Chapter One :Chapter 1

With each step Vanessa took towards her husband’s office, she felt her heart hammer loudly in her chest, drowning out the hushed sounds of her footsteps.

God, why was she doing this again? She tried to think amidst the pounding of her heart and the twisted, sickening feeling that had settled in her stomach ever since two days ago.

The answer came as fast as the harsh realization she had gotten when her best friend, Lorraine, informed her that she had seen Ethan, her six-year-long husband, making out with another woman in public.

She remembered it vividly, the pain at that time. Betrayal, anger, hurt, all those emotions thrown together into her heart made her feel sick… wronged.

She had abandoned every fucking thing for him!

Past friends, family, promising opportunity, and eloped with him, all in the name of love and this is how he treated her!

She had confronted Ethan and of course, like the cheat he was, he got angry, flaring up at her and accusing her of being paranoia. He stormed out of the house, stating that he would crash the night at one of his friends.

It was his usual trick. Throw a tantrum and blame her for everything. He expected her to bury herself in tears at home like she always did and as long as he refused her call for some days, she would confess and beg him to come home like an obedient dog.

But this time, Vanessa acted otherwise. Instead of being the lovely, timid wife she had turned herself into over the years, she kicked up her boots and stalked him instead.

Now, here she was, tip-toeing through the halls of his empty workplace. It was already well past working hours so all office lights had been switched off. Except for one; Ethan’s office.

From the slightly ajar door, Vanessa could see the light creeping into the hallway, basking the plush red carpet that concealed the sound of her approaching footsteps and the closer she got, the more she got the urge to hunch over and vomit the afternoon’s lunch that she had barely stomached down.

Another woman was moaning out her husband’s name while the said man groaned in pleasure, coupled with the sound of skin slapping against each other.

Mere inches away from the cracked open door, Vanessa’s eyes fluttered with pain and she felt her heart drop the lowest it could.

She had held out the expectation that Lorraine and she might both have been mistaken. She'd even reflected on whether she'd been too busy with work neglecting him. But with ironclad evidence before her eyes, she couldn't fool herself any longer. She witnessed with tear-blurring eyes as her husband, the very same man whom she loved and trusted more than anyone in the world, stood stark naked in his office with his erect member buried deep in the womanhood of another woman.

“Fuck Serene… You’re so tight!” She heard Ethan groan and watched as he rolled his hips back before passionately thrusting back into his mistress.

“Yeah? But you like it that way, don’t you?” A silvery giggle sounded out at the end of the female’s voice.

“Fuck yes, I do!” Ethan responded, giving several hard thrusts seconds after.

“I missed this. I missed you.” The woman said.

Ethan chuckled. The sound had Vanessa’s stomach-turning, the urge to vomit growing stronger.

How could he afford to laugh like that while cheating on her, with another woman after refusing to touch her for a whole year, using work stress and promotion shit as a cover-up?!

“You should have said something. I would have dropped everything for you.” Ethan said, voice hoarse from the exertion.

“And leave your wife behind?”

Ah, so his little slut knew that he was married, yet she dare have an affair with him.

“She’s not as important to me as you are Serene. Heck… She can’t even hold a candle to you. She couldn’t even do a simple wife’s duty and bear one fucking child. She’s utterly useless.”

That’s when Vanessa heard her heart crack upon hearing Ethan’s words.

How dare this bastard belittle her, calling her barren all to please his little slut? How dare he blame her for her infertility?

If he hadn't tricked her into tasting the forbidden fruit, she wouldn't have gotten pregnant before 18, she wouldn't have broken away from her family only to stay with him. Due to the poverty, he even coaxed her to quit college. He had sworn to her that he would give her the best life after he graduated and got his law license. To support their small family, she had to work part-time but lost their first child because of overwork.

That unplanned abortion damaged her both physically and psychologically. She had been studying and earning money crazily for the past few years, finally managed to get her doctorate and set up her own private practice. Vanessa thought she was finally ready, mentally and physically, to have a child with him again.

Yet, each time she came to him, he refused with one excuse after the other, all because he was cheating on her, with no guilt.

The tears in her eyes began to cascade down her cheeks. She was hurt, angry, disgusted… And most of all, heartbroken.

“Just bear with me a little longer, yeah? Once I get what rightfully belongs to me, back from her, I’ll toss her away and we can fully enjoy our lives.”

“And what’s that?” Serene asked, just as curious as their unannounced spectator.

“Everything she has.” Came Ethan's answer. “She has it all because of my status. Her limo, her house, and her practice. Without me, she could never reach this high. I'm just taking back what's rightfully mine..” He said, grunting hard as he pulled out and penetrated Serene from another angle.

Vanessa gagged. He wanted Everything? Everything she had worked hard to earn, to build from rubbles?

And he even dared to claim that it was all HIS!

Vanessa felt a fresh wave of anger surfacing. She clenched her jaw and her hands, stopping herself before she could rush into the office and pounce on the dog she called her husband. But as soon as she realized how invincible Ethan was in the lawsuit, she pulled herself back with the last strain of her sanity.

Instead, she was had to handle this matter in a way that didn’t involve violence, or Ethan had the finesse to put her in jail first.

A mature way, She thought, tightened her grip on the electronic device in her hands and took a few… Pleasant and rather photogenic displays of her husband making love with his mistress, which she was certain was going to help her win the divorce case.

Once done, she took a deep breath, calmed herself with a final glance towards that shit of a couple, and then walked off. Instead of returning home, she drove directly to the office of her exclusive attorney.

"Cole, I want you to prepare me divorce paper." She demanded as she entered the office of her exclusive attorney Cole Jameson, who already awaited her with respect after receiving her message.

She added as she put the photos she had just taken on the desk, “And, I want Ethan Bennett and this bitch to be ruined.”

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