Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Wahh!!! Big Brother Xi... Master wants to send Nuonuo away, Nuonuo doesn't want to... Waaaah!!!"

On Jiajia Mountain, at Jiajia Taoist Temple, a childish voice was heard, crying as if her heart would break, echoing through the mountaintop.

Three-and-a-half-year-old baby girl Nuonuo was sobbing loudly, dashing towards the back mountain training ground with her short little legs.

Chasing desperately after her was Baiyao, a middle-aged man in a Taoist robe. "Disciple! Slow down! Don't go and tattle to your big brother!"

"I intend to live a few more years, Master!"

Nuonuo, sobbing as if her heart was being torn apart, ran to the training ground and upon seeing her handsome big brother dressed in a white Taoist robe, looking like an immortally dignified figure, the little girl immediately flung herself crying towards him.

"Big Brother Xi…Wahh…"

Seeing this, the doting senior alms sister immediately dropped the peachwood sword in her hand, and quickly stepped forward to embrace the crying girl.

"Nuonuo, what happened? Who bullied you?"

"Wahh…It’s the stinky Master... Master wants to send Nuonuo down the mountain, Waaahhh! Nuonuo doesn't want to leave! Nuonuo wants to stay with her brothers and Master!!!"

The little baby cuddled in the man's arms, crying her heart out, which broke the man's heart.

He coldly raised his head, giving Baiyao, who was hurrying over, a frosty, angry glare. "You want to send Nuonuo away?"

Baiyao came to an abrupt stop at this. "Eldest disciple, hehe…well… there's a reason behind this, isn't there?"

"Nuonuo has been on the mountain for over three years now, the time has come for her to leave the mountain."

"Nuonuo, haven't you always wanted to find your parents? Once you leave the mountain, you'll be able to find your parents."

Little Bun heard this and immediately stopped crying.

With a pitiful look, she looked up and hiccupped through her sobs, "Rea...really?"

"Of course it's real!" Baiyao coaxed reassuringly, "Master has already calculated it!"

"Wow! Then, Nuonuo is going to leave the mountain!!!"

The little one's mood was as changing as the June sky.

She abruptly climbed out of the Senior Brother's arms, ran to Baiyao, looked up, and blinked her reddened, tearful eyes. In her childish voice, she said, "Master~ Nuonuo is leaving the mountain, thank you Master for taking care of me these few years."

After saying that, she kneels down in front of Baiyao, sticking her little buttocks up as she performed daoist-style bow.

Then, she got up and ran to the Senior Brother, speaking in a babyish tone, "Big Brother Xi~ Nuonuo is leaving, Nuonuo will miss you~"

The Senior Brother affectionately ruffled her hair then gloomily said to Baiyao, "Little Nuonuo, you go find your parents first. Wait till your Senior Brother ousts our Master and successfully takes his place, then Nuonuo can come back and play."

"Yay! Thank you, Big Brother Xi!"

The little one stood on her tiptoes and planted a 'mwah' on the Senior Brother's face, her eyes crinkling into crescents as she laughed, "Big Brother Xi is the nicest to Nuonuo!!"

At the side, Baiyao fumed in silence.

Such a rebel!

He actually intends to usurp the throne!

"Nuonuo, come, this is the luggage Master has packed for you." Baiyao took out a cute little bag from behind him and hung it on Nuonuo's back.

The little one quickly and skillfully pulled out her bunny pacifier from the bag and put it in her mouth.

"Master, Brother Daxi, Nuonuo is leaving first~"

With her bunny pacifier in her mouth, Nuonuo waved goodbye to the two reluctantly.

As she turned around, her expression changed drastically.


Finally, Nuonuo can go down the mountain, and she's off to find daddy and mommy~~~

Nuonuo is ready for the wonderful life at the bottom of the mountain!!

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