Chapter One :Chapter 1

I take a deep breath calming my nerves.

After five years, I am finally coming back to the place that holds my most beautiful memories as well as my sad and painful ones.

" It's all in the past Illebaye, you are different, we are different."

I mumble to myself.

Yes, that is what I tell myself everyday and the statement that finally gave me the balls to face my reality.

Reality that my mate rejected me after we had our hot night together and the fact that he made me a mother at an early age.

And I will never have my happy ending with him since my brother told me he has a luna.

I have been driving for hours now and my son is in the back seat of the car sleeping.

The park is not near the city.

Today is an important day in my brother's life. It's his birthday so I decided to come around.

" You can't escape forever, Ilebaye.

It's about time you return home.

Dad and mom miss you and their grandson."

Those were my brother's exact words when we talked last time.

I know for a fact that my parents miss me and my son.

I can still remember the looks of pain and sadness they wore five years ago when I decided to leave the pack.

They love me and because of that pure love they have for me, they let me follow my heart.

" As long as this is what you want,as long as it makes you happy, I will support you."

My father had said to me when I broke the news of leaving the pack.

Leaving the people behind did not make me happy , it made me miserable but I knew that I needed to leave.

Leaving was the only way I could cope up with the pain in my heart back then.

I park my car at the entrance of the pack for inspection.

A new face approaches me and I roll down the window mirror to have a word with him.

" I'm Illebaye,Neo's sister." I will introduce myself.

" The Brook family only has a son. I have never heard about a daughter."

The man replies, his eyes regarding me suspiciously.

He seems to be new in the pack, Maybe that's why he doesn't know me.

After All,it's been five years.

Just when I open my mouth, a cheerful voice filled with disbelief calls

" Illebaye, is that really you?"

I whip my face around and I come face to face with Marcus.

" Long time huh? You can't recognize me anymore? Does that mean I am no longer your favorite person?"

I joke and Marcus bursts out laughing.

" How is that possible?

You have always been my favorite person in my heart.

" Marcus replies jokingly but I still trace the sincerity in his words.

Life can be fucked up sometimes especially when it happens that whoever you love doesn't love you and who loves you, you don't love him.

Marcus has always been in love with me but to me, he's nothing but an elder brother.

He is just another Neo in my heart.

The one I love however…

" I'm glad to hear that." I say, smiling back at him.

" You just arrived and you must be tired. Go ahead,Aunt and uncle must be waiting for you."

Marcus says. He is still that caring and loving man from five years ago.

" Let's chat when I'm settled. I want you to fill me with all the details."

Marcus nods and I drive to our house.

Our house is in the opposite direction of the pack house.

As I close by the white painted Villa, my eyes water.

I am not sure if it's because of sadness or happiness.

Three years have passed and everything seems like it was five years ago.

I have changed over the years.

I am no longer that weakling who knew nothing but weep when faced by a difficulty.

I have learnt the art of concealing my true feelings with a smile and fighting back and I could do that all thanks to my son.

'Yes, smile all through until it passes or kills you.'

Time changes everything, I wonder if the people I left behind changed too.

I guess I will find out soon.

I park my car and take deep breaths to calm myself.

Stepping down, I walk to the other side of the car and wake my little boy up and I see my lovely parents standing at the entrance of the house.

The smiles on my parent's faces bring tears to my eyes.

Unable to stop myself, I rushed to them with my son in my arms, crashing into my father's arms.

" Hush now baby.

You are finally back home. I am happy to see you and my grandson." My father consoles me.

His hands rub my back slowly. And he took my son from my arm and carried him.

" I'm sorry, father." I have been a bad daughter, an unfilial child.

For three years,I stayed away from the people who love me the most.

I was hurting but they must have hurt more knowing that they could not be there when I needed them.

I made that decision rashly, a decision that must have brought immense pain to my parents and the others who loved me.

My mother joined us and we hugged. I could hear her sniffles.

" There is nothing to be sorry about, child.

As long as you are fine,I will never blame you."

My father's soft and loving voice calmed me down.

" Look at you two, crying like children."

My father reprimanded but I did not miss the doting in his voice.

" Who is crying? I'm no child to cry "

My mother retorted, pulling away, making me smile.

" That was supposed to be my line,you know?"

My questions make both my parents laugh. Infected by their laughter, I find myself laughing along with them.

" Seems like there is a family reunion here and I am not invited.

Sometimes, I wonder if I am truly part of this family."

My brother complains, walking to us.

" Neo," I called out, running into his arms.

Neo embraced me warmly just like he always did before I left.

" I missed you so much," I confessed but Neo snickered.

" Yeah sure. Those words coming from someone who would only talk to me when I call.

I don't know if it's sincere." Neo mocked me outrightly.

He's right though.

Only he would call me for the past years. If he didn't, then we would not talk.

" Leave your sister alone. You are the elder brother,you should be responsible."

My father says in my support, making Neo arch his eyebrows at me.

" See what I was talking about? It's confirmed that I was adopted."

Neo jokes lighten the mood.


This small grand frere has grown big.

Neo said while taking my son from dad so he could carry him too.

"Lunch is ready, we were waiting for you both."

My mother announces and my stomach chooses that moment to grumble.

" Seems like someone is starving here." My father comments and I hide my face in embarrassment.

It took me seven hours to drive here and to get here on time, I skipped breakfast.

Neo takes my hand, leading me inside the house.

I smell an unfamiliar scent in the house and that's when it clicks, Neo has a mate.

" It's nice to see you again, Illebaye!"

I stiffen at the familiar voice. A voice that reminded me of my terror filled university days.

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