Chapter One :Chapter 1

In an abandoned house in the suburbs, a few white coats were pressing down on a disfigured woman on the ground. The flies and maggots were squirming around her rotten body.

The extreme pain of two years had already numbed Ruan Mulan's nerves.

A thick Marrow Needle mercilessly pierced into her blood vessels.

Ruan Muyu bit her lip tightly, allowing all the blood in her body to flow in a certain direction until her body turned cold.

Several doctors took their blood and left coldly.

"Xue Chun, why did you come to this foul place on our wedding night?"

Zhao Shengrui glanced at the stinky woman on the ground with disgust. There was a rotten smell lingering in the room.

Ruan Muyu was shocked. Her bloody eyes stared at the man she had been in love with for many years!

Ruan Muyu climbed toward him with the last of her hopes.

Zhao Shengrui mercilessly kicked her in the heart. Ruan Muyu smashed into the wall and spat out a mouthful of blood on the spot.

Zhao Shengrui frowned in disgust. "You shameless b*tch! What do you want to do? If it weren't for the fact that Xuexue had a bald anemia and you were just like her, a rare panda blood, your blood could prolong her life. With your betrayal of me, I would have broken your bones and turned you into ashes!"

"Betray him?"

She loved him so much that she wanted to take out her heart for him. How could she betray him?

That was just a pure trap set by Ruan Xue. She found a few men to frame her and took a video of her.

Ruan Xue squatted in front of her with her phoenix crown and red eyes.

She rubbed her bright red nails and pinched Ruan Muyu's chin hard. She smiled like a flower and said, "Sister, look, my phoenix crown is so gorgeous and red! Look at it again. There's a green seal and rice bead on my head. Brother Sheng Rui spent 500 million to buy it for me. It's a good sign that I'll be happy and we'll work together. Haha..."

"You..." Ruan Muyu was so angry that she spat out a few more mouthfuls of blood.

"Oh, I almost forgot. You're blind now, so you can't see it. You don't know, do you? Six years ago, you just returned to the Ruan family. You lost your virginity in the bar and were taken fruit photos. I designed all these. Only by driving you out of the Ruan family can the Ruan family become mine. Now I'm already the heir of the Ruan family and enjoy the future that originally belonged to you!"

Ruan Xue looked down at Ruan Muyu from above, her face full of arrogance.

Ruan Mulan felt as if she had been struck by lightning. Her face, which could not be seen, was frighteningly pale and her body was shaking violently.

His face was as fierce as a ghost.

Zhao Shengrui said coldly, "Xue Chun, Ruan Muyu is a woman of loose morals. How do you think we should punish her?"

Ruan Xue's smile was noble and decent. "Break her bones one by one, and then throw her into the river to feed the fish. Hubby, what do you think?"

"It's up to you." Zhao Shengrui looked at Ruan wieldedly.

Ruan Snow snapped her fingers. "Come, break all of Ruan Muyu's bones and throw them into the river to feed the fish."

A crack suddenly appeared on Ruan Xue's pure and perfect smile. She said in a resentful tone, "Perhaps after feeding my sister's skin and bones to the fish, she'll be able to grow even more beautiful and touching jade and ice muscles. That's really gratifying."

Ruan Fangfei, Ruan Mulan's former assistant, walked up to her with an iron rod.

Her smile was feminine. "President, enjoy this bone-breaking pain."

As soon as she finished her words, her face suddenly changed and became vicious. She knocked down Ruan Muyu's bones one by one with her iron bones, and blood splashed in all directions.

The bone-breaking pain was bone-piercing.

Ruan Muyu screamed in horror and tried her best to dodge, but she couldn't exert any strength.

Her face was full of shock and sorrow, and her eyebrows were full of hostility.

What a cruel and heartless Zhao Shengrui!

What a vicious wolf! The carved-hearted Ruan involved in the goose feet!

If her life could be revived, she would definitely kill these people with her own hands!

No one noticed that Ruan Muyu's blood flowed along her neck and seeped into the jade token on her neck. A white light flashed.

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