Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Miss, the fare is twenty-three yuan."

After waiting for a long time and seeing no movement from the passenger at the back, the driver couldn't help but turn around, his gaze landing on Jin Yan who was staring dreamily outside at the large pharmacy, and said impatiently, "Miss, are you expecting me to drive into the pharmacy?"

"Huh?" Jin Yan snapped back to reality.

Noticing the driver's irritated expression, she realized that she had delayed him. Her small face turned red with embarrassment. She hurriedly pulled out a fifty from her bag and handed it to the driver from the window before getting off the cab in a hurry.

"Really, she's so slow even when getting off the car!" the driver muttered, and drove away.

Huai Xiu was located in the northwest district, where the coldness hit as soon as October. Let alone now in December when the goose-feather snow was falling. Even Jin Yan, wearing a thick down jacket, was shivering with cold as soon as she got off the car.

Looking at the neon sign of Yu Feng Pharmacy, Jin Yan felt her face getting hot. After hesitating for a while, she could not withstand the cold. She pulled her mask tighter, hunched her shoulders, and scurried into the store.

The girl behind the cash register was smiling politely, "Welcome, what can I help you with?"

The girl's words made Jin Yan's face under the mask even redder. Her clear eyes blinked and she tried to maintain composure, "It's okay, you can go on with your work. I'll just look around."

With that, she moved quickly into the aisles of shelves.

Jin Yan patted her chest, annoyed at herself, "Really, why did I have to do this. It should have been Sister Xu, she's experienced and doesn't blush easily like me."

But where exactly is the pregnancy test stick on the shelf?

Jin Yan was crouching and carefully searching through the shelves when her phone rang inappropriately in her pocket.

She hurriedly answered, "Jing Xi, I'm at the pharmacy. Please stop rushing me!"

"Oh, no, I ..." On the other side of the phone, Jing Xi was stuttering, "I just wanted to say the weather isn't great. Be careful when you come back, and most importantly, don't get caught by the paparazzi."

"I know." Jin Yan said with a smile, but when she thought about her best friend's situation, she couldn't help complaining: "Why wouldn't you take defensive measures?"

"Because I like him. Moreover, we both want to have children," Jingxi said sweetly, her words having a deep significance. "You would fall for him too, so Yan Yan, please hurry up and come back!"

Jin Yan nodded. As she turned her attention to the shelves, her eyes lit up: "Let me buy some stuff first, and we'll talk when I come back."

As she reached out with her slender, fair hand, she accidentally bumped it into someone else's.

Both froze.

An ovulation test? A muffled, low voice sounded from above Jin Yan, cold but seemingly with a hint of playfulness, as if a stick had been removed from the shelf and thrust into Jin Yan's hand. "No need to thank me."

No, not thank?

Jin Yan was completely rigid, her hand awkwardly clutching the ovulation test.

She was totally stumped --- to keep it, or to put it back?

Damn it! That man definitely did it on purpose!

Thinking of this, Jin Yan felt a bit displeased. With some irritation, she turned her head and, peering under her hat, glared at him.

Bloody nuisance!

The man was tall and thin, the long black down jacket he wore was so similar to Jin Yan's, both their faces fully concealed by hats and masks. But there was no masking his outstanding temperament and those dark, teasing eyes.

He only took a cursory glance, but Jin Yan found her heart rate speeding up. She quickly averted her gaze, shaking the object in her hand awkwardly, and said in a small voice: "No...it's not...not for me..."

She was merely buying it for her best friend.

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