Chapter One :Chapter 1

The Jueming Dynasty, Dengzhou, Double Wood City.

In the City Lord's Mansion, in a secret chamber full of stone spirits, a beautiful girl was sitting cross-legged and practicing martial arts.

The door of the room opened, and the City Lord walked in with a smile, followed by a heroic young man.

"Sister Ruoxue."

The young man walked quickly to the girl with a happy look on his face.

"Brother Lu Chen, you're here."

Zhou Ruoxue looked at the young man affectionately and spoke in a gentle tone.

"There's no need to get up."

Lu Chen held his hands together and said softly.

He had fallen in love with Zhou Ruoxue and had been in love with her for three years.

He had once promised to help Zhou Ruoxue enter the true essence realm.

Today, Zhou Ruoxue had broken through the shackles and cultivated to the ninth level of the Refinement Realm. She was only one step away from the True Energy Realm.

When he heard the news, he couldn't wait any longer. He immediately came to fulfill his promise!

Lu Chen took out a crystal clear fruit the size of a thumb, which was like a huge jade bead.

"A thousand-year-old Dragon Origin Fruit!"

Governor Zhou He and Zhou Ruoxue's eyes lit up. This was an extremely rare treasure of heaven and earth. They couldn't buy it even if they had money.

The thousand-year-old Dragon Origin Fruit had the effect of converting one's True Energy. If one consumed it at the ninth level of the Body Refining Realm, one would directly break through to the True Energy Realm.

This fruit was an ancestral treasure of the Lu family. It was originally given to Lu Chen.

However, for Zhou Ruoxue's sake, Lu Chen did not use it. He had kept it until now.

"Sister Ruoxue, swallow it and break through to the True Origin realm today."

Lu Chen brought the fruit to Zhou Ruoxue's mouth and said gently.

Zhou Ruoxue hummed in agreement. She opened her small mouth, swallowed the thousand-year-old Dragon Blood Fruit, and then closed her eyes to refine it.

In the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, Zhou Ruoxue's aura suddenly soared. Her barrier instantly broke through and she advanced to the first level of the true essence realm.

"Haha, there's another true essence realm expert in Shuangmu City!"

Zhou He was full of joy and looked up to the sky with a smile.

"Sister Ruoxue, congratulations."

Although everything was expected, Lu Chen was still very excited. "In a month, it will be the recruitment ceremony of the three major martial arts sects in the state. It will be held once every four years. With your current cultivation, you will be chosen by the three major martial arts sects. When the time comes, we will go there together..."

Before he could finish his words.


Zhou Ruoxue suddenly slapped Lu Chen's abdomen with all her strength.


Lu Chen spat out a mouthful of blood. His eyes were wide open as he looked at Zhou Ruoxue in disbelief.

"It's not us who go to the state, it's me!"

Zhou Ruoxue slowly stood up. Her expression was ice-cold as she stared at Lu Chen like an enemy. "Among the three great martial arts sects in Dengzhou, the strongest Purple Cloud Sect has a tradition that only one person can be recruited. You and I are both at the first level of the true essence realm, but you are the number one genius in Blackwood City. You will become the first candidate for entering the Purple Cloud Sect."

"You are my beloved woman. I can give you the place of Purple Cloud Sect."

"But I don't love you. I only love the thousand-year-old Dragon Fruit in your hand."

"You... you have been in love with me for three years. It turns out to be an illusion!"

Lu Chen felt as if he had fallen into an ice cellar. At that moment, his heart was broken.

"You're just from a small family, and I'm the daughter of the City Lord. I'm destined to become a phoenix one day, and you can't get on my good side."

Zhou Ruoxue raised her head and looked at him coldly. Her eyes were full of sarcasm. "But I can't let you hinder my path. You must die!"

"Don't even think about it!"

Lu Chen roared and ran his spiritual force to set up a defense.

It was already hard for Lu Chen to accept the fact that he had been wounded by a woman he thought he loved.

But Lu Chen would never accept that he had been killed by this vicious woman!


A fist print broke through the wind and slammed into Lu Chen's back.

Lu Chen was sent flying. He crashed into the hard wall and fell to the ground, unable to move.

"Zhou He!"

Lu Chen gritted his teeth and glared at the city lord, who was sneering. He was filled with hatred.

It was Zhou He who had plotted against him.

"Two Wood City's number one idiot, I'll send you on your way!"

Zhou Ruoxue raised her hand mercilessly, but she was stopped by Zhou He. "Wait, he can't die in the City Lord's Mansion. Otherwise, it will damage my father's reputation."

"It doesn't matter if I don't kill him. I'll dig out his dantian and Martial Meridian and turn him into a good-for-nothing."

"That's great!"

Under Zhou He's gaze, Zhou Ruoxue made her move. She cruelly dug out Lu Chen's dantian and a crystal clear Martial Meridian.

