Chapter One :Chapter 1



"Pearl... You're going to be my wife in the future. I, Herbert Jacobs, swear that I'll treat you well!"

Before Sarah Clarkson could say anything, her lips were captured by the man, swallowing all her words.

This had to be a dream...

That must be it. Otherwise, why would Herbert be by her side?

Tears welled up in the corners of her eyes, and the man gently kissed them away, carefully coaxing her...

If this was a dream, she did not want to wake up again.

Thinking of this, Sarah tightly embraced the man, giving him great motivation...


When Sarah woke up, there was no one around her.

She propped up her sore body and sat up carefully, surveying the old and shabby room. The incredibly vivid sensations made her realize one thing – it was not a dream!

She... She had really returned to 1986!

She returned to the first day of her wedding with Herbert!

Everything had returned to square one and she could start over from scratch.

Sarah got out of bed despite her physical discomfort. As soon as she put on her clothes, the door was pushed open from the outside.

Herbert looked at Sarah with mixed emotions, finding it hard to put his feelings into words.

He didn't know what was going on either. He had obviously married Pearl Clarkson, but when he woke up, the person who had slept with him the night before had become Sarah.

Sarah looked at Herbert with watery eyes and resisted the urge to throw herself into his arms.

He was fine.

He hadn't been pushed off the tall building by Pearl. He hadn't shattered into pieces from the fall, and hadn't been engulfed by the fire.

In her previous life, Sarah was manipulated into marrying Herbert, the poorest man in the village, by her grandmother, Marie Rousset. She remembered feeling resentful about marrying Herbert and, as a result, she lost her virginity to him. When she woke up in her current life, she vented her anger on Herbert, scolding him for thinking so highly of himself as to be able to have her.

Before the divorce, she acted like a tyrant, not only squandering all the money Herbert had earned, but also causing him to break his leg in an accident.

After the divorce, she was deceived by Simon Hawkins into selling her kidney and blood, wasting half her life and suffering from various illnesses. It was Herbert who found her and took her to seek medical treatment. Just when they were about to remarry, Herbert was pushed down from a height by Pearl and died from the fall.

Even with her eyes closed, she could still see Herbert lying in a pool of blood, lifeless.

Seeing Sarah's heavy expression and red-rimmed eyes, Herbert frowned slightly. "Even though I don't know why you've suddenly become my spouse... I will take responsibility for you!"

The night before, Benny Clarkson, Pearl's elder brother, kept pouring drinks for Herbert. In the end, he had drank too much.

It was dark during the night, and it was their wedding night. How could he not be intimate with his wife when he married his beloved Pearl?

However, what had happened was already an indisputable fact.

Herbert was no fool. Why would his new bride suddenly change from Pearl to Sarah? It was obvious that he had been deceived.

Sarah looked at Herbert, who was frowning, and asked tentatively, "Herbert, if I told you that my grandmother swapped me and Pearl because she didn't want Pearl to have a hard life, would you believe me?"

Sarah knew that Herbert still liked Pearl in his previous life. He would find it hard to accept the fact that Sarah had suddenly become his bride.

However, since she had a second chance, she would never be as foolish as she was in her previous life. She had to spoil her man so that he could realize Pearl's true colors as soon as possible.

Herbert only glanced at Sarah with a cold expression. "Don't worry. Since the mistake has already happened, I will be responsible for you."

Seeing him like that, Sarah's eyes turned red again. In her previous life, no matter how she called out to him, he didn't respond at all while he was soaked in a pool of his own blood. But right then, she could hear him again. How lucky she was!

Seeing her attitude, Herbert felt more irritated and his brows furrowed even more. "If you're unwilling, we can get a divorce now!"

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