Chapter One :Chapter 1


There was a flame in the darkness.

The feeble flame of the lighter flickered, lighting up Daniel Lawrence's noble, cold face.

The erotic smell in the room was obscured by the smell of smoke.

Lydia Andrews put on her nightgown and got out of bed. She limped out of the room and gently closed the door.

The man behind her had indifferent and unemotional eyes.

She felt his gaze, but she didn't dare to look back.

He didn't love her. She knew he only married her because he had to, so she wouldn't expect to see affection in his eyes.

She went back to her room and opened the bathroom door, tired and mechanical. She took a long, long shower.

He didn't like to take any measures, but she was allergic to birth control pills. Every time they had sex, she would stand under the shower for a long time.

She couldn't get pregnant again, because he wouldn't want another child...

Her whole body was numb from the cold water, but her mind was wide awake. She had a clear view of what was missing in her life.

Walking out of the bathroom, she put on her nightgown and sat at the head of the bed.

The light was so bright that it hurt her eyes. Beside the pillows was their torn and taped marriage certificate. It was full of cracks.

Lydia stroked the certificate and closed her eyes. Daniel's cold voice echoed in her mind: stick it together.

That was the first time she had a breakdown. She tore up their marriage certificate in hysterics.

Still, his face was as cold as over.

"Stick it together," he said.

Lydia held the certificate tightly in her arms and closed her eyes.

It was a dreamless night. When she woke up, it was already the next morning.

Looking at the time, she suddenly sat up.

Crap! She was a little tired from sex last night, and she overslept.

She should get up now and make breakfast.

Lydia immediately got out of bed. After washing up, she rushed to the kitchen. Suddenly, a soft thing touched her leg.

She lowered her head and saw her son Aidan Lawrence rubbing his face against her leg.

"Mama, morning."

Lydia smiled softly. She cleaned her hands, took off her apron, picked him up, and kissed his cute face.

Morning, sweetie.

She walked to the baby room with Aidan in her arms. He was nearly two years old and often ran around the house. His delicate skin and chubby legs made him so adorable.

Lydia changed his diaper and took off his pajamas. Then she brought him a baby suit to put on him.

Aidan was a bit naughty. He crawled up and down the bed. She had a hard time bringing him in and getting him dressed.

After that, she helped him wash up. When it was done, she put him down.

The next second, he ran to the door and said with a smile, "Mama, let's play hide-and-seek."

Lydia gave him a wry smile and chased after him with his children's jacket. In the corridor, she met a man.

It was Daniel.

He held Aidan steadily, and there was a rare softness on his reserved face.

Glancing at the jacket in Lydia's hand, he looked at Aidan and said, "Put it on."

"No..." Aidan's soft voice sounded. He grabbed Daniel's sleeve and said, "I want Papa's..."

Hearing this, the servant couldn't help laughing.

However, Lydia got a bit nervous. Aidan was putting Daniel's bow tie in his mouth.

She came forward to grab Aidan's little hand and shook her head quietly.

The little fellow stuck out his tongue, looking extremely cute.

Daniel put Aidan on the ground and helped Lydia with the jacket.

"Mrs. Lawrence, your porridge..." The servant exclaimed, and there was a faint smell of burning in the air.

Lydia was stunned. Then, she immediately got up and ran to the kitchen.


She ran so fast that her abdomen hit the corner of the table. Her scream was like the screech from an old broken tape recorder.

Daniel looked at her and frowned.

She quickly covered her mouth and limped away.

She was a mute.

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