Chapter One :Chapter 1

In the cozy, well-decorated bedroom.

Iris Mitchell was sleeping poorly in her luxurious bed covered in velvet sheets.

Once again, the nightmare of the massacre of Mitchell’s family haunted her dream.

The Mitchell family perished on the dreadful night of her coming-of-age ceremony.

Her parents, grandparents, her aunt and brother...

All of them blown up into pieces in front of her eyes...

"Dad... Mom... Please don't die..."

"Don't leave me..."


Iris was crying her heart out in her nightmare. Desperate, she was kneeling on the floor in grief, looking helplessly at the hellish scene in front of her.


She opened her eyes all of a sudden. Fear and sorrow filled her eyes. It took her a while to focus and see things clearly.

She sat up and held the family picture tight in her arms, as if she was holding on to the last support she had.

After a while, she got out of the bed and walked out of the room with the family photo still in her arms.

She needed to find Jayden.

Jayden Scott was the adopted son of the Mitchell family, the only family she had left.

Iris walked down the long corridor quietly, like a wandering lost soul in the luxurious castle.

She reached the door to Jayden's room and was about to push it open when she heard voices coming from the inside.

Iris stood dumbfounded outside the door, listening to the sound that made her blush.

"Jayden, you're so good..."

In Jayden's room, Adelina Mitchell had her sexy legs around Jayden's waist, moaning loudly, trying to catch her breath under his muscular body.

Jayden, overcame with lust, instantly regained his composure when he heard Adelina's voice.

How could it be Adelina?

He was sure that he was with Iris. How did it become Adelina instead?

"Jayden, what's wrong?" Adelina asked in dissatisfaction when Jayden suddenly stopped.

She wanted him to continue, her enchanting body twisting underneath.

However, Jayden got straight out of the bed and wrapped a towel around his waist.

"That's enough, Adelina!"

Jayden's gentle, refined face hid the boiling anger he was trying to suppress. "You're one of the Mitchell. How could you be in the mood to do this when almost every one of the Mitchell was killed?"

Adelina chuckled, as if Jayden had just told her the funniest joke. She got up from the bed and leaned her naked body on Jayden. "It's just you and me, Jayden. You don't need to be such a hypocrite."

"You were behind the massacre of the Mitchell family. You were the one that planned it all out on Iris' coming-of-age ceremony, and killed every one of them except her..."

"Now everything has gone as you planned, and you're the head of the Mitchell family..." Adelina giggled as she looked at him with her infatuated eyes. "But don't forget. You promised you'd make me your wife!"

A flash of ruthlessness shone in Jayden's eyes. He pulled Adelina into an embrace, voice filled with gentleness. "How could I forget? You deserve the biggest credit for helping me avenge."

"I'll do anything for you!" Adelina grazed her blushing face over his arm, hungry for the gentleness in his facade. "Jayden, what are you going to do with Iris? She's useless now. Why don't we let her be with her family again?"

Adelina smiled like an angel, but viciousness glistened in her eyes. 

She had always wanted her half-sister dead...

She had initially wanted all the Mitchell dead, including Iris. But Jayden kept her alive.

Did he fall in love with Iris?

She would never let that happen!

Jayden was hers!

"Iris is still useful to us. You're not to harm her without my permission."

There was a hint of warning in Jayden's tone.

Adelina could tell that Jayden was protecting Iris. She was about to argue when they were interrupted by the sudden sound from outside the door, as if someone fell.

With a sudden change of expression, Jayden pushed Adelina away and hurried towards the door. 

Iris was sitting on the floor looking miserable, her arms clutching the family photo tightly to her chest. She hated herself for coming here and hearing these words that made her feel worse than death.

She had always been dependent on Jayden since she was a child and had trusted him wholeheartedly!

It was a dream came true when he became her fiancé on her eighteenth birthday.

He was the only person she could hang on to after everyone in her family was killed!

But now, the world seemed to have collapsed around her...

"Iris..." Shocked and furious, Jayden stared at her face which was grief stricken and filled with horror.

Why was she here? Did she hear the conversation he had with Adelina?

A sharp pain tugged his heart, when he noticed the expression in her eyes, as if he was a stranger to her.

"Iris, get up. It's cold on the floor." Jayden walked up to her and tried to help her up, suppressing the panic inside.


Jayden's face turned sideways at the slap.

"Jayden, why?"

She mustered all her strength to throw him this question.

Her grandparents treat him like their own grandson, and her parents treated him like their own. He was their family! 

And he sent all of them to hell with his own hand!

Jayden stroke his reddened cheek with her palm shape. His eyes turned cold and sharp.

Iris got up from the floor. With the family pictures in her chest, she ran in panic.

She wanted to get out of here!

She wanted to leave this suffocating place!

Jayden caught up with her and grabbed her by her arms.

Iris struggled in desperation, grabbing and kicking, trying to get away from Jayden until she felt a sharp blow from behind her neck. She blacked out and fell.

The photo frame with her family photo fell to the ground, shattering the glass on the photo frame.  

Jayden caught Iris in time. "Adelina, what are you doing?"

Adelina was in a white shirt with an antique bronze vase in her hands.

"Jayden, she knew what we did to her family. We're doomed if she tells on us! We can't leave her alive. Kill her!"

"As long as she doesn't tell anyone, no one will know. Adelina, I've warned you not to hurt Iris. I'll let it pass this time. If it happens again, you'll feel my wrath!"

Jayden left with Iris in his arms after warning Adelina.

Adelina's beautiful face turned vicious. Her sharp nails dug deep into her palms. "Jayden, how could you protect her?"

"Iris, you are so dead!"


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