Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Xiao Yi, you're just a loser. How dare you come here to find my girl?”

"Beat him up and throw him on the street. By the way, strip him!" It was the man who Xiao Yi's girlfriend's was cheating with that were talking.

Xiao Yi, who was of a well-known family in Hai City, but he was an unexpected product of his mother. He even did not know his father.

A few days ago, his mother, who was addicted to alcohol and drugs, eventually died because of drug abuse. Then Xiao Yi, who had always been regarded as a shame, became a thorn in everyone's eyes.

Xiao Yi couldn't bear this insult. He just left a sentence of "insult was not acceptable" and rushed out of the house.

After spending the last penny, he was mercilessly driven out by the landlord. He wanted to turn to his girlfriend Zhu Hong, but she betrayed him.

Xiao Yi, who was scarred, had only a pair of underwear on his body, and walked down the road in despair.

Meanwhile, a large truck seemed to target him and rushed towards him.


There was a soft feeling under his body, and a slight smell of medicine was around the tip of his nose. Xiao Nanli slowly opened his eyes.

A bright-looking young girl was lying in front of Xiao Nanli with her hands on him. She excitedly turned and cried, "Dad, he's awake!"

When the accident happened to Xiao Yi, he died immediately. And his body was possessed by Xiao Nanli.

Behind the medicine cabinet, a short and fat man in his fifties snorted. However, he moved to Xiao Nanli. "Humph, you're still so kind. Do you forget that you're extorted after you saved someone?"

"You're lucky. This guy only suffered some concussion in such a serious car accident." The man turned to Xiao Nanli.

"It's not just concussion!" Xiao Nanli lifted the quilt and sat up. Holding a box of acupuncture needles aside, he took out three three-inch needles and pointed them into his Baihui acupoint, Shenting acupoint, and Renzhong acupoint respectively. With a gentle twist of his fingers, the needles all got into his brain.

"Ah? What are you doing? The needles were so long!" The girl screamed and covered her mouth with fear.

"Hey, hey, if you want to commit suicide, don't stay in my clinic! I am not involved!" The middle-aged man's look changed dramatically and he hurriedly cried out.

"Don't worry, I won't die!" Xiao Nanli said as he flicked the tails of the steel needles. And they vibrated at a special frequency.

What's more, the vibration of the acupoints was also triggered. Gradually, a peculiar pink appeared on the acupoints, and then the pink gradually spread along the governor's vessel. After a while, a pink thin line appeared clearly on Xiao Nanli's face.

"Ah? Dad, what is the red line?" The girl cried out in surprise.

"Hey, don't be stupid! Or I'll call the police! If there's anything wrong with you, it's none of my business." The man hurriedly took out his mobile phone.

"Hmph, I didn't expect that traditional Chinese medicine turned into such a thing. No one knows such a wonderful Four-colored needle technique now." Xiao Nanli snorted.

Xiao Nanli was rebirth with another man's body. In his previous life, he was a Daoist, to be exact, the 12th master of the Dark Medical Sect. He was about to be promoted but was killed in his enemy's plot.

At this moment, Xiao Nanli was using the Four-colored Needle Method to dredge the brain vessels and remove the extravasated blood.

It was time to remove the needles. Xiao Nanli pulled out the steel needles one by one.

When the steel needle in his body was pulled out, black blood came out of Xiao Nanli's nostrils.

"Phew, I think I'm fine now!" Xiao Nanli moved his legs and stood up.

"Hey? Is this the blood in the brain?" The man asked in surprise with his eyes wide open.

"Yes, you have some knowledge at the moment!" Xiao Nanli nodded and looked at the business license hanging on the wall. Then he turned to look at the man and asked, "Are you Qin Guangming? Are you a doctor of Chinese medicine in this clinic?"

"Yes, what's the matter? And it's my daughter, Xiaoyue, who saved you. Otherwise, you would have gone to hell." Qin Guangming picked up a chair and sat down casually. He crossed his legs and said, "Where's the payment for the treatment? Only being grateful does not work here."

"Dad! Why do you only care about money?" Qin Xiaoyue felt a little embarrassed after hearing Qin Guangming's words. She stamped her feet unhappily and cried out.

"D*mn girl, why do you think that I run this clinic? For welfare? Please!, the price of goods is rising, and there are fewer and fewer people believing in traditional Chinese medicine. I have been thrifty for more than 20 years, so I can afford your fee in a medical university..." A group of words came out with a face full of anger.

"All right, all right, I know that." Qin Xiaoyue pouted unhappily.

"Hey, it's getting late, and I am off work. You should pay the fee and leave quickly." Qin Guangming ordered.

"I don't have money!" Xiao Nanli sat down across from Qin Guangming and said calmly.

"What? You don't have money! The world is getting worse day by day! My daughter saved you, how can you not pay?" Qin Guangming immediately jumped up and shouted.

"Dad, we didn't do anything. We just helped him in and lay him down for a while. Forget it if he doesn't have money." Qin Xiaoyue walked up to Qin Guangming, glared at him, and said.

"What do you mean that we didn't do anything?" Qin Guangming said, jumping on his feet.

"Come on, Dad?" Qin Xiaoyue did not give it up at all. She turned around and said to Xiao Nanli, "It's all right. You can go."

"You d*mned girl! My clinic will be ruined by you sooner or later!" Qin Guangming shouted angrily, but in the end, he didn't ask for medical fees.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Nanli did not move. He shrugged and said, "I don't even get a place to go!"

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