Chapter One :Chapter 1

The warm morning sunlight poured into the room through the high-sounding ceiling-to-floor windows.

In such a luxury president suite, Yvonne Hudson slowly woke up on the grand rose bed. The aching pain all over her body immensely rushed to her brain, clear and frightening.

She opened her eyes. Taking in the luxurious surroundings in front of her, she thought she was still dreaming.

She moved her body, trying to stretch her sore limbs...

Tilting her head, she suddenly caught a glimpse of a man's strikingly handsome face.

That was a tall and athletic man with a chiseled jawline and styled hair. His flawlessness was undeniable, catching the eye of anyone who laid eyes on him.

Her gaze shifted downward. The man's strong, masculine chest was exposed in the open air...

Yvonne's mind went blank, and her body stiffened. A few fragments of her memories from last night suddenly flooded her mind.

As soon as she got off the plane, her stepmother Mandy Hudson and half-sister Lynn Hudson had taken her to this hotel. They said that her father was arrested and they were there to talk to the lawyer and figure out how to help him.

At the dinner table, she drank some of Lynn's drinks, and soon, she became so weak she couldn't move.

She vaguely remembered that when Mandy and Lynn sent her to a hotel room, a bald, wretched old man was waiting for her there.

She was so scared. Although she had no strength left, she gritted her teeth and struggled hard, trying to push him away.

Perhaps her protest had provoked the old man. He slapped her hard in the face.

That slap made her dizzy...

And then, her memory came to an end.

Now the pain all over her body suggested that she must have been ravished last night.

But that was obviously a bald old man. Why was the man in front of her so stunning?

This was too weird!

Yvonne had no time to think about it carefully. She had better leave before the man woke up.

She grabbed her dress on the ground and quickly put it on. Creeping to the door, she tried to open it.

No matter how hard she tried, she could not open the door. It seemed to be locked from the outside.

Yvonne was so fretful now. What should she do? She couldn't get out!

She quietly looked back at the man lying on the bed, only to find that he had already woken up. His piercing blue eyes were calmly gazing at her as if she was a thief.

"You... Are you awake?" Yvonne was in a state of panic, unable to utter a single word. The man lounged on the large bed, exuding an extraordinary aura.

"Come here!" Noah Grant parted his sexy thin lips and spoke in a magnetic voice.


Yvonne was stunned for a moment and forgot to react.

In this situation, she really didn't know if she should ask him what had happened last night or walk to him.

"Daisy!" Seeing that she was rooted to the spot, Noah called her softly.

Yvonne's eyes widened all of a sudden. Daisy?

"Who is Daisy?" Yvonne felt that she had suddenly become cowardly. Facing Noah, she couldn't even form a complete sentence.

"Still pretending you don't know me?" There seemed to be a trace of displeasure in Noah's voice.

Without waiting for Yvonne to react, he pulled the blanket away. With elegant and calm steps, he walked to her.

Yvonne's breathing became disordered when he approached suddenly.

Fortunately, his body was covered in a white bath towel...

Noah possessed an impeccable physique, with a tall, straight stature and evenly distributed, powerful muscles that exuded sexiness.

"You slept with me last night. And now, you're leaving stealthily like this?" Noah glanced at the doorknob she was holding and raised his eyebrows evilly. He seemed to be questioning and teasing her at the same time.

Yvonne's mind was in a mess. Did he say that she had slept with him?

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