Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Three years have passed since you and Meng Yin got married. Don't you think it's time to have a baby?"

His grandfather's earnest words made Gu Shangyin frown. "Grandpa, I won't have children with a woman I don't love. Don't even get started on it."

After that, no matter how angrily the old man behind him shouted, he directly turned around and went out.

At that moment, Meng Yin stood outside the door with a pale face. Hearing this, she hurriedly hid in the corner. When she saw that Gu Shangyin had gone far away, she breathed a painful sigh of relief.

While she looked at the man's back, tears welled up in her eyes and broke the dam.

She suddenly remembered what had happened a few days ago.

Her husband's lover, Lin Zhen, sent her a photo.

In the photo, her husband was peeling shrimp for Lin Zhen, which was the gentleness she had never seen before. Lin Zhen, on another occasion, went as far as using Gu Shangyin's cellphone to send her a vocal message in the most provocative tone.

"Meng Yin, you've been married to Gu Shangyin for four years. He has never loved you. Don't you think you're pathetic?"

"Only you can stand such marriage when you are the only one trying miserably to hold it together. You have no dignity at all! If I were you, I would've jumped off a building long ago and put all this disgusting s*it to an end."

The night of their marriage was supposed to be the most important in a woman's life, but she knew that her husband had spent the night with Lin Zhen.

Even though she felt sad, she still chose to trust her husband and held great hope for marriage. So she decided to resign and work as a housewife wholeheartedly.

But she didn't expect that she would end up like this...

As she was thinking, she saw Gu Shangyin suddenly come back. Before she could dodge, he dragged her into the room and threw her on the ground. "I really underestimated you. How dare you come to my grandpa and make jibber-jabber about a child, you miserable tramp!"

Meng Yin ignored the pain in her body and shook her head with tears in her eyes. "I didn't..."

"You didn't? Then why did Grandpa suddenly mention having a child?"

But obviously, Gu Shangyin did not take her grievances seriously. He gnashed his teeth and said, "Don't even think about tying me down with a child!"

Meng Yin's heart ached. "Am I so unbearable in your heart?"

Gu Shangyin sneered. "What else were you expecting? Find a f*cking mirror and look at yourself, for Christ's sake!"

Meng Yin's heart ached, and she was speechless.

Although she had liked him for a long time, she had never thought of getting involved in his feelings. She could restrain herself, but she could not stop her father and brother's ambition.

The company was facing bankruptcy, and her father didn't even discuss it with her before practically scheming her marriage to Gu Shangyin.

She was also a victim, but Gu Shangyin misunderstood that she had broken him up with Lin Zhen, so he hated her for three years.

Never once did he take one word of her explanation to heart. At this point, she was tired of it already.

She raised her eyes, suppressed her sobs and bitterness, and slowly asked, "Have you even felt one thing for me in the past three years?"

But what she got was only Gu Shangyin's cold reply without hesitation. "No."

There was disdain and sarcasm in his eyes, as if he was mocking her for her wishful thinking.

She was tired, completely tired.

She sighed in a complicated mood and nodded. "I see."

After that, she brushed past Gu Shangyin with a dead heart.

She had had enough, no, more than enough with him, no matter how cordially she had once loved him.

She didn't want to run after him like a fool.

Gu Shangyin didn't want to care about her, but when he looked at her weak figure, he seemed to see a sense of determination and suddenly panicked.

However, when he thought of Meng Yin's dirty tricks three years ago, his eyes turned cold.

He couldn't let such a woman get him softhearted because of her momentary frustration. She must have some evil tricks up her sleeve to deal with him!

Gu Shangyin was on guard and was waiting for Meng Yin to make a move. However, he did not expect that what he got was a sheet of divorce paper from Meng Yin's lawyer.

"I don't want to explain anymore. Since you have no feelings for me, I won't waste your time. Let's just finish this without any fuss, just like how this freak show began."

She smiled faintly and handed him the agreement and pen. "Sign it. We'll go through the formalities tomorrow. From now on, we have nothing to do with each other!"

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