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In her past life, the powerful Duke Zhenguo's Manor had been destroyed. In this life, the eldest le…

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  • After Divorce, She Inherits Billion
    "You want me heartbroken and struggling in pain? Never again, Freddie. For three years, these feelings have followed me everywhere, I've had enough. Leaving you isn't a continuation of tragedy but complete liberation. " Sharon Thompson faced it—saying goodbye to the man she'd loved for 13 long years. Married to Freddie Grey for three years, she once believed she could thaw his frozen heart. But when he strolled into their wedding home with his true love, she knew she had lost. So, Sharon signed the divorce papers and dropped the façade. Little did anyone know, his pitiable ex-wife was actually the heiress of a New York powerhouse. Talented, stunning, and incredibly wealthy. When Freddie finally realizes what he has truly lost, she becomes untouchable. "Excuse me, Mr. Grey. My name is Evelyn Moore, and I deserve a better man."
  • My Dearest CEO Daddy
    Being drugged by her adopted family, Eden Bleu lost her first to a mysterious man on her graduation day from college. Desperate and helpless, she escaped from that city, only to find that she was pregnant. Against all odds, she became a single mother and lived on her own. Seven years later, she came back with her kids, determined to take revenge, and find her birth parents. In her quest to unravel the riddle of her origins, she discovered a man, called Victor Alwynn, who had a strong connection to her former self. With curiosity, she got to know Victor, and gradually, his gentleness captured her heart. Just as Eden decided to accept Victor, she discovered his hidden secret... Was he her angel from childhood or the demon who took her first that night?
  • Having Babies With Dear Ex-Wife
    Gu Shangyin even compelled Meng Yin to sleep with him before the divorce after three years of an unloved union. Meng Yin was supposed to change her mind, but he didn't anticipate her to press him to sign the contract. Alas... Divorce wasn't a big deal at all. Feeling frustrated, he didn't give her a penny at all. Ever since, Meng Yin made money with her own skills, despite her beauty! She wrote screenplays. In the script, she wanted to curse Gu Shangyin! As the TV show's ratings increased, Gu Shangyin's face darkened. When he was eventually unable to take it any longer, he called her, "Enough fun? When are you going to come back to me again?"



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