In the secret chamber, Lu Chen's heart-wrenching screams and an angry roar could be heard.

"If I don't die, I'll destroy your entire clan!"

Not long after, Zhou He and his daughter left the secret chamber, leaving only the unconscious Lu Chen.

Suddenly, the space trembled slightly.

"Clang! Clang!"

A mysterious black bead broke through the void and came out suddenly.

Then, a pair of big hands appeared, tearing through the void.

Someone was coming out of the void!

The black bead seemed to be in a panic. It hit Lu Chen and integrated into his body.


The void was torn apart.

A golden-armored elder with a terrifying aura walked out of the void.

The golden-armored old man looked at Lu Chen with disappointment in his eyes and sighed to the sky.

"The treasure that I've been chasing for a hundred years has been obtained by this guy. It's true that one's fate is uncertain sometimes, and one's fate can't be forced at any time."

"Treasures are no trivial matter. With the help of treasures, he will achieve great things in the future. He will definitely be more incredible than any genius in the secular world!"

The golden-armored old man suddenly thought of something, and his eyes became hot. "Well, such a peerless genius. Since he is destined to be with me, he must become my successor disciple!"


The golden-armored old man rubbed his old eyes. After seeing Lu Chen's condition clearly, he was furious. "His Elixir Field has been dug out and his Martial Meridian has been destroyed. He is actually a good-for-nothing!"

"It's so annoying that he chose a good-for-nothing instead of me!"

"It's even more annoying that you've crippled my Pro-disciple!"

The golden-armored old man lost his temper. Thinking of something, he calmed down and said, "Well, treasures have spirituality. If you choose a good-for-nothing... oh no, there must be a reason for choosing my successor disciple!"

"Martial arts are dangerous, and the path of martial arts is full of obstacles. If you can't turn trash into a legend, then you're not qualified to be my successor disciple!"

The old man in golden armor approached Lu Chen and whispered into his ears, "This treasure is a Primordial Chaos Bead. It has special power inside. You must dig out the superpower in order to change your fate."

At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps outside the door.

The golden-armored old man wanted to save Lu Chen, but he could not sense the murderous aura coming from Lu Chen, so he disappeared into the void.

Several guards entered the secret room, lifted Lu Chen up, and went out. They left the City Lord's Mansion and went straight to the Lu family.

Along the way, it attracted countless onlookers and inquiries.

Several guards patiently explained. Lu Chen was so bold that he broke into the secret chamber of the main body of the city and his Dantian and Martial Meridian were destroyed by the city governor.

All of a sudden, the news that Lu Chen had become a good-for-nothing had spread throughout the entire Shuangmu City!

The guards carried Lu Chen to the Lu family's house, threw him at the door, and left.

In the sky above the Lu Family, the golden-armored old man was hidden in the clouds. He released his Divine Sense and flew hundreds of millions of miles in an instant...

In the meeting hall of the Dark Sky Sect in the Eastern Wilderness, the sect master was discussing something with a large group of elders.

Suddenly, a divine sense flew over and swept across the sect master's forehead.

A majestic voice sounded in the sect master's ear, "Go to Shuangmu City and find a young man named Lu Chen and recruit him into our sect. He is a good-for-nothing now. First, arrange for him to cultivate in a branch of our sect. When his cultivation reaches the standard, we will send him to our sect."

The sect master's tiger-like body trembled. He quickly bowed and replied with his divine sense, "I will obey your orders!"

The Sovereign couldn't help but sigh to himself as his divine sense vanished.

The Patriarch had roamed the world for hundreds of years. Now that his divine sense had returned, it was nothing at all. He didn't even care about the sect's situation. The Patriarch's character had never changed.

Besides, it was impossible for a good-for-nothing to cultivate!

The Xuan Tian Sect was a large sect. No one except geniuses would be accepted, and no one would be spared.

If he accepted a good-for-nothing, wouldn't he be laughed at by the world?

Thinking of this, the Sovereign couldn't help but feel worried.

"What's wrong, Sect Master?"

The elders didn't sense any divine sense, but they were very surprised to see that the sect master's actions were strange.

"Elders, let's do something big first. Who can tell me where Double Wood City is?"

The sect master came back to his senses with a serious look.

Not to mention a good-for-nothing, even if there were a hundred of them, they had to be accepted.

Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to bear the wrath of the Patriarch.

"Does our Eastern Wilderness Domain have such a city?"

"There are more than a thousand empires and hundreds of thousands of empires in the Eastern Wilderness. There are so many states in each dynasty, and there are so many cities in each province. It's not easy to find them."

"Quick, get the map!"

The elders burst into an uproar and took action one after another.

Not long after, he moved several large boxes and poured out tens of thousands of maps.

