Chapter One :Chapter 1

Meng Wan leaned against the edge of her bed, reluctantly accepting the fact.

She found herself transmigrated into a cannon fodder secondary female character in an entertainment industry web novel.

The title of the novel was "Lu Shao and his Famous Wife," which primarily narrated the tale of the heroine, Meng Qing, and her love-hate relationship with Lu Shao. With the aid of a few suitors, the main female lead ultimately becomes a top actress in the entertainment industry.

And Meng Wan, she played the role of Meng Qing's stepsister, who out of envy, makes countless stupid decisions which eventually lead to her complete blacklisting in the industry.

Perhaps because the original character was portrayed as evil to the core in the novel, she ends up in a mental hospital, chained like a dog. The author had arranged for Meng Qing to visit, and the hospital was instructed to keep her locked in a room with her hands and feet chained.

A wrought-iron door divided the world into two. Inside, she was rotting and foul-smelling. Outside, Meng Qing was surrounded by blossoming love.

Meng Wan wondered, she merely casually opened a novel before going to bed, and just happened to share the same name with a character inside the novel. How did she end up transmigrating into the book?

Meng Wan sighed heavily, feeling utterly bleak about life.

Just at her low point, her mobile phone placed aside rang. She glanced at the screen: a call from Sister Cen.

She answered the phone.

"Meng Wan, how are you right now? Don't take the comments of netizens on Weibo seriously. Your main task now is to participate well in Director Li's variety show. This is your last chance. Do you understand?"

As soon as the call connected, the voice on the other end launched into an impassioned speech. Her tone might not be the kindest, but she was definitely expressing concern.

Meng Wan was not quite fully aware of the situation and vaguely responded, "I understand."

The person on the other end sighed, "I know you're upset, but Meng Qing is on top nowadays, and she has people supporting her. There's no need for us to compete with her since you two are on different paths anyway..."

Sister Cen ended the call with an earnest tone.

Thanks to Cen Jie's phone call and the memories of her predecessor in Meng Wan's mind, she now understands the step where the plot has evolved to.

The original host had coerced Bo Jian to marry her, leveraging her mother's kindness to him, and demanded Bo Jian to give her resources.

Bo Jian's role in the original story was minimal, his prime function being showcasing just how annoying Meng Wan was when she was blacklisted and the marriage ended.

Meng Wan, of course, did not want to follow this plot. She had no illusions about the entertainment circle. In view of this, it would be better for her to simply quit the industry. Furthermore, divorcing Bo Jian also needed to be planned.

However, her idea was utterly crushed after seeing the balance in the bank account of her predecessor.

The original host had a total of two bank cards. One was given by Bo Jian, the balance was substantial, but since Meng Wan decided to divorce Bo Jian, it was not appropriate to use Bo Jian's card anymore.

And the other card...

Who could tell her why the balance of this female celebrity, who is glamorous every day, only had four digits?

Her heart sank.

Meng Wan sighed, dragging her tired body, ready to use delicious food to soothe her heart.

As she went downstairs, she immediately saw a child watching TV in the living room.

Meng Wan realized that this should be her stepson.

The original owner had moved here for three or four months and only cared about her own food and fun during this period. She had no intention of forging a closer relationship with her stepson, as a result, they were as strange to each other now.

Meng Wan could not understand, with their relationship, what confidence the original host had to participate in child variety shows. No wonder she was severely criticized later on.

With too many worries in mind, Meng Wan touched her belly and decided to first soothe her growling stomach.

She walked to the dining table, where the maid dutifully served the food.

Meng Wan glanced at it, promptly going blind with dismay.

Could someone please explain to her, why her lunch consisted of a few pieces of lettuce and a boiled egg?

She cast a glance at the maid who served the dishes, and the maid considerately served her a cup of black coffee.

The bitter taste permeated her senses.

Meng Wan does not like coffee, especially the pure bitterness of black coffee.

Regrettably, the maid did not understand the disappointment in her eyes and quickly left.

Meng Wan stared down at the boiled lettuce on her plate.

They were two peas in a pod in disappointment.

The storage room was adjacent to the dining room. Meng Wan, still hungry, massaged her stomach and went in search of some snacks.

This family was very disciplined. Meng Wan rummaged through but could not find even a packet of snacks. Just when she was about to give up and order takeout, a stroke of silver caught her attention.

Bao Xingxing was sitting on the carpet, staring intently at Ultraman, and his ears were pricked up, seemingly listening to something.

Bao Xingxing undoubtedly had a strong presence, curly hair that looked soft, chubby cheeks, round and large eyes - he was adorable.

Meng Wan was all about the aesthetics, always having a soft spot for cute things. Bao Xingxing's appearance immediately made her forget about the previous unpleasant meal.

As she was admiring Bao Xingxing's cuteness, he sat upright on the other side, his plump back straightened. He knew, the woman was coming.

Bao Xingxing imagined himself as Ultraman fighting monsters, and this filled his heart with courage.

He knew this woman was going to join him on the variety show, and in order to get his cooperation, she would surely try to coax him. But, he was not a three-year-old anymore who could be easily appeased!

Bao Xingxing was always watching Meng Wan from the corner of his eye, waiting for her to speak first. But to his surprise, she just sat down, holding a silver tin container and continued chewing something.

Bao Xingxing was shocked and a little angry, wait a minute!

Recalling the glimpses of the silver tin that he had seen earlier, Bao Xingxing stiffly turned his head.

Meng Wan was sitting on the sofa, watching the Ultraman episode he had selected, hugging the silver container, and constantly taking cookies out of it.

These cookies were specially baked by his dad!

Bao Xingxing was filled with sadness, and he couldn't help but burst into tears.

Meng Wan, in the midst of watching Ultraman's transformation, suddenly heard the sound of a child crying nearby.

Bao Xingxing's eyes were half-closed as he cried, and the large tears rolling down from the corners of his eyes made him look very pitiable.

Meng Wan felt a rare pang of sympathy for him. But before she could comfort him, Bao Xingxing snatched the tin container from her hands.

The container was already empty. Bao Xingxing looked at the crumbs at the bottom and cried even louder.

Meng Wan had no experience with children, but seeing Bao Xingxing's reaction, she guessed that he also wanted to eat the cookies.

She tentatively offered him the last cookie she was holding.

And yes, it worked!

Meng Wan watched as Bao Xingxing took the cookie and put it back into the tin. But before she could breathe a sigh of relief, he burst into tears again.

Bao Xingxing picked up the tin and stood up, crying so hard that he was gasping for breath. Still, he couldn't help but blurt out, "This... this was made by dad for me!"

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