Chapter One :Chapter 1

"If you desire to save this child, either allow me to leave or let it perish here."

"Gu Nian, cease existing in my sight."

Within the confines of the hospital's office, an abrupt hasty knock echoes through the room, shaking Gu Nian from her dream.

The next second, the door is flung open. A frantic nurse enters, "Doctor Gu, hurry up. A pregnant woman who was shot has been brought in, the situation is critical. We have to induce childbirth before the bullet can be removed, otherwise, it may affect the fetus. Doctor Cui is overwhelmed with work, you need to quickly assist."

Gu Nian furrows her brow slightly, swiftly buttoning her coat as she anxiously follows the nurse out, "What happened?"

The nurse hastily replies, “I'm not sure, but I heard that the woman is from the Emperor's family. The director of the hospital perceives this as a serious matter and is already on his way…”

The Emperor family?

With a tightening sensation in her chest, Gu Nian barely reaches the door to the operating room when an icy voice befitting the darkest depths of hell echoes, “I don't care what method you use, both the woman and the baby must survive. Otherwise, your entire hospital will pay the price.”

Gu Nian's breath hitches momentarily as she glances over. Under the corridor's light stands a prestigious man, donned in a bespoke tailored Italian suit, coldly standing before the entrance trailed by numerous bodyguards.

Once she recognizes that immaculate handsome face, a profound realization crashes over her, sending shockwaves through her consciousness.

Emperor Changchuan? How could it be him? How did he return to the country?

"Yes, yes, Young Master Emperor, rest assured, we will do our utmost to save the lady. Though our leading doctor here is young, she is extremely experienced," someone assuringly nods and bows, before seeing Gu Nian, barks, “Gu Nian, what are you doing idly standing there? Hurry up and come!"

The man's form stiffens almost imperceptibly. His gaze coldly sweeps to the side, whereupon, he sees the woman who quickly walks over, head drooping the entire time. A fleeting, indistinguishable, complex emotion can be detected in his deep, inscrutable eyes. Yet, it rapidly disappears without a trace.

Gu Nian dare not linger, pushing open the door, she enters the operating room.

After sterilizing her hands, she steps up to the surgical table, where the woman laid on the table reaches for her arm, pleading through her sobs, "I’m begging you, save my child... Please, save my child..."

She was a very beautiful woman.

Gu Nian frowned, urging the nurse beside him, "No, the bleeding is too fast. If this continues, the pregnant woman will definitely not be able to withstand it. Hurry, get her a blood transfusion."

"Her gunshot wound can't wait anymore," the doctor next to him urgently said, "The physical condition of the pregnant woman definitely doesn't suit having too much anesthesia. Once the anesthesia passes, she definitely won't make it. Dr. Gu, I must operate simultaneously with you to remove the bullet from her."

The bullet hit the left side of the pregnant woman's chest, near the shoulder. Although it didn’t hit any vital areas, the risk of this operation is very high.

However, if they didn't do this, the pregnant woman would die due to the massive blood loss.

A thin layer of sweat appeared on his forehead, Gu Nian didn't hesitate too much and nodded his head.

Time passed by every second, after an unknown period,

"Wah!" There was a clear and crisp cry in the operating room, a bloody little boy was taken out from the abdomen.

Looking at the little boy he held in his palm, a complex emotion flashed in Gu Nian's eyes, but he breathed a sigh of relief at the same time. He didn't dare to delay, handing the baby to the nurse beside him, then he began to operate on the mother with other doctors.

After a few long hours, the operation finally ended successfully.

As Gu Nian walked out, he saw a noble man sitting in the corridor standing up. Their eyes met unintentionally, the man coldly shifted his gaze, walked to the side of the stretcher, looked at the woman on the bed, then raised his head to ask the doctor who came out with Gu Nian, "How is it?"

The male doctor gently said, "Congratulations, Mr. Emperor, both mother and child are safe and out of danger."

Emperor Changchuan breathed a sigh of relief, softly saying, "Thank you." Then he followed the nurse who was pushing the bed and left.

The male doctor looked at Gu Nian, who was lowering her head, not knowing what she was thinking, and said, "Dr. Gu, you've been working for a day, you should go rest."

Gu Nian nodded and left.

By the time she drove home, it was already past midnight. As she entered the living room, Aunt Zhang immediately followed her out from the kitchen, "Madam, you're back, have you eaten? Do you need me to help you......"

Gu Nian waved her hand slightly, a hint of fatigue in her eyes, "No need."

She walked upstairs to the master bedroom on the second floor. After taking a shower in the bathroom, she nosedived into sleep upon hitting the bed.

In her drowsy sleep, she seemed to hear the sound of trickling water. Opening her eyes in a daze, she sat up and saw a familiar silhouette, a tall figure emerging from the bathroom.

The man seemed to notice someone watching him. Glancing across casually, their eyes met, and they both were momentarily startled.

It was Di Changchuan.

Yes, Di Changchuan, her husband.

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