Chapter One :Chapter 1

At night, a fair maiden with a curvaceous figure is lying in a white bath.

Yet, from her wrist, drops of fresh red blood fall, while her phone on the side keeps ringing with message notifications. The screen lights up with one derogatory comment after another.

In a moment, a bloodstained hand reaches for the phone,

"I have a girlfriend now, you're third-wheeling, you are just a bitch!"

"Why act so clingy? Can you cling to someone else and leave my brother alone?"

"You're begging to be fucked. You can come find me! HAHAHAHAHA"

...It's unbearable to witness.

Her pale finger moves towards a green-white cloud icon showing 99+ notifications.

The next second, the cloud icon disappears, and unchecked messages pop up,

Manager Li: The contract has ended, hurry up and get out of this industry, it's not for you!!

Producer Zhao: Xiao Yun, if you need anything, feel free to come visit brother at the Chrysanthemum Hotel.


Gongsun Yun's eyes quickly follow the messages popping up, and when the barrage of notifications ceases, she's already gone through them all.

She then sits cross-legged, sorting out the chaotic thoughts in her mind.

An hour later, Gongsun Yun opens her eyes, her face filled with confusion.

She was suppressed and tumbled down from Black Wind Cliff, her divine energy restrained. Incredibly, she didn't die, directly reincarnating into a young girl's body.

Her gaze shifted to her space and discovered the phoenix fruit was missing.

This was indeed a massive loss.

This was an entirely different world from the cultivation realm. Here, the entertainers were called actors, singers, and they possessed numerous admirers.

The girl who shared her name and surname was an actress. She had been set up with a top star named Lu Ze in a variety show for publicity. As a result, she was harshly criticized online for being clingy. Her talent agency also stabbed her in the back, refusing to clarify that it was for the narrative of the show. They even abandoned her outright when her contract ended, using the compensation from the variety show to promote a new actress.

The young girl couldn't bear the pressure, cutting her wrist and falling into a bathtub.

Gongsun Yun attempted again to locate the original owner's soul in the sea of consciousness, only to find no traces, as if the body was initially just a shell.

Baffled indeed.

However, this body wasn't only soul-compatible, it also shared the same appearance and name with her. Since this was the case, from now on, this body was hers.

Finally, Gongsun Yun opened her pocket dimension, taking out a divine medicine and sprinkled it on her wrist.

In just a moment, the wound on her wrist disappeared.

Gongsun Yun also noticed her cultivation was only at the Qi refinement stage and the spiritual energy in this world was extraordinarily sparse, with no others engaging in cultivation.

All's well. Originally being an eighth-level alchemist whose cultivation level had just reached the nascent stage, as long as she gradually returns to cultivation, she should be able to protect herself.

The next second, Gongsun Yun fainted due to excessive blood loss.

The next morning, a sensation of hunger she hadn't experienced in a hundred years awakened Gongsun Yun.

Gongsun Yun stared blankly for a few minutes, only then did she realize that she had been reincarnated in another world.

She took out a Recovery Pill and a Fasting Pill from her portable space and swallowed them, before she began to look around.

Her gaze fell on a tank full of blood water, so dirty. With a wave of her hand, a small spirit fire flew out, and the blood water was burnt clean in an instant, leaving the bathtub undamaged.

She walked out of the bathroom, starting to wander around the room.

So this is what they call a three-bedroom, two-living room and two-bathroom, on the 26th floor. Not bad, she was satisfied with the residence.

She took out something called a bank card, and it had 200,000. Money in the bag, satisfying.

Calculating it, even though she was currently an orphan, her parents were alive and well. Satisfying familial relationships.

After some thought, Gongsun Yun found the only dissatisfactory thing was her occupation. High income, high risk, high investment.

She didn't like it. She preferred simpler things, like planting flowers, reading ancient books, and regularly practicing medicine and trading it at the Apothecary for spirit stones.

But this world had no Alchemist, no Apothecary.

Gongsun Yun plopped down on the sofa, picking up something called a "cell phone". After fumbling for some time, she posted a status on her account.

Star Entertainment — Gongsun Yun: As of today, I will no longer be involved in acting. Everything about my involvement in tabloid scandals is just part of the script. Attached is a 3x3 grid picture.

Gongsun Yun then attached all the screenshots of the WeChat conversation, where the director wanted to stir up a pairing, both teams agreeing to the hype, the contract expiring, Star Entertainment refusing to clear the situation. She even attached the contract itself.

After posting the status, Gongsun Yun put down her phone. She was preparing to leave and find a job, as she could no longer live off of idle assets.

Word was, it was particularly hard to find a good job in this world.

On DouKu, the trending news about Gongsun Yun's Internet-scandal-induced retirement exploded.

"Retiring just like that? Is this some new hype tactic?"

"Trying to make us feel guilty by posting this? Too naive, way too naive."

"This is truly scripted, I mean, how can my dear bro have his eyes on her?"

"Poor young girl, took the blame and got abandoned by her own agency."

"No wonder Starry Entertainment could secure the other variety show to promote Jiang XiaoHua. How could there be still people in this morally bankrupt company?"

"Lu DingLiu, is this your moral character? Sitting back and reaping the benefits, letting the young girl take the backlash?"


Starry Entertainment, Li Cong viciously smashed the cup of water on the table, the person who usually remains so quiet in front of her, actually betrayed her.

"Miss Li, the President has called you to his office," young Miss Li meekly poked her head in. Miss Li's furious roar just now was heard by the whole floor.

"Scram," Li Cong cursed fiercely.

Young Miss Li: Damn it, why is this my problem?

Li Cong tried to restrain her expression in front of the president's office, put on a flattering smile and walked in, "President Zhao, ah..." a cup of water was fiercely thrown at her forehead.

"Are you a damned idiot? Gongsun Yun was so popular, how could you not renew her contract?

You failed to seize the popularity, and even got backstabbed,

"The stock price dropped a point today, do you know how much money I lost?" Each of Zhao Zhong's curses was accompanied by a kick. His belly fat quivered with each motion. He didn't subscribe to any 'don't hit women' nonsense. If anybody dared to stand in the way of his wealth, they were dead meat.

"Boss Zhao, Gongsun Yun refused to go entertain the clients. She only agreed to this promotion when I promised her she didn't have to attend any dinner parties. But Zheng Yue, she would be willing to do it — anything, as long as it makes her famous," Li Cong kneeled on the ground, not daring to get up.

"Unwilling to go? And you didn't find a solution?" Zhao Zhong landed another kick. "Go drag that woman back here and fix this mess, or I swear to god I will kill you."

"Yes, yes," Li Cong scrambled and rolled his way out of the room.

On the other side, Lu Ze's agent was also discussing a plan.

"I knew we shouldn't have partnered with her. No regard for industry rules," Lu Ze's agent, Lan Tian, grumbled as he gulped down a glass of water. His phone had been ringing off the hook.

Lu Ze remained silent, simply looking at the information on the internet. Retirement? Could one simply retire from this circle?

"No need to respond, this is an open secret in the industry. Nobody is forcing them to do anything," Lan Tian said, scrolling through updates on his phone. Although they were met with backlash, they still stood to gain.

As for Gongsun Yun's threats of leaving the industry, he didn't care in the least. Once you're in this circle, who could ever truly leave?

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