Chapter One :Chapter 1

"I heard that someone from the city came to pick up the girl adopted by the Wang family!"

"Oh, that d*mned girl turned out to be a rich young lady?"

At the end of July, the sun was high and the heat wave covered the village.

A girl with cold and fair skin, which seemed to be glowing in the sun, was planting watermelon seedlings in the field with a hoe.

"Yining, someone's looking for you."

The girl raised her head and quietly looked at him with clear eyes. Although she had not seen him more than a few times, she knew that he was the village elder, Mr. Li.

Mr. Li continued, "That man has arrived at your house. Go ahead. He seems to be from a rich family."

Shu Yining nodded slightly, packed up her things, and followed Mr. Li to his home.

Mr. Li glanced at the cold and quiet girl next to him. He always felt that this child did not seem to be raised in their village.

When they arrived at the Wang family, they saw a lot of people coming to the door. They were curious to see the luxury cars parked at the door.

Miss Chen, who was standing in the back room, noticed Shu Yining coming in from outside the door. She looked at her from head to toe.

She had a tall and slender figure, fair and ruddy skin, and a delicate face without any makeup. She looked stunning. Her hair was tied up simply, and a few strands of hair fell down on her cheeks. She looked indifferent and elegant.

She wore a simple black and white lined shirt, and a pair of worn jeans with some dirt on it. Her pants were rolled up, and her calves were straight and beautiful. She only wore a pair of black monotonous slippers, but her toes were shiny and beautiful.

It was hard to believe that she grew up in the countryside.

However, Miss Chen thought that her appearance was only because she had inherited the good genes of the Shu family. No matter how beautiful she was, she could not change her countryside aura. Moreover, the younger sister was kind to her, so she could not accept this elder sister who had suddenly appeared.

"Are you Shu Yining?" There was surprise in her tone, and there was a flash of disgust in her eyes.

Shu Yining's face did not change at all. She just nodded slightly and asked, "What do you want from me?"

Looking at her calm expression, Miss Chen almost suspected that she had found the wrong person.

She continued, "I'm Chen Fang, the housekeeper of the Shu family. I'm in charge of all the errands in the family."

As soon as she finished her words, Wang Shufen, who was sitting aside, cleared her throat, hinting that it was time for Miss Chen to pay.

Miss Chen naturally understood what she meant. She rolled her eyes, looking down on these poor people in her heart.

She took out the bank card from her bag and threw it on the table. "This card has five million yuan in it. You won’t be able to earn this amount of money your whole life."

The eyes of the two arrogant middle-aged people, who were crossing their legs, lit up when they saw the bank card. They did not expect that this d*mned girl was worth so much money.

If they had known earlier, they would have asked for more!

"Five million yuan? Are you kidding? We've raised her for 18 years!" Wang Shufen said with a snort.

Shu Yining said lightly, "Wang Shufen, take it. You are lucky to have it."

With the plan ruined, Wang Shufen glared at Shu Yining and said, "D*mned girl, would it kill you to keep your mouth shut? Go back to your room. Don't get in my way!"

This daughter was adopted by her. She was eccentric and had poor grades. She was not pleasing at all.

Seeing that she was good-looking, she planned to sell her off to a good family in exchange for some betrothal money. As a result, this d*mned girl ran away from home for three years after junior high, causing her to be scolded by the people in the village. They laughed at her saying that her daughter ran away with some wild man!

Miss Chen could not stand this shabby place without air conditioner. She impatiently threw the card on the table and said, "Here is the money. It's up to you whether you want it or not. I'll take her away."

Then she turned to Shu Yining and said, "You’re so dirty. Go and change your clothes!"

Shu Yining walked into the house with a poker face, changed into clean clothes, and came out with a small schoolbag.

Miss Chen still glanced at her with disgust and then walked to the driver's seat.

Shu Yining pretended that she did not see it and got in the car directly. Her expression was indifferent as if she did not care about it at all.

The villagers who passed by looked at the luxury cars driving away and began to talk about it.

"See? The little girl adopted by the Wang family has turned into a phoenix!"

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