Chapter One :Chapter 1

Sarena’s head was spinning and her eyes were blurry.

The sharp pain from her core made her scream out, but her voice was swallowed in a hot kiss.

The kiss was so hot that it was as if it would burn her soul. Her dry throat was finally moisturized by the sweet juice, and groans and moans overflowed their lips.

“Mate! Mine!” A deep whisper echoed in her ears.

Sarena couldn’t think in the right way, then she fell unconscious.

She couldn't see who the man was f*cking her, but even in her unconsciousness, she could still feel how much her body enjoyed his every action and the scent of his body made her desire continue to rise.

After several hours, Sarena woke up and realized that time had changed. The room was brightly lit and sharp sunlight came in through the window of the room which was not covered by the curtains.

"You're finally awake, you b*tch!"

Sarena turned and saw her father standing next to Elise, her half-sister and Mia, her stepmother. The two women looked at her sarcastically.

"Who is that man?" snapped Leroy William, Alpha of the White Sunset pack. "How can you sleep with just any man, when you have failed to show your identity as a she-wolf?"

Sarena felt a splitting headache and her swollen core. She recalled what she had done last night and felt uncertain.

That mysterious man... and the day for her first shift. She failed.

She failed to transform, even after three tries on her 18th birthday.

Elise and Mia taunt her, saying that she has disgraced the Alpha, a.k.a her father and their pack.

Elise then gave her a drink, saying that it would help Sarena to try again, but after drinking the pink water given to her by Elise, she felt dizzy and became unconscious.

"Elise, what did you give me yesterday?" Sarena snapped as she threw back the blanket and tried to get up. She was still reeling from dizziness. "It's not vitamins like you told me, but an anesthetic, right?"

Elise grabbed Leroy's hand and her voice trembled. "Oh, Sarena, why do you say that? I just wanted to help you transform, but you accused me of that? Father, Sarena hates me so she makes the wrong accused. "

"Honey, for some reason your daughter doesn't like our child so much, even though they are sisters. Elise is just trying to help her!" Mia said in an annoyed tone.

“No. Father, please trust me once at least,” Sarena pleaded. "They all tried to get rid of me and--"


Sarena held her cheek which felt hot after Leroy's hand landed a hard slap.

"You f*cking wolfless!" Leroy hissed angrily. "I already knew that one day you would embarrass me, just like your mother!"

Sarena felt her chest tighten and tears made her breath hitch and almost blurred her vision, but she didn't want to cry in front of them.

"You can curse me as a wolfless, but never insult my mother. You were the one who fell in love with her yet betrayed her after you met this sl*t. A f*cking cheater who can't keep his d*ck in his pants doesn't get to lecture me!"

“Get out! Insolent child!“ Leroy's face turned red, pointing at me. "You, Sarena William, from now on you are no longer part of this pack! You will never get anything from me again! Never!"

Elise and Mia smiled contentedly behind Leroy. Sarena knew that this was all their plan and she didn't want to make them feel victorious by begging her father for forgiveness.

She is completely innocent and she is not afraid of being disowned. Her mother had already been expelled from the pack due to Mia's slander.

Sarena wanted to go to the human community with her mother, but her mother asked her to complete her final year in werewolf school. The final year was important to any werewolf, learning the skill of shapeshifting.

It was useless for Sarena, though. She didn’t bother but felt relieved. Her mother was a human and Sarena was glad of being more like a human.

She had gotten an offer from a college in Monterey. She would finally leave this hell life and live with her mother in the human world so she didn't have to continue being among those deceitful people.

Sarena sneered, "You know what, I’ve been waiting for today for a year. Listen, I’m not leaving because you kicked me out. I'm the one who's cutting off the pack and the damn father-daughter bond! I DAMN HATE MY FUCKING ALPHA BLOODLINE! I AM LEAVING YOU AND THIS HELL PACK!"

Elise snorted harshly. "There's no need to talk too much, Sarena. Go, before you do anything else that would further embarrass this pack and respectful Alpha."

“At some point, when you finally know the truth, I hope you won’t feel sorry for doing this to me and my mother!” With that, Sarena left without taking anything.

She didn't belong here and she hoped she would never have to meet the people who had hurt her again.


Five years later.

Sarena's hands trembled, crumpling the paper she had received from the administration of St. Mary's Hospital, two days ago. She had read the contents of the letter several times but the contents remained the same.

Her mother was seriously ill, with an infection in the spinal cord, and needed immediate treatment so that the infection did not quickly spread elsewhere.

Life seemed to be mocking her at the moment. All the problems came in a row and crushed her all at once, making it difficult for Sarena to even breathe a little fresh air.

Since leaving the White Sunset pack five years ago and living alone with her mother in human territory, Sarena was finally able to finish college with very satisfactory grades.

Her mother helped Sarena adapt so well to the human environment that Sarena didn't even care anymore about her identity as a she-wolf who didn't have a wolf.

In fact, she had been accepted to work at a large company and yesterday when signing the contract, Sarena submitted a request so that she could take a salary for the next few months, so that she could pay for her mother's medical expenses.

However, the company management said that this had to be discussed with the CEO, but this was currently impossible because he was abroad on business.

Sarena is desperate. Where else should she look for a loan so that her mother can be treated immediately? She didn't want to just lose her mother after so much she had been through so far.

Even though Sarena knew that the company was owned and led by an Alpha and because of her father, she hated Alphas, she had no other choice.

The company offered generous salaries and good benefits to its employees and Sarena's current situation gave her no other choice.

While she was thinking hard, suddenly she heard a knock on the door of her simple house from outside.

Sarena stood up from the sofa and languidly shuffled towards the door.

Two men in black suits stood in front of her and nodded politely at her as he looked at them questioningly.

"Ms. Sarena Jane Vaiden?" asked one of the two men. He wears steel-rimmed glasses.

"Yes, I'm," said Sarena. "Who are you two?"

The man with glasses reached out his hand. "My name is Ren McVaughn and this is my partner Tommy Welldish. We both represent the Metronoma Group to convey something important to you."

Sarena was surprised. Metronoma Group was the company she had just been hired to work for. Metronoma group is a very large company and operates in many business fields, and has many branches in various countries. Sarena applied for a job as a secretary at a subsidiary operating in the automotive industry, called Metronoma Otomotif Corp. She signed a contract with Metronoma Automotive, Of course she was very surprised to be approached by a team of lawyers from the the center of company.

"Is there a problem with my acceptance as staff there, sir?" Sarena asked worriedly.

Tommy Welldish smiled reassuringly. "No, Ms. Sarena, it's not like that. But, can we talk inside, so that everything is clearer?"

Sarena hesitated for a moment, but curiosity overcame her doubts and she opened the door, inviting the two lawyers to come in and sit in her living room.

"I heard you submitted a request for early salary payments to management, after signing the employment contract?" Ren McVaughn asked in a formal tone.

Sarena felt a little embarrassed. "Yes, Mr. McVaughn, I need a lot of money for my mother's treatment, so I'm trying to make that request."

"That's it, Ms. Sarena," said Tommy Welldish. "We have a more attractive offer for you."

Sarena's eyebrows furrowed. "I don't understand what you mean," said Sarena carefully. "What offer is that?"

Ren McVaughn smiled. "My big client himself, asks you to be his wife for a certain period of time and he will solve all the problems you are facing."

Sarena almost choked on her own saliva.

“W-what?! I-I’m sorry, who is your big client? No, I mean, why me?”

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