Chapter One :Chapter 1

It was already past ten at night when Chu Qing left the film set. All the big-name stars had long since been driven away in their luxury cars. But as a lowly stand-in like Chu Qing, she could only blow warmth into her palms while preparing to hail a cab to go home.

Just as she'd stopped a taxi, her phone rang.

"May I speak to Miss Chu? Our shop is about to close, and a man claiming to be your boyfriend is quite drunk. Could you come to pick him up?"

Without having to guess, Chu Qing knew who the man was, but she was puzzled. Jiang Yi Xun was supposed to attend his elder brother's engagement party, wasn't he? How come he was drinking alone in a small bar?

Following the address, she found the restaurant. Besides Jiang Yi Xun and the waiter, there was no one else left.

In front of Jiang Yi Xun were rows of empty bottles. He was still pouring drinks into his glass and downing them.

Chu Qing had never seen Jiang Yi Xun in this state before. She rushed over, grabbed his glass, and said, "Stop drinking. Go home with me."

To her surprise, Jiang Yi Xun pulled her into his arms. The next second he was tightly hugging her, burying his face into her neck, and began to kiss it.

Chu Qing was about to mock him when his murmuring chilled her to the bone. She felt as if her blood had stopped flowing.

"Luo Tong, you're engaged. There's no possibility for us now. Chu Qing... she is not you."

Chu Qing felt as if she had just climbed out of icy water, her body stiff and cold. She couldn't believe her ears. Was she just a replacement?

"Let me go!" A wave of humiliation rose from within her, and she started struggling.

"Luo Tong, stop making a fuss." Jiang Yi Xun held Chu Qing tighter, but he was calling another woman's name from his lips.

Chu Qing's ears were buzzing, and her vision started to darken in waves. The light from the lamp became blurry, but she could still hear every single word from Jiang Yi Xun searing into her heart.

Suddenly, she remembered that Jiang Yi Xun had sought her out after an entertainment magazine had published an article comparing her with Luo Tong.

Moreover, it seems that every time Jiang Yixun comes to the film set, Luo Tong is always there. The fruits and desserts he brings are always in double portion?

The truth had been plainly exposed all this time, but she just hadn't paid close attention.

She didn't know how she should react at the moment. Jiang Yixun was holding onto her as if clutching onto a lifeline, but she couldn't save him. In fact, she wished more than anything to push him into an abyss.

The waiter gingerly reminded them that the restaurant was about to close. Chu Qing, as if awoken from a dream, jumbled in her thoughts, clumsily nodded, and pulled away from Jiang Yixun's embrace and ambled towards the exit.

"Ah, Miss, this sir..." the waiter called after her.

Chu Qing stopped, not turning back, "Could you help him out of here, please?" After finishing, she pushed open the door and walked out.

Only once she was swept with wind did Chu Qing realize her cheeks were freezing. She had cried so many tears without realizing it.

Jiang Yixun was helped out by two waiters, and the eatery was locked the second later.

Chu Qing wanted to turn around and leave, to cut ties with Jiang Yixun once and for all. She didn't enter into a relationship with him because of his wealth or status initially. She wasn't so spineless as to willingly become a replacement.

However, just after stepping away, she was yanked back and forcefully pulled into Jiang Yixun's embrace. The next moment, he tilted his head down and kissed her.

They had shared countless kisses before, gentle ones, passionate ones, but never once had it left Chu Qing in such despair.

She forcefully pushed him away, delivering a crisp slap across his face, bellowing, "See me clearly! I'm not your Luo Tong or her substitute!"

Jiang Yixun was startled, a bitter smile creeping on his lips as if something occurred to him.

Without another word, Chu Qing turned and walked away. Ten meters out, she couldn't resist looking back at Jiang Yixun one final time. He remained there, head drooped, motionless.

She admitted, there was an untimely pang of pity in her heart. She cursed at herself internally but still couldn't help sending a message to Jiang Yixun's assistant to pick up their boss.

Walking aimlessly on the streets on a winter's day, Chu Qing didn't know where to go for a moment.

She was currently living with Jiang Yixun, but she didn't want to go back at all.

She was an orphan and thought she had found her lifelong reliance, but it turned out that everything was a lie!

She rented a room in a cheap inn for the night. The next morning, standing in front of the mirror, Chu Qing almost didn't recognize the disheveled woman with dark circles under her eyes that were about to drop to her chin.

She hastily groomed herself and rushed to the film set. However heartbroken she might be, she still needed to work, otherwise, she would lose her job as well as her love.

Just as she boarded the taxi, her cellphone rang.

Chu Qing's heart pounded. Picking it up, she saw it was indeed a call from Jiang Yixun.

"Where are you? Why didn't you come back last night?" He interrogated her imperiously from the moment he started speaking.

In the past, Chu Qing wouldn't have cared about his bad attitude, but now everything was different.

She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself down and said, "Let's talk when I come back tonight, that's it for now, I'm in a rush." She then hung up the phone.

Listening to the beep from his phone, Jiang Yixun furiously smashed his phone against the wall.

This woman had the audacity to hang up on him!

He had a throbbing headache. He only remembered that he got drunk last night, but he had no recollection of how he got home.

Sitting on the bed for a while, Jiang Yixun felt increasingly uneasy. So, he picked up his phone and called Chu Qing again, but it was turned off.

Chu Qing rushed to the film set. As soon as she arrived, the makeup artist called her over for a makeover.

"Miss Chu, you don't seem to be in good shape today, and those dark circles under your eyes are quite heavy!" The makeup artist was a young girl and has a good relationship with Chu Qing.

Chu Qing smiled and replied, "I didn't have a good sleep last night, could you help me put on a bit more makeup?"

As the young girl started applying makeup to Chu Qing, she gossiped, "Yesterday, there was an engagement banquet for Luo Tong and the eldest son of the Jiang family. It was said to be quite extravagant, with many prominent figures attending. I wonder what the wedding would be like!"

"Who knows? Poverty has curtailed my imagination," Chu Qing replied casually.

She used to have no strong feelings about Luo Tong in the past, but because they looked quite alike from the back, she became Luo Tong's stunt double. Their only interactions would be acknowledging each other when they met.

Now, as of last night, she knew that she was not only Luo Tong's stunt double but also her emotional substitute. She felt terrible knowing this, and just mentioning the name made her feel uncomfortable, as if she'd swallowed a fishbone.

"Mr. Jiang is here!" someone shouted, and everyone turned to look.

Chu Qing raised her head, and saw Jiang Yixun standing there, giving her a gloomy look.

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