Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Drive your sister to school, Lilian." My mom, dropped a kiss on my head, as I got up from the chair and trudged out of the dining room toward the exit door in the kitchen.

"Of course, mommy."

That was my sister, Lilian, answered with her sweet voice, from the garage. But I knew she was lying, then walked away from the car since she would still dump me halfway to school once she was sure that we were out of view of our house. That was the only reason since she loved to do anything that would put her in Mom's favor.

"Are you going to keep standing there, troll?"I heard her ask from the window of the driver's seat.

Without any surprise, she began to insult me.

"Your door is locked."I said rather in a bored tone, pointing at the object in question.

"It's open, dumbhead. Check it out and stop whining. I don't have all day to chat with you. You are not worth my time."She mentioned, bursting the gum in her mouth, her face fixated on the side window of the car by her side.

I sighed, and tried opening the door, but it was locked, just as I had thought, just as it had always been every morning. It was now a drill, to make me look like a fool before entering her car.

"Oh sorry, my dear…"She said in a high pitched voice, that grated on my nerves. "I seem to have forgotten. You can check it now."she tapped on the open tab, smirking at me.

Demon. I cussed, before opening the door and getting into the car.

"I will be picking up my friend at the next junction," Lilian said emotionlessly.

The ride hadn't even gotten up to five minutes yet, since we got out from home. I sighed exasperatedly, taking a glance at someone that was my sister. She was staring ahead, tapping her finger restlessly on the steering wheel as if she couldn't wait to get rid of me from the car like I was wasting her time.

Basically, Lilian had left me at home. Since there wasn't much difference between the two, which meant I had to walk a long distance to school. I checked the time on my wristwatch and sighed again, I would be late for class again.

Not saying a word, I unlocked the door and stepped out of it, coughing incessantly when she sped off, leaving a wind of dust in her wake.

Growing up, my siblings had been at least civil to me until my sixteenth birthday. When I was sixteen, badly, I didn't shift to a wolf. Quickly, I was taken to a water trough close to our boundaries the pack doctor did a kind of test on me to check out the strength or capacity of the wolf.

The doctor hadn't seen anything, hadn't felt anything during the test run. My mother had said that perhaps I was a late bloomer, but the doctor had insisted that even if I was a late bloomer, I should have at least a strand of wolf gene in me, but according to the test there was nothing, no wolf strand, no gene, absolutely nothing.

It had been obvious to all that I was wolfless, worse, a wolfless omega. After that day, the relationship between me and my siblings had gotten worse.

And things had gotten worse in school. Even though omegas were on the lower chain in the pack, there was still some sort of equality that our king had established to prevent the abuse of power and ranks. But even then, but me, I was the outcast.

Sometimes, I imagined running away, especially if the thought of the three sons of the lycan king crossed my mind. But if I ran, where would I go? I will be a rogue, not that anyone would care about my absence though, well except Mom. The three lycan sons…

Thought of them, I remembered the incident that had occurred yesterday, when Noah, one of the sons of the Alpha, had me stay in the school pool for more than four hours despite the cold weather, just because I had forgotten to prostrate before him when he had sent for me.

Moon Goddess! I desperate hope that I have a fever today, so I can take two weeks off. And that would be the best two weeks of my life.

I was so depressed that I suddenly wanted to run, running like a wolf.

I ran and ran until my muscles burned and I felt as if I couldn't breathe enough air into me.

But the feeling was great.

I felt the freedom, feeling the wind brush around you gave a type of high that I was sure only Coke could give, and probably the other thing, which I have never experienced or never think I would experience, not in this pack anyway.

Perhaps, I would travel to the city and stay among humans, where it would be peaceful and easier to get around. This pack could go and lick up their ass for all I care!

"Dumb-dumb, stop spacing out. "I heard someone call to me and shuddered. The king's sons are here.

"Fuck! What are they doing here though, instead of being in class?" I cursed inside,

Already, I was beginning to shake, watching the three guys saunter towards us. Perhaps this time, they might lock me in the school's toilet, while instructing the cleaner never to touch it.

"Look! What do we have here?" the second of the triplets, Noah, asked, as they came to a halt before us.

"Our playtoy, of course." Daniel, the third triplet replied, chuckling.

I couldn't look up, to avoid my eyes colliding with their evil ones.

"Open your eyes, Dummy." Daniel laughed like a naive child, while he began shoving me, not caring if I would get hurt.

Timidly, I gave him a side glance.

"Who allows you to peek at me?" Daniel punched me and hit my nose, didn't give me any chance to explain. "Are you despise me?"

My nose was bleeding.

I panicked and began to dig napkins in my bag. But I ran out of the napkins, the blood wasn't stopped.

Looking at the blood on my hand, I got irritated.

"Why do you treat me like this? I never hurt you guys! You are monsters, I don't know why the Moon Goddess made you to be the sons of the Alpha, you don't have any compassionate for your subjects!" I yelled at them,

"You don't have a wolf, you are a loser! and we can do anything we want to you!" Daniel mentioned, his voice attaining a cold quality. "You should be glad for the existence of the law, otherwise, I already broke your neck NOW!"

"Yes, I don't have a wolf, but it doesn't mean doesn't have a brain!"I retorted back, without any scare, "If want to break my neck, do RIGHT NOW!"

I wasn't afraid of death, for me, it was just a new chance to start, but I was pity that I didn't say goodbye to my mom.

"Wow, impressive. I don't know when you have such nerve."

It was Adam, the eldest of the triplets, and though he said few words compared to the other two, he was still the meanest.

"If you want to die, you then die." He mentioned clearly, but steely, causing me to get the chills all over, while his hands put on my neck.

I closed my eyes and gave up fighting.

"Goodbye, Mom. I love you." I said silently,

At that moment, I wanted to have a wolf than ever before, then my mom could hear my last word.

"What are you four doing here? Shouldn't you be having classes?"

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