Chapter One :Chapter 1

"So you got a house? What about cars?"

"I've just come back from abroad so not for now."

"Any investment?"

"Nope, for the same reason."

"So, Mr. Just-came-back-from-abroad, where do you work?"

"I'm still trying to get a job."

"Then I think we are done here."


The sun was roasting the ground at two o'clock in the afternoon while the cicadas squeaked and screamed on the branches.

Richard Lopez looked up at the crowded blind date park and curled his lip. He took out a phone from his pocket and dialed the only number saved on it.

"Hey, yeah, Quiana, what the heck is this? Yeah, I said I wanted to live a normal life but not like this. This is g*oddamn ridiculous. Do you know what those girls asked me? They asked me if I got cars and houses. After I said no, can you imagine what their faces looked like? They literally looked at me like I was a pile of s*it!"

A burst of mad laughter came from the other end of the phone rang out.

Then, a sultry and charming voice answered,

"You silly f*ck! What did I tell you? You can't blame them for what they did, okay? Would you be with a homeless retard who's got nothing but a pair of hands and a stick down in the pants?"

"Now, listen to me. Go and meet a few more of them and tell them the truth when they asked you. The girls here in Hosea, they like people that are honest."

"Tell them the truth? Are you sure?"

Richard frowned.

"Of course! As long as you tell the truth, I bet the girls will definitely rush to you! Of course, you keep a tap on yourself, okay? Tell them the truth but not all of it! That's it, I gotta go now."

She finished the words.

And then the phone was hung up.

Richard stared at the phone and couldn't help but cursed, "F*cking Quiana, if I really did tell them the truth, I'd be in the looney the next second."

He was the King of Mercenaries and ranked first on the mercenary list. In the underground world, he was called the God of Massacre!

However, the long mercenary career was really exhausting. And not to mention that happened... If it were for Quiana, he would have gone on an outrage already.

Now he just wanted to experience this fascinating world, but the world slapped him in the face.

"Damn it, I want to keep a low profile. Why is it so difficult?" Just when Richard thought that this blind date was nothing but a prank arranged by Quiana, a gentle and pleasant voice came from behind him.

"Hi, hello, my name is Eunice Evans. You found anyone yet?"

Richard turned his head and found that his heart was beating faster than ever.

She had thin arched eyebrows, big watery eyes, a prominent nose bridge, red lips with unlimited charm, mature and charming wavy curly hair, and an exquisite figure... If he were to rate her, she'd definitely be a 9, if not 10 already.

What made Richard more excited was the rack on this chick, which was about to burst out of her shirt.

That was f*cking exactly what he loved on a woman.

"Yeah... What? No! Not at all!"

"Why don't we go over there and chat a bit?"

Eunice walked gracefully as she peeked at Richard as well.

Although this guy was wearing cheap clothes, he had sharp eyebrows and star-like eyes. He had the temperament of Korean actors in a TV series, plus he was more than six feet tall and had a strong figure, which made him look good.

"I wouldn't wanna marry that scumbag my dad wanted me to and I gotta find someone here. I'll just place my bet on the chance that this dude doesn't think with his c*ck."

They came to a wooden table and sat face to face.

After a few simple greetings, in order to behave like an ordinary woman, Eunice went straight to the point.

"Do you have a house?"

Richard wanted to keep a low profile, but he suddenly came up with an idea, which changed his mind.

Although he thought he was very charming, he determined that a woman this charming coming to him on her own initiative was definitely fishy so he would answer in a way he never did before.

He said seriously, "I have eight villas in Europe and five in America, but I haven't bought any house in Hosea."

Eunice was obviously stunned.

She thought, "What? Why don't you just say you also got a few houses on Mars and Jupiter?"

"If you had that kind of money, who would come to a s*ithole like this?"

Eunice nodded calmly and continued to ask,

"Do you have a car?"

"Yes! They are all in my villa, and I seldom drive them because they are too eye-catching. I also got tanks and plane, and s*it. But I only use 'em on my tasks."

Eunice's face changed slightly.

However, she had a special identity and a lot of experience, and she could manage to keep her composure even when this guy in front of him was boasting the heck out of himself.

"Oh, really? I thought you looked like someone who's got a few tricks up your sleeves. Then what about investment? And judging from the property in your possession, you must be some sort of a royal member, aren't you?"

"Don't even get me started on the investment. My sister's in charge of all of that so I don't really know how much there is. But I would say somewhere around 100 million dollars. Give or take one or two million."

"100 million? Dollars? Yeah, right, and another half a billion in euros, right? F*cking lying b*stard!" Eunice thought to herself.

Eunice was rendered speechless by how shameless this guy was and her face turned livid a bit.

In the end, she patiently asked the last question.

"Then what did you do before you returned to Hosea? What would you do in the future?"

"My previous job... I've been wandering around the world all the year round. As long as someone is willing to pay enough, I do what they ask me to do. So I guess I'm a mercenary of sorts. I'm actually not only a mercenary but the mercenary. I'll let you in on a little secret but you have to help me keep it, okay?"

"People usually call me... God of Massacre!"

"But I got tired of living that kind of life, so I'll find a formal job in the future, a job that puts food on the table and milk in the fridge. That's all I want."

Eunice looked straight at Richard. After a while, she burst into laughter.

"Wow, really? Aren't you just a dear then? I'll let you in on a little secret as well in return. I am the leader of the most mysterious and most powerful spies in Hosea. Why don't you keep that down for me too? I like it low-profile, just like you do."


"D*mn if I don't like this chick!"

“Guess it is not a waste of time coming here after all!"

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