Chapter One :Chapter 1

A splitting headache!

A warm current flowed down her cheeks. Ling Qianyin instinctively raised her hand. The sticky touch and the dark red on her palm could not resist the heat coming from her body.

His cold eyes suddenly became serious. As a twenty-three-year-old special military doctor of the navy, he naturally understood that his body was poisoned by the strongest love in the world.

"Ha, she didn't die even after hitting the wall. This b*tch is really tough."

A sharp woman's voice with sarcasm came into his ears. "You, Ling Qianyin, are just a daughter of a doctor. You have no talent or virtue, but you are engaged to Brother Dongfang. Today, I will help you to give up this idea."

Then, Ling Qianmiao, who was carefully dressed, shouted to the two old maids beside her, "What are you waiting for? Hurry up and give her the rest of the medicine. The group of beggars outside the door are still waiting."

A memory that did not belong to her suddenly flashed through her mind...

How dare she show up in front of her with such a little trick?

"Brother Dongfang is almost here. I'll let him have a good look at you later!"

Ling Qianyin smiled coldly. Did she still think that she was the idiot Second Miss of the stupid Duke's Mansion?

She suddenly raised her hand and grabbed the wrist of the old maid in front of her. She turned it over and pushed it forward. With the old maid's painful cry, all the medicine in the bowl was poured into Ling Qianmiao's mouth.


Ling Qianmiao was so scared that she pushed the medicine bowl away and quickly reached out her hand to scratch her throat. Seeing this, Ling Qianyin directly lifted her foot and kicked her slender waist fiercely. The soup that was about to spit out was swallowed back into her stomach.

Ling Qianmiao was exasperated and said to her men, "All of you, go ahead."

The older female servant and the maids all approached. Ling Qianyin's eyes became serious. She pulled off the hairpin on Ling Qianmiao's head and stabbed it into the neck of the older female servant in front of her.

Suddenly, blood flowed like a pillar, and the old maid fell into a pool of blood with her eyes wide open in Ling Qianmiao's scream.

Ling Qianyin looked at the shiny hairpin in her hand and threw away the hair around the bead flower with disdain.

He was fierce, cold, and arrogant, as cold as a god.

Everyone was shocked. Was this the Second Miss who didn't even dare to step on the stinky insects before?

Ling Qianmiao was shocked and looked at the scattered hair on the ground angrily. In the past, her second sister had been either submissive or hiding and crying. Why did she look like a different person now?

However, no matter what, today was her day of death.

Grandmother has ordered that the Qingming Taoist temple is the burial place of Second Sister.

Hearing the noise outside the door, Ling Qianyin directly flashed to Ling Qianmiao, kicked her on the knee, and broke out of the window, ignoring Ling Qianmiao, who fell like a dog eating shit.

"Come on, chase after him."

Ling Qianyin was chased to the edge of the cliff. Looking at the approaching guards, she closed her eyes and jumped up...

As she fell, Ling Qianyin slightly raised the corner of her mouth. In her previous life, she had undergone the most difficult special training of the frog team. It was not difficult for her to estimate the height, jump, push, fall into the water...

However, she had miscalculated a little. There was a person in the pool at the bottom of the cliff who was struggling to swim upstream.

When she entered the water, she knocked the poor worm out.

Ling Qianyin wanted to turn around to avoid it, but she changed her mind when she touched the man's warm body.

"It's all because of this damn poison!"

The man's solid chest awakened the most primitive impulse of Ling Qianyin, but the bone-chilling water still kept her a little sober.

The strong smell of blood made her clearly understand that this person was seriously injured. It seemed that he did not have any martial ethics when he attacked now.

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