Chapter One :Chapter 1

"The life-energy test is over!"

"The last one, Chen Fan!"

As the teacher's voice faded, all the students on the playground cast their gazes towards the youngster.

There was contempt.

There was mockery.

But more so, there was sympathy.

The teacher had a gloomy expression as he furrowed his brows, "Chen Fan, how come you haven't shown any progress in three years of high school? Every test you take, you always rank the last. Even the old ladies in the park have higher life energy values than you. How will you manage when the time for college entrance exams comes?"

Upon saying this, the teacher's disappointed expression surfaced once again, "Your life-energy value is the lowest in class, only 18 points, and you're not making any efforts. If this continues, you might not even be able to move to undergrad, maybe it's better if you just go back home and farm. Save your aunt the hardship of paying for your education."

Chen Fan kept his head down, silent.

It was only six months ago when he crossed over to this world and became a high school student.

This is a planet where martial arts is highly revered. Over five hundred years ago, a massive meteorite fell, causing a tremendous mutation to the planet.

In the city's sky, the phantoms of ancient forests would occasionally appear, wherein numerous alien beasts resided.

Once the phantom appeared, it wouldn't take long before the beasts flooded the city, not stopping till the phantom had consumed the entire place.

That was until the warriors appeared on the continent.

After hundreds of years of fighting, humans have reclaimed half of the planet's territory, relying on many warriors who managed to break their genetic chains through victory.

Yet, the other half is still occupied by phantoms.

Thus, warriors who can resist these alien beasts hold high status on the planet.

On this planet, even college entrance exams are divided into martial exams and academic exams.

But compared to the academic exams, the martial exams are the only chance to stand out.

And the prerequisite for studying martial arts is the vitality value. Only students with a vitality level of sixty points are considered as qualified.

And the original body's owner, Chen Fan, had been an orphan since childhood. His young aunt raised him through hardships.

However, his talent was not high, so he was always at the bottom of his class.

Seeing that he did not even have the courage to argue back, the teacher increasingly despised Chen Fan.

He then announced loudly to the students, "Classmates, the registration for the martial exams begins in half a month. Anyone who wants to register can come to me now."

As soon as these words came out, an uproar erupted amongst the classmates.

"I've finally waited for this day, I want to become a martial artist!"

"I want to protect my country and drive away the giant beast!"

The teacher, looking at the eager students, sternly reminded, "Although the martial exam is important, the registration fee is twenty thousand, not cheap. So I advise those with a low vitality value not to sign up. It's better to save this money for something else."

After saying this, the teacher ungraciously looked at Chen Fan and the students who ranked bottom in the class.

Despite remaining silent, Chen Fan joined the other students who wanted to sign up and stepped forward.

He did not back down.

The teacher frowned, and when it was his turn, he couldn't help but ask, "Chen Fan, are you really going to sign up?"

Chen Fan nodded, "I want to try."

Seeing this, the teacher could only sigh, "Chen Fan, I don't mean to discourage you, but signing up for this is like throwing money into the water. You would be better off using this money to buy Qi-Blood Pills to enhance your vitality and find a better job after graduation."

"Teacher, I still want to sign up."

Seeing this, the teacher shook his head, and didn’t attempt to stop him further. He wrote down Chen Fan's name on the paper.


After school, Chen Fan headed to the bus station.

On the way, it was hustle and bustle. Seeing that the bus had not arrived, he queued up to buy a pancake.

In the shop behind the pancake stall owner, the news was playing on the TV.

"Yesterday, the president of the Guangyuan Province Warrior Association broke through the seventh level, and our country has added another master warrior."

"At 1:32 a.m. yesterday, a shadow appeared over the sky of XiuShui City, dozens of master warriors have urgently headed there, and the citizens are evacuating in an orderly manner."

"The Liaojiang City Warrior Association has issued a new reward policy, those under 20 who successfully become warriors will be rewarded with 50,000 yuan."

While waiting for his pancake, Chen Fan watched the news.

Just when it was almost his turn, a chubby boy ran over and blatantly cut in line.

The person in the back was discontented, but the chubby kid took out the Warrior Family Card.

Everyone dropped the subject upon seeing this.

In this world, the status of warriors is high and even their family members share in their glory.

Soon, Chen Fan's bus arrived.

Twenty minutes later, he got off the bus and arrived at his part-time job at the slaughterhouse, where he was currently working as a chicken butcher.

The pay was not high, only three thousand a month. Coupled with the money he had saved before, Chen Fan had accumulated about seven thousand.

However, it was still far from enough to register for the martial examination.

Chen Fan was also somewhat troubled. He only had half a month to save money, if it really came down to it, he could only ask his aunt for a loan again.

His aunt had already worked hard to raise him. He truly did not want to cause her more trouble.

However, due to his limited abilities, he really couldn't earn that much.

But if he became a warrior, things would be different. He could possibly earn that amount in just a day.

While Chen Fan was lost in thought, suddenly a mechanical voice resounded in his mind.

【Congratulations Host, you've successfully bound with the Invincible Martial Art System!】

【This system aims to help the Host become the Invincible Martial God!】

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