Chapter One :Chapter 1

Six weeks pregnancy.

I was stoned in place when I read the words from the ultrasound report. Anyway, we only did it once, how was it even possible to get pregnant this easily?

What should I do now?

If I were to tell Hendrix, would he put the divorce on hold because of this? No, definitely not. Instead, he would think that I am despicable and try to use the child to threaten him.

Putting the worry aside, I stuffed the report into my bag and then headed out of the hospital.

There was a shining black Maybach parked outside the hospital, with windows opened one-third. From outside, one could faintly see the distant cold look of a man that was sitting on the driver's seat.

Many passers-by were, of course, attracted by the scene of such a handsome man driving a luxury car. 

Hendrix Roberts had always been known as the rich and attractive one. However, after so many years, I had already gotten used to what I usually see. Without bothering the huge attention of the people around the car, I got into the passenger seat.

That man initially was resting with his eyes closed, but when he noticed some movement, he frowned slightly and asked in his low voice without even bothered to open his eyes, "Done?"

"Yes!" I nodded and handed him the contract signed by the hospital, and said, "Richard Hammer wanted me to send his greetings to you!" Today's contract was initially to be signed by me, but I met Hendrix on the way. Who knew for whatever reason, he decided to send me over. 

"You will be fully in charged of this case!" Hendrix wasn't the talkative type of person. After giving his order, he started the car without even care to take the contract I handed him.

I nodded and kept quiet.

After a long period of silence, except for being obedient and followed his orders, I didn't know what else to do. 

We were heading downtown and it was already in the evening. If he didn't want to go back to the villa, where was he planning to go? Curiosity filled me but I kept quiet throughout the whole journey since I had never taken the initiative to ask about his life.

The ultrasound report was the only thing that I could think about, yet I didn't know how to tell him about it. I looked at him out of the corner of my eyes and saw him looking ahead. Those eyes were sharp and cold as usual.

"Hendrix!" I spoke up, and my hand, which was holding onto my bag, was a little damp. It was probably because I was nervous, that was why it was full of sweat.

"What do you want?" The four words which came out from his lips were cold, and I couldn't find any other emotions in them.

He had always been treating me this way. I started to accept the way it was after some time. I suppressed the uneasiness in my heart, I took a breath, and said, "I..." I was pregnant.

It was only three words I had to say, but at that very moment, his cell phone rang, so I was forced to swallow my courage back.

"Andrea, what's the matter?" Apparently, in some cases, a person's gentleness was destined only for one person, be it deep affection, or excitement. After all, it was only meant for that one person. 

The gentleness from Hendrix was only for Andrea Burton, as it was obvious from the conversation between both of them.

No one knew what Andrea had said on the other side of the phone, but it made Hendrix suddenly braked the car. He comforted her on phone, "Alright, I'll be there soon. Stay there."

After the phone call, he was back with his cold and stern face while looking at me, "Get off the car!"

An order in which no negotiation was allowed.

This was not the first time he behaved like this. I nodded and swallowed all the words I had meant to say. Then I opened the door and got out of the car.

The marriage between Hendrix and I was an accident yet a destiny, but no love was involved. Hendrix only had Andrea in his heart, whereas I was just a decoration or even an obstruction.

Two years ago, Hendrix's grandfather had a heart attack and he was sent to the hospital. On the hospital bed, he insisted his grandson to marry me. Although Hendrix was reluctant, he still agreed to do so for the sake of his grandpa. While the old master was still here for the past two years, Hendrix totally ignored my existence. Now that the old master had passed away, he couldn't wait any longer to finally hire a lawyer for a divorce.

When I returned to the villa, it was already dark. The huge house that I stepped into was so empty like it was haunted. Probably due to pregnancy, I had no appetite, so I headed straight towards the bedroom and washed up before I went to bed.

Before I was deep asleep, I faintly heard the sound of turning off a car engine came from the yard.

Was it Hendrix?

Wasn't he with Andrea?

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