Chapter One :Chapter 1

Paxton Flynn

"Faster. Faster, uh, yeah!"

I cheered for myself as I managed to go between two cars without getting into some kind of accident. I could have waited for the cars to pass by first but that would mean getting to homeroom one minute before the teacher. I can't have that on my personal record. I've got to be at least three minutes early.

"Goodbye, suckers." I said to the two cars, the drivers completely obviously of the competition we just had. However, when I turned back ahead, I saw myself running right into a tree.

"Whoa whoa," I said placing my foot on the floor and putting a stop to the movement on my bike, just in time before the tree murders me.

I couldn't be late, I had a record to uphold. I had to be at least three minutes earlier than the homeroom teacher.

With that on my mind, I didn't delay anymore, as I hurriedly parked my bicycle and ran into the school, sputtering out all the apologies I could remember. I ran into the homeroom class like a crazy person and just when I was about to do some triumphant air fist bump, my leg caught unto something on the ground and I tripped falling face down to earth.

I got up with a groan glaring at the bag. "I'm so so sorry." Some girl sincerely apologized picking up her bag.

I sighed nodding and walking towards my seat. Some students were laughing and others saying colourful words like 'fag' 'dweeb' etcetera. And some others high fived me as they laughed finding my klutzy self entertaining. I settled down on my seat with a smile.

That's the normal for Paxton Flynn, the nerdy boy that's gay. Some people love me, cox I'm intelligent and they love gays, mostly the girls. Others hate me, cox I'm lame -- in their terms-- and being gay is an abomination -- in their own big world -- mostly the jocks. While others couldn't careless, whether gay, bi, pan, asexual, they didn't mind and are friends with me.

"Nice show Pax," Ryder said nudging my side as I sat down close to her.

I face palmed, "I'm a walking embarrassment."

"You mean entertainment?" She asked.

I rolled my eyes, "thanks a lot, best friend."

"You love me tho." She said and she was right. Ryder Tracey was among the few people I loved on this messed up world. And no her first name isn't Tracey, it's Ryder. Yes, Tracey's the family name.


First class was Maths, how perfect. No better time to learn maths than early in the morning when our brains are still very much active. Well, at least mine.

"You can't be dozing off during first period." I said shoving Ryder.

Her eyes popped open and she caught herself before she fell off. "Quit it, Paxton. I'm having a fever."

"Um, no you don't." I answered her looking up to make sure Mr Waller wasn't watching, he wasn't.

"I get fever anytime I start hearing walls talk. Especially if its maths, that's practically a fever awakener." Ryder explained.

I rolled my eyes, "Well. The wall is saying things that will help you when you go into arm robbery in less than eight years time just because no one would hire an airhead."

"I'll listen two weeks to exams." She said placing her head back on the table.

I was about to poke her awake again but my arm froze mid air as my eyes zoomed in on the human specimen walking through the door.

Sebastian Crown.

He was later than usual but as calm as ever. His arms were stuck in his pockets as he strode into the class, hair and clothes — everything from top to bottom looking as perfect as ever. How does he do it?

"Mr Crown, you're late." Mr Waller says looking away from the board, where he was scribbling gibberish –according to Ryder.

"I am." He says eyes roaming over the class as he lips worked, chewing on something. Girls were swooning, guys were steaming. I, I was staring. Then his eyes landed on me.

I practically choked on spit. For the first time ever those beautiful blue gray eyes were on me. Why? I soon got my answer. His eyes shifted from me to the seat beside me, by the window.

Oh no.

"Take a seat Sebastian and get to work." Mr Waller said. Sebastian nodded and started making his way towards me. Me! "And please stop chewing gum."

"Yes, Sir." He answered, then blew out the bubblegum, chewing it back before it popped out loud. He walked to me and crossed over, settling down in the seat right next to me, by the window.

A sheen of sweat started making their presence known on my forehead. I wasn't afraid, I was nervous. I've never sat close to or even walked beside or made eye contact or been within five feet of Sebastian crown for the while three months he has been in this school.

And that's because I had a huge mega super crush on him. A really big one that turned my brain to mush and my mouth a lose cannon as my heart raced. I was completely whipped up by Sebastian and he didn't even know my name. So I avoided him. I made sure we never crossed paths because having a crush like that wasn't good for my health or grades.

"Ryder." I whispered but my idiot best friend was still 'sleeping'. "Ryder open your stupid eyes." I threw my pen cover at her and she sat up with glare.

I gulped, her glare was scary. "Switch with me."

She raised her brow up and then leaned a bit to see why I wanted to switch. Her lips shaped into a smirk. "And why is that?"

If looks could kill, she would be sizzling bacon by now. "You know why Ry, please."

"I think you should stop running away and bond. This is the perfect opportunity." She said gesturing to I and Sebastian. My eyes widened at her.

"Seriously?" I hissed, turning over to look at Sebastian. He was relaxed on the seat, pen dangling  on paper. He didn't notice Ryder's not so subtle gesture. I glared back at Ry, "Switching or not?"

She just smirked wiggling her brows. I sighed and turned behind her. "Janey, wanna switch with me?"

She saw my seatmate and her eyes glinted. "Hell yeah."

I stuck my tongue out to Ryder who gave me a deflated look. I packed up my things and switched with an eager Janey. As soon as I sat behind Ryder, I noticed Sebastian turn to me. He looked at me for a second before blowing a bubble in my direction and turning back to class.

That's another reason why I can't sit with him, I find continuous chewing of a gum annoying. And the bubble blowing too. Ugh.

I sighed freely turning back to my book, "where were we?"

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