Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Xie Zheng, pick up the phone!"

Su Xiang paced anxiously back and forth in the living room, tightly clutching her brother's sentence in her hand.

One year ago, her brother Su Youqing was accused and had been detained ever since, her father became severely ill and was hospitalized because of this, the monthly expenses exceeded one hundred thousand.

Today, her brother was sentenced to ten years.

Upon learning the news, her father had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage, his condition was critical, an immediate operation was needed, requiring a hefty sum of money!

Under the succession of disastrous news, she was distressed, at a complete loss, her only choice was to call Xie Zheng.

However, several calls later, no one picked up.

Just as she was ready to give up, the call finally got through.

She hastily spoke, "Xie Zheng, my dad..."

"Dear Xie, I'm a bit cold..."

On the other end of the phone came a girl's coquettish voice.

Su Xiang's words were stuck in her throat, temporarily forgetting to respond.

After a short while, Xie Zheng's impatient voice came through, "I'm still in City C, I've told you so many times, if there's anything, contact Secretary Xiao."

Su Xiang tightly gripped her phone, her porcelain white fingers becoming even more pale from the strength.

Her head tilted slightly back, trying to restrain the welling tears.

After a long silence, she slowly began, "Xie Zheng, where are you now?"

Xie Zheng chuckled lightly, "Su Xiang, as Mrs. Xie, are you just too idle?"

After that, he hung up the phone.

Listening to the busy tone from the phone, tears swirled in Su Xiang's eyes, her vision gradually blurring.

Simultaneously, a news broadcast was playing on the television.

"【Xie's Group CEO Splurges Hundreds of Millions, Fires Splendid Fireworks Along the River in City C to Express Love!】"

Su Xiang stood in the middle of the living room, her gaze falling on the image on the TV screen.

By the river, under the brilliant fireworks, a young girl sat in a wheelchair, slightly tilting her head upward, her smile soft and beautiful.

And her husband, Xie Zheng, was at that moment gently covering the girl with a blanket.

The way he looked at her...it was very tender, very.

It was a side she had never seen before.

Behind her, the voice of her stepmother, Ling Yue, rang out, "Have you gotten in touch with Xie Zheng? Only he can help with this matter, you..."

Ling Yue's voice abruptly stopped, as she also noticed the news playing on the television.

After a moment, Ling Yue finally said, "Has he gone to City C again? Su Xiang, when Xie Zheng was in a coma, it was said that this girl called Yu Mengmeng woke him up with her violin playing, wasn't it?"

The more Ling Yue thought about it, the angrier she got, "But even so, does he need to repay her like this? He's a married man!"


As she said this, Ling Yue gritted her teeth, pondering what would happen if the Su family hadn't collapsed...

She stared at Su Xiang intently: "But Su Xiang, do bear in mind, now is not the best time to make a fuss with Xie Zheng, your father and brother can't afford it!"

Su Xiang held her phone firmly, with so much intensity that she wasn’t even aware that her nails were digging into the flesh of her palm.

Make a fuss with Xie Zheng?

Did she really get to make a fuss? She was merely someone who carried the title of Mrs. Xie.

For six years, she had loved Xie Zheng.

Her life nearly revolved around Xie Zheng.

But Xie Zheng didn't love her.

Later, she married him and became Mrs. Xie.

Only because Xie Zheng didn't like to eat food made by others, didn't like others touching his clothes, didn't fancy the smell of dry cleaning solvent, disliked untidy rooms...

So, she, once the untouched lady of the Su family, gradually started to learn to do laundry, cook, organize, and even took on all the duties of a housemaid... she had become a perfect full-time housewife.

Yet, despite all of this, Xie Zheng still did not love her.

And now, while her father and brother were going through hard times, when she needed care and help the most, he was with another woman.

Su Xiang slowly closed her eyes, when she reopened them, her eyes were clear and calm again.

She picked up her phone and dialed the number for Secretary Xiao.

Secretary Xiao, who had been following Xie Zheng for many years, held a special status. He was well aware that Xie Zheng didn't care about his wife.

After hearing the purpose of Su Xiang's call, his tone was scornful: "Mrs. Xie, if you need money, you should get a signature from Mr. Xie first to receive a check."

"Just like the jewelry you wear, it needs to be registered before using."

"Mrs. Xie, do you understand what I mean?"


After hanging up the phone, Su Xiang stared blankly at the image on the television for a long time. Long enough that the news finished, yet she remained standing immobile in place.

After a while, she slowly raised her hand, gently stroking the wedding diamond ring on her ring finger.

It was the only thing that she didn't need to get permission from Xie Zheng for.

Then she unexpectedly started laughing.

The title of Mrs. Xie, was something that other women would go to great lengths to acquire.

And here she was, trapped within the confines of that very title, pitiful, and pathetic.

She took off the diamond ring and handed it to Ling Yue, "Aunt Ling, could you help me find someone to sell this?"

Ling Yue looked at her incredulously, "Su Xiang, have you lost your mind?"

Su Xiang gave a sorrowful smile, "Aunt Ling, in this marriage, this ring and me, to him, we're no more than useless things."

She wanted to divorce from Xie Zheng.

Their marriage was an accident in the first place, and it was time to end it.

Xie Zheng returned three days later.

A black vehicle drove into the villa and turned off the engine.

The car door slowly opened.

The driver wanted to help him with the luggage, to which he responded, "I'll handle it myself."

As soon as Xie Zheng got out of the car and stepped into the hall, a servant approached him, “Sir, a few days ago, madam's mother's family encountered some troubles. She's been feeling down and is now upstairs!"

Xie Zheng had already been informed about the issue with the Su family.

He fidgeted with his tie frustratingly, hummed indifferently, and then carried his suitcase upstairs.

Pushing open the bedroom door, Su Xiang was sitting at the vanity table, organizing things.

As he removed his coat and loosened his tie, he watched his wife.

Over the year they had been married, Su Xiang enjoyed doing housework, organizing rooms, making exquisite snacks, arranging flowers...

In Xie Zheng's mind, if not for Su Xiang's perfect face and perfect body, she wouldn't be much different than a maid.

After a long time, Su Xiang hadn't said a word.

Xie Zheng was tired from his business trip. Seeing she stayed silent, he couldn't be bothered to initiate a conversation.

He walked straight into the bathroom after getting fresh clothes from the cloakroom.

While showering, he figured that by the time he was done and stepped out, given Su Xiang's gentle personality, she would probably have cooled down, and would even help him pack his gifts, continuing to be a docile wife as always.

But when he stepped out, the luggage remained untouched.

He raised an eyebrow, lit a cigarette, and leaning negligently on the bed, he causally asked, "How's your father doing? I've already reprimanded Secretary Xiao about the incident that night."

Su Xiang put down the item in her hands, lifted her eyes, and met his gaze in the mirror.

It's undeniable that Xie Zheng was blessed with an impeccable exterior, handsome features, and noble demeanor.

Even in a simple bathrobe, he looked better than others.

She stared at his reflection in the mirror for a long time, until her eyes began to sting. Then, she spoke slowly.

"Xie Zheng, let's get a divorce."

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