Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Lichen, please don't leave me!"

Ruan Wan stumbled into the man's arms, drunk and giddy-headed. Her eyes were ruddy from all the crying.

"Who sent you here?" Duan Yunxuan frowned and impatiently shook the drunkard off. How did she get into his room?

To his surprise, Ruan Wan caught up with him and hugged his waist tightly. "Lichen, I love you so much. I don't want to break up with you..."

The more Duan Yunxuan listened, the more confused he was. What the hell was that?

What was she talking about?

Mercilessly pushing the woman away, he pondered on how he should drive the drunk woman out. Little had he expected Ruan Wan's grip on him to loosen before she collapsed in his arms, wailing, "Lichen, I'm not a dull person. As long as you want it... I can give it all to you!"

As she spoke, she forcefully grasped Duan Yunxuan's hand and placed it on her chest. Her voice carried a hint of drunken charm as she urged, "Feel it. I have a good figure..."

The soft and delicate touch sensation on Duan Yunxuan's hand made his body shudder. His usual calmness and self-restraint were extinguished by the woman in front of him as his eyes flared with desire.

"Woman, you forced me into this."

He picked Ruan Wan up and threw her onto the soft bed. Loosening the tie around his neck, he corrected her. "Remember, I'm not Lichen. My name is Duan Yunxuan!"

Just as his voice died away, he leaned forward.

The temperature in the room spiked as a strong lust lingered in the air...

After some time, Ruan Wan slowly opened her eyes in the darkness. The aching pain in her body reminded her of what had happened. Tilting her head to one side, she was met with the well-refined facial features of the man sleeping beside her.

Right then, she had come to herself and knew that the man beside her was not Nan Lichen!

Gritting her teeth, she held back the tears welling in her eyes, put her clothes on at light speed, packed up, and dashed out of the room.

But the room was dark and she could barely see the man's face.

"However, that will be fine. Since it's all a misunderstanding, let it go then!"

After Ruan Wan returned home, she realized that she had accidentally taken the man's watch away.

She threw the watch aside and buried her face in her hands. In one night, her boyfriend, who had been in love with her for six years, turned into another woman's fiance. She was the last to learn about it all.

"I'll take the indulgence from last night as my last frivolous act!" She made up her mind.

After giving it much consideration, she made a phone call to her brother. "Ruan Yi, I want to leave this place..."

At the same time, Duan Yunxuan woke up to see no one beside him.

He had a vivid memory of what had happened the previous night. When he lifted the quilt, a pool of dried blood stained on the bedsheet came into his sight, rendering him stunned.

Soon, he sat up straight and headed to the toilet with a gloomy face, only to find that it was empty.

Frowning, he picked up the clothes scattered all over the floor. To his surprise, he found that his watch was gone.

Did the woman take it away?

Who exactly was she?

Had he been plotted the previous night?

As the thought flitted across his mind, he picked up his phone and dialed a number. "Go and catch the woman who broke into my room last night!"

Since she had the guts to enter his room, she had to pay the corresponding price!

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