Chapter One :Chapter 1

"You little runt! I'm hungry! Why aren't you making food for me yet!?"

When the sharp female voice resonated, little Yi hastily scurried around the cupboard with her short legs.

She timidly approached her mother, "Mom... We're out of noodles..."

Yan Zixi slapped her directly, "If we're out of noodles, why don't you go buy some, you brat!"

A buzzing noise echoed in her ears, but her expression remained dull, "I have no money, mom."

Yan Zixi rolled her eyes, picked up a cigarette, and began rummaging through her cheap, bright red purse. However, the look on her face quickly changed.

She furrowed her brows as she tossed a coin at her daughter like it was garbage, "Go buy some, you cheap thing! All day, it's money, money, money! When can you start earning money for me!!"

Yi kept silent, simply picked up the money, and left the house without a word.

After closing the door, her stomach began to growl.

Quickly, she rubbed her belly in comfort, "Don't make noise~"

With mom eating a bowl of noodles, she can at least have a small sip of soup.

The steaming three-delicacy noodles are so delicious.

Yi, with utmost care, gingerly descended the aged building staircase.

Ever since she could remember, she knew her mother was a bad person.

Her mother had been sent to prison after giving birth to her, and she grew up in an orphanage where the other children would call her, "The child of a bad person."

Despite all that, she was still looking forward to meeting her mother.

This year, when she was four, she finally saw her mother, and recognized her at first sight.

Because her mother was very beautiful.

Just as beautiful as she was in her dreams.

But mother was fierce, not like what others said, mother was warm-hearted. Upon seeing her, she called her a little illegitimate child, scolding and cursing while taking her out of the welfare home.

Half a year being with mother, she learned about all the things regarding her father and that woman.

It was said that her father was living a good life, got married, had three sons, and she was the fourth one, but her mother said she was the lowest, she was not worthy to compare.

Because she was low, she had to sleep on the ground, can only eat the leftovers of her mother, and because she looked like her father, her mother slapping her face was just right.

She didn't blame her mother.

She went downstairs panting and ran to the small shop to buy the cheapest instant noodles, then ran home as quickly as she could.

If she was slow, mother would beat her when she got home.

She rushed toward her own building, but saw her mother on the way.

Just as she was about to call out to mother, she was dumbstruck.

Because her mother was supporting a greasy middle-aged man, smiling flirtatiously at him: “Brother Zhang, please, I don’t have money, my rent has been overdue for many days! I’m starving!”

The middle-aged man chuckled and took out his phone, about to transfer money, when suddenly an even burly woman jumped out from behind: "You little slut, you’re seducing my husband again!!!"

In the midst of the brawl, Yan Laiyi watched in surprise as her mother's hair was grasped tightly by someone.

She let out a shrill scream.

She wanted to step forward to help, but her mother had told her she wasn't allowed to interfere when her mother was with other men.

All she could do was watch helplessly as her mother fought with the other woman. Subsequently, her mother, in her state of panic, rushed towards the community exit.

The woman chased after her, "Why are you running you cheap tart!"

She trudged after them with a bowl of seafood Yee Mee, gasping, "Mum! Mum!!"

But her mother didn't turn back.

Her red dress, like a blooming flower, charged towards the road, and then, all of a sudden―

A car hit her and sent her flying.

At the sound of the enormous crash, Yan Laiyi widened her eyes, watching as her mother soared and then plummeted.


In an instant, the surroundings fell into chaos.

Some people pulled out their phones and started whispering, some approached to get a better view. Only the woman who had been chasing after her mother turned pale with fright. Running away with the greasy man in tow.

Yan Laiyi's mind was buzzing. She walked over to her mother, squatted down and asked, "Mum... are you okay?"

Her mother lay in a pool of blood, staring blankly at her with wide eyes.

She was convulsing all over.

YiYi, flustered, held up the noodles and said, "I've bought the noodles, can we go home please? Can we have dinner?"

Blood was incessantly gushing from the corner of the woman's mouth, she seemed to be saying something.

She crouched down and leaned in closer, barely able to make out what she was saying, "What will you do... I've left you behind... What should you do..."

As she said that, the light in her eyes suddenly dimmed, and she fell silent.

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