Chapter One :Chapter 1

Lin Qing商's steps were hurried, her appearance markedly vibrant after a light application of makeup.

"Miss Lin, the room 3308 is just ahead. I hope you enjoy your stay," said the attentive waiter as he led her to the door, glimpsing the splattering of red light inside, as he swiped the card to open the door.

An ambiguous shade of emotion flickered across his face...

"Thank you," she said, pushing the door slowly, a faint tremor in her fingertips.

But the words of her friend were flashing in her mind, "The child's bone marrow match failed again, there are no other ways now. The highest probability is to have another child."

"After all, you've been married to Liang Shaofan for more than four years. It's worth considering."

She shook her head, thinking about what was about to happen, she took a deep breath and plucked up the courage to undo her coat. "Shaofan?"

Receiving no reply, Lin Qing商 adjusted her clothing and turned on the light with a "click."

The room was flooded with light, she froze instinctively, but her husband was nowhere to be seen.

Instead, she was faced with a scene of utter chaos: intimate clothing from both a man and a woman scattered across the floor. A few steps in, she saw the two intertwined figures on the bed!

The woman's face was notably clear under the light, but the clinging, naked figure was even more familiar.

She stood rooted to the spot, her heart in utter disarray…

"Liang Shaofan, what on earth...!"

"Is it really you? You actually showed up?"

The man scrambled up from the bed, lifted the blanket to cover the woman in his arms first, his handsome face a little stern.

"Should I not have appeared?" Lin Qingshang gasped in cold air, her eyes rimmed with a hint of red.

It was him who had called her over and had even specifically prepared these clothes for their first time...

Lin Qingshang wore a shocked expression. Even though she didn't have much feelings for this man, they had still been husband and wife for several years, and she still felt a surge of betrayal at the bottom of her heart, "Yes, I should not have come and shattered the good times you two were having. I should have just watched you and my sister, rolling in bed right in front of me,"

"But Lin Wanyuan is your younger sister, and Liang Shaofan your brother-in-law. Have you two no shame?"

There was some slight movement under the blanket, the girl’s pretty face peeking out, seemingly timid, "I'm sorry, sister, I didn’t expect this... But you need to know, since you drugged your brother-in-law, he definitely couldn’t control himself. I just pitied him, and somehow things just..."

Drugged him?

Lin Qingshang drew in a sharp breath, coldly laughing as she clenched her hand into a fist. "You seduced your own sister's husband and even used drugs, but now you're slandering me? Lin Wanyuan, you’re really something, playing the whore yet still wanting to be regarded as a saint!"

"Shut up!"

The man rebuked, his gaze sharp and annoyed. "The room was booked by you, the room number was also given by you. The water delivered by the waiter, was ordered by you as well. It’s pretty clear who drugged the drink, how can you have the nerve to pin this on Wanyuan?"

He turned, carefully covering Lin Wanyuan's body, his finger even touched her slender waist, "It's okay, don't be afraid."

Lin Qingshang clenched her fist, "Liang Shaofan!"

"What are you yelling about?"

With an irritated tone, he suddenly tightened his grip on the water glass. His clear features were covered in anger, and his hands clenched into fists as his cold eyes fastened onto Lin Qingshang.

The latter lifted her little face, full of mockery.

This expression suddenly made Liang Shaofan very displeased, thus swift and strong was the force with which he slammed his glass onto the table due to his irritation.

"Lin Qingshang, I know you want to have a child for that bastard, and you think I'm unaware of it. But on what grounds do you believe that I would cooperate with you? It was tolerable when you were subtly suggesting it in the past, but now you dare to resort to such a mean tactic. Do you think I would touch you because of this?"

With a cold hum, he said, "Do you believe that if you were to drug me, I would want you?"

"Dream on!"

Liang Shaofan angrily threw the glass he was holding onto the ground, scattering shards everywhere.

However, Lin Qingshang suddenly froze. Her reddened eyes looked at the woman who was pretending to be pitiful hiding behind Liang Shaofan. All she could do was clench her fists, lifting her chin defiantly, "Liang Shaofan, stop being so presumptuous! I would never lower myself to beg you to want me!"

"Then you tell me, what did I just drink? Tell me, who is the one dressed like a loose woman in this hotel now?"

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