Chapter One :Chapter 1

Mo Beisheng, feeling faint, rubbed her temples and looked at the sunlight penetrating through golden curtains. She tried to roll over, but to her surprise, intense pain surged from her lower body.

What's going on here?

Mo Beisheng quickly withdrew the covers to find herself naked. She couldn't help but widen her eyes in shock. Her gaze darted around quickly. Where was she and why was she here?

The room was in a mess with scattered clothes on the carpet, and an ambiguous scent hovering in the air…

Mo Beisheng felt utterly confused. She clearly remembered that Cheng Xun was throwing her a birthday party last night. She even remembered he had helped her leave the private room. How did she end up here? This definitely looked like a hotel. Why was she in a hotel?

Suddenly, the room door was pushed open abruptly, catching her off guard. She stared at the doorway where an unfamiliar woman stood. The woman was beautiful, her makeup application was exquisite, but she was a stranger to Beisheng.

"Get up!" The woman approached and yanked Mo Beisheng from the bed, accusing her, "You hussy! How dare you mess around with my man! Are you seeking your own death?"

Mo Beisheng was still dizzy from the alcohol of the previous night, so her brain was clouded. She winced in pain and glared back at the woman.

"What are you doing! Are you insane?" She stared at the woman. "What do you mean messing with your man? I have no idea what you're talking about!"

"Don't understand, huh? Fine, let me ask you, who were you with last night?" The woman was relentless.

Mo Beisheng tried to recall the events of the previous night. Her last memory was singing karaoke in the private room where her husband had brought in a man who was incredibly handsome.

"See, you remember! Lost for words now?" The woman raised her hand, smacking Mo Beisheng across the face. "Bitch, I saw him sneaking out. I never thought you would slut around with him!"

Mo Beisheng, covering her face, painfully rose from the ground. Before she had even steadied herself, another slap landed on her face.

"Enough! Are you mad?! I don’t even know what your boyfriend looks like! If you continue this baseless accusation, I'll call the cops!" Mo Beisheng gritted her teeth. She wasn’t one to be taken lightly.

The woman smirked fearlessly, "Go on, call them! I’d love to see if the police will handle this matter!"

Mo Beisheng didn't want to get involved with her, planning to walk past her, but the woman pulled her back forcefully. Growing irritated, she swung her arm and the woman fell heavily onto the ground, ending up hitting the bedside table in the process.

"Ah!" The woman cried out, feeling her head and noticing blood before promptly fainting.

Mo Beisheng was a bit scared, she carefully walked over and checked the woman's nose to see if she was breathing. Only then did she let out a sigh of relief, scoffed, and left the hotel.

Mo Beisheng stood at the hotel entrance, the sun was already high in the sky. She had to hurry back, she hadn't returned the whole night, Cheng Xun would certainly suspect something!

Hailing a car, Mo Beisheng went home.

Just as she stepped through the door, Mo Beisheng sensed an unusual atmosphere prevailing the environment. What had happened?

Closing the door behind her, she was met by a slap on the face from her mother-in-law, Xu Wen. The force of it was even more fierce than the woman's in the hotel!

Mo Beisheng was taken aback, looking at Xu Wen in astonishment. Before she could question what was going on, she noticed Mo Xiaonan, her half-sister from the same father.

Standing next to Mo Xiaonan was her husband, Cheng Xun. His face was distorts into an ominous look, causing her to feel a jolt of fear. She knew something big had happened, and this incident was certainly related to her!

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