Chapter One :Chapter 1

On a rainy night.

It was raining cats and dogs outside the window. The raindrops landed on the window, producing crisp and loud noise.

The TV in the living room was on, broadcasting the entertainment news.

The beautiful TV host with a sweet voice was reporting yesterday's news, "Stanley Jones, the son of a rich and powerful family, was spotted frequently checking in a five-star hotel with Jewel Russell, the popular actress recently. It seems that we will be expecting good news from the couple soon, and their wedding will be around the corner..."

Meanwhile, two bodies were cuddling each other on the big soft bed in the bedroom.

The man's muscles were sturdy and strong, and his tanned skin hinted at strength as he moved.

Sharon Cruz opened her eyes and quietly looked at Stanley who was on top of her. The man in the midst of lust had attractive facial features and a sexy jawline. There was a thin layer of sweat on his body because of the lovemaking, making him look more manly.

Their expressions were completely different.

The man's expression was that of enjoyment, while Sharon was in pain.

"Why does he always take so long? I don't want to do it anymore..."

She secretly lamented in her heart, but she dared not say it out loud.

Resigned, she closed her eyes again and silently endured his thrusting actions.

Half an hour later, the man stopped and Sharon breathed a sigh of relief. "It's finally over..."

Stanley got up and went to the bathroom. After a while, there was a sound of water coming from the bathroom.

Sharon sat up from the bed. During the final thrust, the man released his strength in a burst of energy. It was so hard that her chest ached.

She was thirsty, so she picked up the mug.

"There's no water."

Licking the corners of her mouth, she got out of bed, but as soon as she took a step, her feet went jelly followed by a blush on her face.

Uh, she seemed to have lost all her strength after being pounded by him for two hours...

Taking a deep breath, she insisted on going to the living room and pouring herself a glass of water. Reluctant to return to the bedroom, she simply sat on the sofa and took a small sip of water.

Her drinking movements slowed down gradually as she watched the broadcast on the TV.

Her beautiful almond eyes darted as a trace of surprise flashed across them. "Stanley and Jewel?"

"They're together?"

The photo seemed to be taken from a dark place as it appeared to be blurry. Jewel was hugging Stanley's waist and her face was buried in his chest. They seemed to be hugging each other...

Sharon looked toward the bathroom where the male lead of the news was taking a shower now. He probably didn't know that he was on TV.

She had seen Jewel in several popular dramas. She was beautiful and had a great body.

After drinking the last mouthful of water, Sharon came to the conclusion that the handsome man and the gorgeous woman on TV were a perfect match made in heaven.

"What programme are you watching?"

Suddenly, a deep male voice came from behind her. Sharon immediately came to her senses, reflexively grabbed the remote control, and turned off the TV. Then, she shook her head and said, "Nothing."

Stanley came over and glanced at her with sharp gazes.

He had very thin lips. Sharon had heard from someone that a man with thin lips was ruthless by nature...

The man didn't say anything to her. He picked up the remote control directly and turned on the TV.

When the TV was turned on, it was still the beautiful host with a sweet voice who was excitedly gossiping about Stanley and Jewel. "It has been rumored that Stanley Jones is married some time ago, but now he is romantically involved with the superstar Jewel. It seems that the rumor has been put to rest. Young Master Jones is not married, nor is he secretly married!"

With a click, Stanley turned off the TV and threw the remote control aside.

Sharon stealthily lifted her gaze and sized him up. He was very calm and she did not see anything unusual in him.

It seemed that the news was true.

If it was fake, he would definitely be angry.

Silence ensued in the room.

Sharon couldn't stand the awkward silence when she was with this man, so she tried hard to think of something to say but to no avail. Eventually, a thought crossed her mind and she suddenly blurted, "Well, why don't we... get a divorce..."

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