Chapter One :Chapter 1

"The god-level extract system has been successfully attached to me!"

Owner: Lin Kai

Age: 19

by gender: male

Strength: 10 for normal people.

Speed: 10 for normal people.

Answer: No. 10 for normal people.

Physical Strength: 10 for normal people.

Skills: none

"Congratulations to the host for getting a gift from the newcomer! Please give me 20 attribute points and extract the Eagle's ability!"

Lin Kai looked at the attribute panel in front of him with a blank face. What was this?

God-level extraction system? Could it be that just like the hero in novels, he had obtained the Golden Finger and was about to reach the peak of his life?

"Lin Kai! Stand out!"

While Lin Kai was in a daze, a loud roar sounded, which made Lin Kai's whole body tremble and he immediately realized what had happened.

But when he opened his eyes, Lin Kai was even more confused. He saw himself standing on the military green lawn, surrounded by soldiers in military uniforms!

There was a row of people in front of him, and Lin Kai was more familiar with this row of people!

Lei Zhan in the Fire Phoenix! He Gaoming! Yama! Old fox!

F*ck! I've really time-traveled!

Shaking his head, Lin Kai immediately retrieved the memory of this body.

The owner of this body was also called Lin Kai, and he was also the richest second generation in Jiang Bei! The Lin Family behind him could be said to be the most powerful one in Jiang Bei!

His father really looked down on him, so he sent him into the army.

As for Lin Kai's weak constitution and rich character, he was also at the bottom of the army, and he had been punished a lot.

"F*ck, how did I time-travel to such a good-for-nothing?"

"Lin Kai! What are you talking about? What are you thinking about?" At this time, a dark and majestic man roared at Lin Kai. As he roared, he winked at Lin Kai.

The man's name was Wang Zheng, and he was the commander of Lin Kai's new recruit company. Because of Lin Kai's connections, he usually took good care of Lin Kai.

After being shouted at by Wang Zheng, Lin Kai walked awkwardly to the front of a row of leaders. Because Lin Kai was not a soldier before, he made a very lame military salute.

"Hello, Chief!" Lin Kai shouted.

Lin Kai shouted. At that time, all the people in the army burst into laughter. Lin Kai was famous for being a good-for-nothing in the army. His nickname was "Young Master Lin". In the army, he was very arrogant as if he were in his own home.

"Are you Lin Kai?" At this time, Lei Zhan, who had a strong figure, took off his sunglasses and looked at Lin Kai from head to toe. He raised his eyebrows and said with a playful smile.

Lei Zhan, the captain of the Thunder and Lightning Assault Team. The Thunder and Thunder Special Forces could be regarded as the sharpening stone, and Lei Zhan was also the most famous military king in the entire Southeast Military Region.

In the face of Lei Zhan's gaze, Lin Kai was a little nervous. "Report! I am Lin Kai!"

"Do you know why I asked you to step out?" Lei Zhan sneered with a dog tail grass in his mouth.

"I don't know!" Lin Kai replied truthfully. Since he had just taken over Lin Kai's body, Lin Kai was really not clear about his current situation.

"You don't know? Let me tell you! Because you are the shame of the entire Southeast Military Region!" Lei Zhan's smiling face suddenly disappeared. He pointed at Lin Kai and roared.

The whole scene suddenly became silent, and Lin Kai stood there, not knowing what to do.

Lei Zhan looked at Lin Kai and said angrily, "Because you alone have lowered our performance in the entire Southeast Military Region!"

"Take the target. You've lost three of your ten shots! It's only 100 meters. Do you have eyes or buttocks?"

"Five kilometers of armed cross-country. It's so simple, but you actually ran for two hours! You even slept for half an hour in the middle!"

"In the new recruits' company, the whole new recruits are in a mess! Because you are the eldest son of the Lin family. No one dares to say anything about you, but I, Lei Zhan, dare! I, Lei Zhan, will put my words here today. You are a good-for-nothing! A rich playboy! You don't deserve to stay in the army. Take your luggage and get back to your Lin family!"

Lei Zhan's scolding made Lin Kai's face change instantly. He recalled the past. Yes, what Lei Zhan said was true!

In the past, Lin Kai was indeed a rich playboy. Moreover, with his status as a member of the Lin family in the military region, he had caused a lot of trouble.

But now, Lin Kai had to bear all the troubles caused by the former rich playboy young master!

Looking back, Lin Kai found that his comrades-in-arms were actually looking at him with gloating, glad, and disgusted eyes.

It turned out that the reason why the thunder and lightning group came here today was to publicly fight with him and drive him out of the army!

Behind him, the voice of his comrades-in-arms came. "Oh, my god, we're finally leaving. This god of plague is finally leaving!"

"Lin Kai! In the past, I didn't dare to say anything to you in the army. But now, I can openly say that Lin Kai, you are a good-for-nothing! Without your parents, you are nothing! Get out of the army!"

"Young Master Lin, goodbye! The army is not your home. It's not suitable for children to play house."

A burst of laughter came from the crowd. Lin Kai also lowered his head and covered his face. Although he was not the one who caused the trouble, Lin Kai still felt ashamed.

At this time, Lin Zheng, the commander of Lin Kai's company, managed to squeeze out a smile and came to the front of He Zhijun, the head of the Special Warfare Battalion in the Southeast Military Region.

"Commander He, Lin Kai is the eldest son of the Lin family. The Lin family is the primary support of our Southeast Military Region. We need the help of the Lin family in many places. Please take a look..." Lin Zheng pleaded for Lin Kai.

Before Lin Zheng could finish his words, He Zhijun quickly waved his hand to stop him. "Hey, don't talk to me. The order is issued by the higher-ups. I just cooperate with comrade Lei Zhan to inspect. This time, the decision is in the hands of comrade Lei Zhan."

He Gaoming directly got himself out of this matter. He didn't give Lin Zheng any chance to use the Lin family to suppress him!

Lei Zhan also gave a disdainful smile, and his eyes wandered. As the saying goes, bare feet are not afraid of anything. He, Lei Zhan, was going to kill Lin Kai!

"Captain Lei Zhan, what do you think..." Lin Zheng looked at Lei Zhan in embarrassment and asked.

Lei Zhan glanced at Lin Kai. After hesitating for a long time, he smiled and said, "It is said that this Childe Lin is not an ordinary good-for-nothing. I, Lei Zhan, have only heard of him. Come on, show off. Let me see if Childe Lin is that good-for-nothing!"

Upon hearing Lei Zhan's words, Lin Zheng looked a little conflicted. Although Lei Zhan gave Lin Kai a chance to show off, he knew very well what kind of character Lin Kai was!

He was the most useless person in the entire Southeast Military Region!

"This..." Lin Zheng hesitated. He didn't dare to let Lin Kai perform because Lin Kai's performance would bring shame to him!

"Okay!" Before Lin Zheng could finish his words, Lin Kai agreed directly. He raised his head and looked at Lei Zhan.

"If I perform well, can I stay?" Lin Kai asked with bright eyes.

Lei Zhan nodded and said with a playful smile, "Yes, but do you think you can stay? I will test you with the standard of special forces. In my eyes, there is no room for the weak."

After saying that, Lei Zhan put on his sunglasses and looked into the distance with the dog tail grass in his mouth.

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