Chapter One :Chapter 1

Gu Jinxiuan walked into the coffee shop, just changed her clothes from the back stage and came out, when she heard a loud noise from the main street. She heard someone shout "gun".

The street-facing window shattered all at once. The owner stepped out from behind the bar, just called out "Don't be afraid!", then after another loud noise, the lights in the shop were suddenly extinguished.


In the darkness, someone screamed, sharp and piercing, spine-chilling, making one's skin crawl.

How startling was the sudden plunge into the darkness of the large coffee shop?

"What's happening?"

"Run! Quick, run...something's happened...something's happened..."


In the face of rumors, human nature is easily swayed, preferring to follow the crowd, despite not knowing what happened. The sound of chaos, screams, the crowd noticeable movement towards what they perceived as safe places.

In the pitch darkness, Gu Jinxiuan found her hand grasped by someone, pulling her backward, again and again...

She was not afraid of death, but she had no desire to die in such an unclear and unexpected manner. How frustrating would that be?

She turned around and swung her hand before she could even touch the person yanking her, a force pulled her stumbling back several steps, teetering on the verge of falling.

To be precise, it was not falling, but lunging forward.

She's done for!

Just as fear seized her heart, her waist suddenly tightened and one strong hand swift as lightning caught her.

His lips directly silenced her scream.

The cold and moist sensation was slowly moving on her lips, making Gu Jinxuan's brain explode, as if struck by lightning.

Like a bolt of thunder, her breathing abruptly halted, immediately petrified.

At this moment, time seemed to stand still.

After a moment of silence, Gu Jinxuan became aware of the suckling and lapping on her lips and abruptly came to her senses. She pressed her hands against the solid chest before her, forcefully pushing away like a furious panther.

"Who the hell are you and do you even realize what you've done?"

Her first kiss. Her first kiss was whisked away just like that?

Looking defiantly up, she glared at the man, who appeared out of nowhere. His icy eyes were full of mixed emotions - cold, overbearing, and even a little surprise.

However, the man ignored her question and looped his long arm around her again, pulling her back into his arms. "Shh, if you don't want to die, be quiet."

She felt a chill at her waist, something cold and hard pressed against it.

Outside the door came a more chaotic noise, accompanied by angry shouting and roar. Gu Jinxuan's heart trembled; she did not dare to move anymore, let alone make a sound.

Both painful and aggrieved!

After an indefinite amount of time, when the noise outside finally faded away, and the only sound left was the moving of the table and chairs, Gu Jinxuan spoke coldly, "You can let go now."

Luo Mingchen sneered, he released his grasp, took a step back, and took a good look at the woman he had just pulled in.

With fair skin as smooth as milk, a delicate and flawless bare face, a beautifully shaped body, appealing bones, long slender legs, a tiny waist, a charming and lively face, plus the sweet fragrance emanating from her long hair, she was undoubtedly the image of beauty that lived in men's hearts.

Luo Mingchen's gaze landed on her pink lips, he had to admit, this girl tasted pretty good.

With a mischievous glint in his eyes, he pulled out a note from his wallet and handed it to her, "You taste great. Let's continue this next time..."

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