Chapter One :Chapter 1

  "You have to get engaged to me, otherwise, don't think about graduation."

  This sentence sounded in his ear. Yan Jingxi looked at the wine in the glass of red wine with his beautiful amber eyes flickering in the bar.

  "Yan Jingxi, it's your turn. You'll get engaged in a week. By that time, the famous flower will have a master. Do you dare to play a big game now?" Zhang Huating said.

  "An engagement?" Yan Jingxi withdrew his gaze and smiled faintly. He did not refute. He folded his arms in front of his chest and gently shook the red wine glass in his hand with his right hand. A sly look flashed in his eyes.

  "How to play?"

  "After a while, the first man who came in from the door, no matter he is old, small, ugly or beautiful, you have to untie his belt."

  Yan Jingxi raised his eyebrows. "What if he doesn't have a belt?"

  "Then unfasten his pants. After all, there should be a button." Zhang Huating shouted.

  Yan Jingxi smiled and pushed the tray to the center of the table with his left hand. He tapped the plate with his slender fingers and glanced at the plate. "As usual, 100 for each person. If I lose, I'll double the compensation."

  "Jingxi, do you want to fall into the eyes of money like this? Isn't your family very rich?" Zhang Huating shouted.

  The Yan family was very rich, but not hers.

  They wouldn't give it to her either!

  If it weren't for the eight-year-old year, the fortune teller would say that she had the birth destiny of a mother to take care of the world. In ancient times, whoever married her would be the emperor and rich husband.

  She would not be adopted by the Yan family.

  She didn't know that when she was born ten days later, she would be sent to an orphanage and save a lot of money for her parents. Does that count?

  This was not the case. Before she was about to graduate, he would marry her to the famous Lu Family in exchange for business investment. Let's call it that!

  A sly look flashed across Yan Jingxi's eyes. He raised his eyebrows and said, "Are you going to bet or not? Forget it!"

  "Of course, I'll bet." Zhang Huating laughed and put the 100 yuan on the plate.

  The person who went in and out of the bar was more or less rich. She would not feel sorry for this 100 yuan for them.

  She was a poor woman. One hundred yuan was nothing to them, but she could take this one hundred yuan to buy a good meal for the children in the orphanage. She could also slowly save enough money to leave the Yan family.

  Get rid of the fate of the chess piece.

  Yan Jingxi stood up and walked toward the door.

  She was very beautiful.

  Her beauty was not only in her delicate facial features, but also in her unique temperament. She seemed to be lazy, but also had a kind of irresistible charm. She seemed to be sweet, but there was a kind of alienation in her bones.

  Yan Jingxi walked to the door and took a deep breath.

  At the door came in a noble man in a black windbreaker. He bowed his head and was giving orders to the man who was following him.

  "Sir," Yan Jingxi said sweetly.

  The man turned around and looked at Yan Jingxi with a pair of unusually handsome eyes. A look of surprise flashed across his eyes, and then he became as quiet as a deep pool.

  "Can you show me your belt?" Yan Jingxi looked at the man's waist with a harmless smile.

  The man was startled and frowned slightly. He looked down at Yan Jingxi with his deeper eyes.

  Yan Jingxi did not expect him to have such a cold reaction. There was too much reason revealed in his pitch-black eyes.

  "Will Jingxi compensate you this time?" Zhang Huating's voice rang out.

  The man's wise eyes glanced at the student behind Yan Jingxi, and then fell on the woman in front of him.

  Yan Jingxi was a little embarrassed to be stared at. He unconsciously touched his hair on his forehead and asked again, "Are you going to give it to me or not?"

  "What price are you going to pay if you want to see my belt?"

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