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Mike was only 15 years old, grew up as a sinner, a slave living in a dungeon. He possessed mystical…

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  • Having Babies With Dear Ex-Wife
    Gu Shangyin even compelled Meng Yin to sleep with him before the divorce after three years of an unloved union. Meng Yin was supposed to change her mind, but he didn't anticipate her to press him to sign the contract. Alas... Divorce wasn't a big deal at all. Feeling frustrated, he didn't give her a penny at all. Ever since, Meng Yin made money with her own skills, despite her beauty! She wrote screenplays. In the script, she wanted to curse Gu Shangyin! As the TV show's ratings increased, Gu Shangyin's face darkened. When he was eventually unable to take it any longer, he called her, "Enough fun? When are you going to come back to me again?"
  • Supreme Cultivation Secret
    Upon obtaining the Chaos treasure, one could cultivate the Nine Dragons One. Cutting the sun, moon, and stars, and killing the demons in the ages. As soon as Lu Chen made his move, all the gods and ghosts in the world were shocked. The drunken phoenix beauty smiled, and the 3,000 Great Ways crossed all living things.
  • Untouchable Son-in-law: Royal King is Back
    The crippled prince had become a commoner, but he had married a stunning beauty. His wife was a genius in martial arts and was high above others; he was a loser who had been humiliated. After accidentally awakening the spirit of a Divine King, his fate was reversed and he rose to power. From then on, he would crush those who humiliated him and conquer the peerless beauty! Geniuses, in front of me, are all good-for-nothings! Kings are like ants under my feet! I'm the God Slaying King with a single stroke of the Heaven-breaking Sword!



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