Chapter One :Chapter 1

On a peaceful afternoon, only the cicadas' song could be heard in the surrounding, growing crazily ceaseless, testing one's patience.

In a flamboyant military vehicle, Sha Yixuan held a binocular, casually scanning the environment. He was newly assigned as the manager of the military jurisdiction in this area today. He has been promoted.

Suddenly, he froze.

The sky was blood-red.

In his line of sight, there was a small grove. A girl was laughing wildly as a few hooligans tugged at her clothes. In an unexpected move, she raised her hand and grabbed a dagger that seems to have been hanging around her neck, and drove it directly into her own throat.

Vivid red blood gushed out along the girl's graceful neckline. However, the scene wasn't gruesome as expected, but wildly beautiful instead.

The lads standing in front of the girl were shocked by her action. The girl kicked a boy in front of her, the dagger fell, and the trembling boy finally realized that he had dropped his weapon.

Then, they surrounded the girl again. They continued ripping her clothes while the girl appeared to be fighting with all her strength. She was alone, and it was unlikely that she could defeat these ruffians, it was a conclusion that Sha Yixuan drew in an instant.

Switching his binocular, he saw a robust-looking girl holding a camera, shooting something at the side.

Yet, the girl obviously wasn't a professional, and moreover, she seemed somewhat uneasy.

Sha Yixuan furrowed his brows. He had confirmed that this scene wasn't a film shoot because he didn't receive any notice that there would be a film shooting today.

Sha Yixuan then realized that an incident had occurred.

The girl had been obscured by the men, but the image that flashed in his mind was the sight of the girl's blood-soaked neck; it was so surreal that it reminded him of a dying swan, graceful yet touching.

Almost instinctively, he put down his binoculars and shoved the driver next to him, "Get down."

In the open-top military vehicle, the driver hadn't reacted to what had happened, when he was already thrown to the ground, mouthful of dirt in his mouth.

The sight of those stunningly beautiful necklines, the dash of red on the dazzling white skin filled Sha Yixuan's mind with the horrifying image of the girl injuring herself. The vision was both startling and awe-inspiring.

The car, racing at top speed towards the small forest, carried his thoughts preoccupied solely by the girl's wild laughter. Despite her distress, she managed to look enchanting and arrogant.

In the forest, the girl who had abandoned the telescope appeared as a small dot. Yet, as Sha Yixuan raced forward, her image and voice gradually filtered into his eyes and his ears.

"Wang Jiayu, why are you doing this to me?" Lou Qianqing was attempting to fight off the thugs who were surrounding her just like a small beast trapped. However, her clothes had already been torn into rags, revealing parts of her black lingerie amidst the fabric remnants. She unwittingly attracted more interest from the group of boys surrounding her. They figured that this girl must be alluring under the moonlight, and began getting increasingly rough.

"Stop it." Lou Qianqing could no longer bear their lecherous touches. She felt sick and disgusted by these pawing hands. If she could, she would dearly love to chop off those offending hands, one by one, until they became bloody messes.

"Heh, begging for mercy?" Wang Jiayu's mind took a turn and signaled for the thugs to stop. Capturing the scene of Lou Qianqing begging would be quite a sight. She relished in the feeling of superiority, in having this woman beg her.

Lou Qianqing’s eyes darted around, trying to find a way out of this predicament. She couldn't come up with a solution, so she tried to buy some time while figuring out her escape plan. There might still be a chance for her to be rescued. She confronted Wang Jiayu directly, "What did I do to you that made you treat me so? Even if I have to die, at least let me have closure. What did I do wrong?" If stares could kill, Wang Jiayu would have been dead a thousand times over.

"Why? Don’t you know? Lou Qianqing, who asked you to be so beautiful?"

How rude! She was born beautiful—that was her parents' gift. It had nothing to do with this 'beauty.' "My parents gave me this face. How does that bother you?" Having said that, she took a deep breath, her bangs fluttered gently with the flow of her breath. Even though she was clearly at a disadvantage, she managed to retain her calm as if she were an outsider to the entire situation.

"It bothers me, because my boyfriend likes you. So, I want to ruin your image to keep you from seducing other women's men."

"Hey, who seduced your man? If anyone is to blame, it's you." Lou Qianqing was genuinely angry. She did not know who Wang Jiayu's boyfriend was. There were many men at the university who were attracted to her, but she ignored them all.

Wang Jiayu’s face swiftly changed color, glancing at Lou Qianqing. Her jealousy and hatred made her voice tremble as she shouted, "Strip her down now. I want to take photos of her. Let's see if any man will still like this shameless woman afterward."

As soon as Wang Jiayu finished speaking, the pack of thugs launched themselves at Lou Qianqing again, their hands reaching out eagerly-

Just as Lou Qianqing was struggling, feeling hopeless, a man's stern voice echoed beside her: "Stop."

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