Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Chairman of Jiang Real Estate, Old Master Jiang Ming, passed away due to illness. His only daughter, Jiang Yunshu, overwhelmed with grief, jumped into the sea and died. Thus, Jiang Real Estate is now taken over by his son-in-law, Xu Zhenheng, and the Jiang family fortune of 60 billion inherited by his granddaughter, Jiang Ruoyan."

This hot news continuously scrolled across the big screens located in the bustling streets and shopping malls, causing a buzz of sympathy and discussion among passers-by.

Miles away in the wilderness, a three-year-old girl in overalls was crying her little heart out.

"Daddy… where are you, Daddy… Daddy, Ruoyan is scared…"

The cold wind turned her soft white face red. The two tiny ponytails on her head had also loosened.

"Daddy… Ruoyan is scared, Ruoyan wants to go home…"

However, at this moment, her father, Xu Zhenheng, was strolling through the Jiang mansion with his childhood sweetheart, utterly carefree.

"LingLing, you'll be the mistress of this house in the future!"

"I have endured humiliation for four years, and finally won this supreme power and honor. Once the police report about Jiang Ruoyan's disappearance, that 60 billion inheritance will also be ours. From then on, we will rise to high society, with you becoming the admired Mrs. Xu!"

Cao Xiuling gently nestled into his arms. Her eyes held a killing intent even though her words were filled with concern.

"But Ruoyan is still your biological daughter. Can you truly bear to..."

Before she could finish her sentence, Xu Zhenheng interrupted her coldly: "That wench's spawn doesn't deserve to be my daughter. Only our Ziqiong is my most precious treasure!"

Cao Xiuling, moved by his words, had tears in her eyes and held onto his neck tightly, "Dear, you treat me so well, I love you!"

Xu Zhenheng, captivated by her charming appearance, couldn't control himself and bent down to kiss her, his hands restlessly tearing at her partially exposed dress.

"Mmmm...honey...not here...people will see us."

"I want all the servants in the Jiang mansion to know, their young miss is nothing but mud in my eyes, only you are my heart's dearest treasure!"

"I'm... I'm so happy..."


Seventeen years later.

Atop the Void Mountain, under a hundred-meter-tall tree, a young girl holding a cat was soundly sleeping in a rocking chair.

Suddenly, seven elderly men in long robes with jade hairpins hurried over.

The one in the lead gave her a kick.

"Jiang Ruoyan, the willows above your head are having a wild dance, and you are still here sleeping?"

Jiang Ruoyan was startled, her eyes shot open, she retorted unhappily, "What now? Which one of the masters has been heartbroken again?"

Ever since seventeen years ago when she was picked up by a begging old man and brought to this mountain, she started a bitter life of being tortured by seven masters in rotation from Monday to Sunday.

It wasn't until she turned ten that she finally subdued these elder men and women, they then started to extend their demonic claws towards the bottom of the mountain, emulating young folks by dating.

Hence these years, she didn't have to do anything but play the understanding big sister.

The second master, Wu Cheng, looked at her with disdain, "Have a bit of a heart, will you? It's your half-sister, who's about to get married to your fiancé!"

Jiang Ruoyan's pupils contracted, as she bolted upright.

"Xu Ziqiong is marrying Zhan Jingwang?"

Even though she was only three when Xu Zhenheng abandoned her, she remembers everything from when she was two.

As a child, his scheming ways were beyond her comprehension, but as she grew older, she realized that he was no better than a beast without morals.

Though she lived in the countryside for years, she always kept an eye on worldly events and knew the Xu and Zhan families like the back of her hand.

Third Master Wu Huang said, "Isn't that the truth? The two are having their wedding next week. A real estate tycoon and the top family in Hua City are merging families; it's a sensation throughout the world!"

Fourth Master Wu Lü declared, "I don't care. No disciple of mine, Wu Lü, will be disrespected like that. Go down the mountain now, rally the troops and get Jingwang back!"

Fifth Master Wu Qing stated, "We've already prepared your dowry. We worried that carrying the huge red dowry for miles could tire you, so we converted everything into cash. 999.99 billion, an auspicious number for enduring prosperity!"

Sixth Master Wu Lan added, "So as they won't mock you as useless, I have arranged a finance postgraduate admission letter for you in Hua City, also opened a clinic in your name. Now you can make a good living, and at the same time provide medical help and promote traditional Chinese medicine. Isn't it wonderful?"

Seventh Master Wu Zi remarked, "I have packed your suitcase and considering the long journey, gave Pipi for your travel."

"Goodbye, dear disciple!"

After the seven Masters said this in unison, Jiang Ruoyan felt as if she was catapulted down the mountain.

The mountain gate slammed shut with a bang, and the sound of fireworks and the screech of loudspeaker came from inside.

The cheers of her seven Masters startled the birds, causing them to scatter in all directions.

A twitch appeared at the corner of Jiang Ruoyan's mouth. Other people's disciples left the mountain with their Masters shedding tears, why was her situation so different?

At least they could have pretended to be upset?

She picked up her suitcase from the ground, got on Pipi. A tiny Mars jumped automatically on her shoulder.

The autumn wind breezing, leaves falling.

A woman, a cat, and a donkey, following the navigation began their journey slowly.

After five whole days, Jiang Ruoyan finally arrived in Hua City.

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