhongqi's eyes.

The woman in his memory was naive, rigid, stubborn, and upright. When she heard the word 'mother', she would immediately surrender, but she remained silent when asked to take the money and leave.

Is it her?

Fu Zhongqi remembered Tang Xin's face, gradually merging it with the one in the darkness.

"Take her away."

Seeing Fu Zhongqi giving the order, Tang Xiaoman nodded contentedly. From a distance, he gestured to Tang Xin to assure her that everything was fine. Tang Xin's heart finally settled.

Although someone had already told her, her son wouldn't stay by her side.

But this was her flesh and blood, how could she watch him being taken away by others?

No matter what, as long as he was safe, Tang Xin had no other requests.

Barefooted, she was dragged into a black car, watching through the window as Tang Xiaoman was carried into the vehicle by that man himself.

The man revealed half of his jaw, his cold mouth corners tight, and his demeanor bore some resemblances to that man.

Tang Xin's heart skipped a beat, but she watched as the car that carried her son disappeared in a cloud of dust.

"Hey, where are we going? Where is my son?"

Tang Xin asked, and the man in black in front turned his head, looking at her disdainfully, as if staring at some discarded trash.

Tang Xin felt uncomfortable, not only because of being looked at with such eyes, but also because of the role she had been playing from the beginning, it was never glorious!

The arrival of Tang Xiaoman was the greatest reliance of Tang Xin's spirit after five years alone in foreign land.

But now this dependence was snatched away by that man, even the tough exterior of Tang Xin would be devastated.

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