Chapter One :Chapter 1

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As the story progresses, you’ll probably be tempted to sympathize with Prince Scott Goodman, because he’s such a charmer… being a handsome Prince and all. Or you may take the side of the other girls who also wanted Prince Scott for themselves. You may even be sympathetic to me as the one giving you a first-hand account of the scandalous drama… it’s alright.

But make no mistake, my own fight was beyond romance with the Prince; it was about serving and saving my Kingdom… despite who Prince Scott ended up with.

Pardon me for getting ahead of the story. I’ll jump straight into how I got to meet Prince Scott Goodman; in the first place.



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The Prince Is Mine

as narrated By Lisa Green


“Prince Scott Goodman, what in the name of the Kingdom, are you doing here at this hour?” Mary asked as she opened the front door for her unexpected visitor. Both her parents anxiously stood behind Mary, wondering what business the Prince had with them at that weird hour.

“I’m sorry… Mr and Mrs Quinn… did I wake you?” Prince Scott responded arrogantly.

“Did you wake us…? Are you high on something? Of course you woke us up with your barbaric knocking!” Mary exclaimed with a smile that contradicted her sarcasm.

“Mary, you should know how to speak politely to the Prince! Apologize at once!” Mary’s father barked as his wife clutched onto his arm, urging him to reprimand their rude daughter. They both didn’t know that Mary was friends with Prince Scott.

“Oh don’t mind Mary’s childish tantrum. I wasn’t apologizing to her anyway; the apology was for you, Mr and Mrs Quinn. Please, accept my apology and allow me to speak to Mary privately, please.” Prince Scott addressed Mary’s parents.

“You mean… speak to our Mary… is she in trouble…? What has she…?” Mrs Quinn couldn’t maintain her composure when she heard that the Prince wanted to speak privately to her daughter. She immediately assumed that Mary was in some kind of trouble… and trouble with the royals usually meant serious consequences.

“No! No! No, Mrs Quinn. Mary and I go back a long time as friends. Don’t worry; Mary is in no trouble except for her sarcasm… which I’ll deal with later. Right now, I really must speak to Mary privately please.” Prince Scott said.

Mr and Mrs Quinn had more questions but royalty had spoken; they had to give the Prince and their daughter some privacy. So they both slowly and grudgingly retreated to their bedroom, wondering how it was possible that the Prince was close friends with their daughter, a simple girl from an ordinary family.

As soon as Mary’s parents disappeared from Scott’s sight, he took Mary by the hand and led her to the kitchen where no one could hear their conversation.

“Mary, will you marry me?” Prince Scott said as soon as they entered the kitchen.

Mary was obviously taken aback by the Prince’s question. Not only was it unexpected of the Prince to ask such a question; the question was also highly inappropriate considering that Prince Scott was fully aware that Mary had recently gotten engaged to Kyle Becker.

Mary fixed her confused gaze on Prince Scott.

The Prince was not down on one knee and neither was he holding an expensive diamond studded engagement ring. His face seemed downcast, an expression that wasn’t synonymous with the romantic mood he was supposedly trying to create.

“Have you gone absolutely insane, Prince Scott Goodman? Did you wake me up at 2AM for this stupid prank? Mary protested.

“It’s not a prank, Mary; I’m serious… will you marry me?” Scott replied; his eyes piercing through Mary’s.

“What the…? Are you insane… ? Scott, you know I’m already engaged. What sort of joke is this? You are my best friend, for goodness’ sake. Why would you ask me a thing like this?”

“I know this is unexpected but ….” Scott tried to explain but Mary promptly interrupted.

“Unexpected is a gross understatement, my royal friend. Try ‘inappropriate’ or ‘embarrassing’… or even both if you really have to be specific!”

“Enough with the sarcasm, already!” Scott exclaimed. “This is a serious matter and I really need you to treat it as such, Mary. Will you do this for me or not?”

Mary shook her head. She wiped the sarcastic grin off her face, stepped forward and took Scott’s hand. “What’s really going on with you, Scott? You know I could never do what you’re asking me to do. It’s just not possible, I could never betray Kyle like that; I just can’t.”

“Oh no, you won’t have to leave him at all… I mean, not exactly. I just need someone to… like a stand-in-wife or something… nothing for real…” Scott blubbered almost excitedly.

“Are you even listening to yourself? Stand-in-wife… what the hell is that? What’s going on with you Scott?” Mary demanded.

Scott hesitated for a moment then sighed heavily before replying, “It’s my dad… he’s… Mary I must emphasize that this stays between us otherwise we’re meddling with treason. Are we together?”

Mary tensed up and nodded in agreement. She already had an idea where the Prince’s story was going based on what had happened to the King at the stadium the previous day.

“The King is dying and he’s named me his successor.” Scott revealed.

“I don’t know what to say… be happy for you for becoming King or be sad for the loss of our King, your father. But I guess I better learn to address you as “Your Majesty” going forward.” Mary managed to sneak in a joke after a few moments of silence.

“That’s where the complication is. I must get married before I become King. I’m told that it’s tradition that every King must have his Queen by his side. And that’s where you come in. I’m asking you to be my Queen… not necessarily my wife. So you can continue with…”

“No, Scott! That would never work! You’re asking me to throw away my entire life to become your fake wife just so you can be king? Why don’t you just marry one of those snobbish girls who have been groomed for this sort of thing? Why ask me; a poor girl that’s already engaged, anyway?”

“Because you’re the only one I can trust with this kind of arrangement. Please Mary, I need it to be you or I’m screwed big time. Please can you at least think about it?”

Scott was almost down to his knees, begging.

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