The Sovereign and Elders were immersed in the sea of maps.

Six hours later, they finally found the location of Shuangmu City!

"It turns out to be a small city of the Jueming Dynasty. Go and check it out. Is there any branch of the Xuan Tian Sect there?"

With the Sect Master's order, the foreign affairs elders did not dare to slight him and immediately rushed to the foreign affairs hall.

Six hours later, the foreign affairs elder came back in a hurry.

"Sect Leader, we have branches in the court of the Jueming Dynasty. It's a small branch of the Mystic Sky Sect. It belongs to the 108th branch of the Mystic Sky Sect. The leader of the other sects is called Zhu Feiyue."

"I want to see him."

"I'll immediately inform the branch sect to summon him...."

"Stop calling him. It's too slow. Just catch him."


The Lu family.

Lu Chen lay on the bed. Although he was in a coma, his Divine Sense was gradually waking up.

He once heard a vague voice, but he only remembered two sentences: Chaos Bead, with superpower inside.

When his Divine Sense was completely awake, he found that there was another strange thing in his sea of consciousness!

An inconspicuous black bead was getting bigger and bigger.

Primordial Chaos Bead?

Before Lu Chen had time to be surprised, the Primordial Chaos Bead had changed again.

A horrible power of soul burst out from the Primordial Chaos Bead and instantly merged with the sea of consciousness.

A majestic and incomplete memory came out of the Chaos Bead and was instantly absorbed by the sea of consciousness.

Lu Chen immediately realized that this was some sort of legacy!

In his vast and incomplete memories, Lu Chen discovered that there was a complete set of Dao of alchemy memories. It contained countless pill refinement techniques, as well as knowledge of countless medicinal herbs, natural treasures, rare and exotic beasts and so on.

In addition to the memories of the Dao of alchemy, there was also a set of ancient rune memories.

In the end, there was also a martial art memory: Nine Dragons One Technique!

Lu Chen was pleasantly surprised to find that this martial art was a secret skill. He did not need to cultivate his Elixir Field to open the Secret Chamber of the human body. It was simply custom-made for him!

But when he saw the back, Lu Chen's heart became cold.

The Nine Dragons One Technique, not the Elixir Field, but the Nine Dragons!

The so-called dragon was the dragon vein of the human body, which was also the awakened Martial Meridian!

If Lu Chen's Martial Meridian was taken away, what was the point of refining it?

Suddenly, the Primordial Chaos Bead trembled and sank from his sea of consciousness.

Passing through the head, through the neck, through the chest...

It wasn't until he was in his dantian that the Primordial Chaos Bead stopped sinking.

A streak of nine-colored light shot out from the Primordial Chaos Bead, connecting with the Martial Meridian that had been extracted, moreover washing it back and forth.

It was not until a Martial Meridian was formed by colorful colors that the eight-colored light dissipated, leaving only the red light.

The red light of the Martial Meridian was dazzling, like a fire dragon soaring to the sky, sharp and overbearing!

This is...

The first dragon that one needed to cultivate in the Nine Dragons One Technique: Yan Dragon Vein!

Lu Chen was surprised and delighted. The broken veins were reborn, and the fire dragon appeared.

The Yan Dragon Martial Meridian was many times better than the Exquisite Martial Meridian in the past!

"I want to cultivate!"

Lu Chen woke up from his excitement.

She sat up and looked around, only to find that she was in her room.

It was still very painful on her body, but the wound had been bandaged.

"Let's not waste any more time. Let's see if we can cultivate."

Enduring the pain, Lu Chen sat down cross-legged, ran the Nine Dragons One Technique, absorbed the Spiritual Qi of heaven and earth, and then transferred the Spiritual Qi to the Yan Dragon Meridian.

When the Yan Dragon Meridian touched the Spiritual Qi, it absorbed all the Spiritual Qi in an instant, like a dry river bed coming into contact with rain.

After a while, the red light of the Yan Dragon Vein shone brightly. Without waiting for Lu Chen to absorb it, he took the initiative to absorb the Spiritual Qi outside his body.

The Yan Dragon Vein was extremely overbearing in absorbing Spiritual Qi. It was like a dragon of primitive times, swallowing the heaven and the earth.

In a few seconds, all the Spiritual Qi in the room was gone.

However, the Yan Dragon Vein did not give up because of this. Anyway, it was crazier and created a terrible suction force.


The doors and windows were shattered by the suction force!

Even if a large amount of Spiritual Qi rushed in, it still could not satisfy the appetite of the Yan Dragon Vein.

As the suction became stronger, the Spiritual Qi of the whole Shuangmu City rushed to the Lu family.

Countless martial artists moved when they heard the news, and figures rushed to the Lu family one after another.

Above the Lu Family, the Spiritual Qi gathered and swooped down like a dragon of Spiritual Qi!

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