Chapter One :Chapter 1

Yin Yixi woke up from her dream. She opened her eyes and a gorgeous crystal chandelier came into sight.

The thick curtains covering the windows in the big room made it difficult to distinguish day from night. All she could see was the luxurious furniture lit up by the pale golden lighting in the room. 

It looked like a hotel bedroom, but why was she here?

She rubbed her aching temples and sat up from the big bed. She looked around in surprise, trying to recall what had happened before she fell asleep, but it was fruitless.

At this moment, a tall figure flashed out of nowhere and pressed against her!

Her scream was stuck in her throat. She subconsciously raised her hand to block the arms coming at her, but the other party was too fast! He grabbed her wrists and lift them above her head.

Her limbs were all stuck. She was like a fish on a chopping board, being examined by a pair of sharp eyes. 

In a panic, she did not bother to identify the man's identity and immediately struggled violently.

Yin Yixi did not realize that her curves became even more attractive as she twisted around with her slender waist. A gulp went down Gong Bingye's throat as all the blood in his body gathered in his lower abdomen. He reached out his hand. 

"Ah! Don't touch me!!!"

Yin Yixi's brain exploded with a loud bang, and her voice broke.

It was terrifying enough that she had just woken up, and it was not a place she recognized. At this moment, a man was molesting her out of nowhere, which was only making matters worse for her. However, no matter how hard she struggled, she was no match for the man she was fighting against. 

"Let me go... I don't know you... B*stard..."

Tears welled up in Yin Yixi's eyes, but she was fighting even harder than before. She felt the man's lower body approaching hers. She immediately turned her face and took a big bite. 

"Hmph!" The man snorted and suddenly moved away from her.

Yin Yixi quickly got up and buttoned the button on her collar. Trembling, she jumped out of bed and stared at the man with vigilance, secretly looking around, planning her escape route.

Unexpectedly, the man got angry and shouted with a gloomy face, "Why did you come here if you don't want to? I'd never force a woman. Get lost!"

Yin Yixi was shocked by the fierce roar. When she came to her senses, she went straight towards the exit. 

She rushed out of the room and leaned against the wall of the corridor. Her mind was blank and her limbs were jelly as her body slowly sank to the ground. 

She couldn't stay there!

She supported herself against the wall and struggled to stand up. She stumbled and continued running, but in tears, she bumped into someone.

Her arm was caught, and the scene that happened just a few minutes ago reappeared in her mind. She punched and kicked wildly at the person in front of her. Just as she was about to shout for help, the person called out her name.

"Yixi, it's me, uncle!"

Yin Yixi froze and raised her hand to wipe away her tears. When she recognized the person in front of her was her uncle, Yin Teng, her heart continued beating again. 

"Uncle, save me... There's a person in the room... I don't know where I am..." She nervously told him what had happened just now, and her words were a mess.

However, the next moment, Yin Teng's words drove her from heaven to hell again.

"He is Gong Bingye. Mr. Gong. The project that your father took on some time ago was his. Something happened at the construction site and someone died. When they sent people to investigate, they even found that your father was corrupted!" 

Yin Yixi looked at Yin Teng with a stunned expression. She was shocked at the news about her father. At the same time, she was confused as to why her uncle was telling her these things. 

How did her father's mistake have anything to do with what Gong Bingye had done to her earlier?

Seeing that she was silent, Yin Teng thought that she was acting dumb. His face gradually darkened. "Since you are the daughter of the Yin family, and you know how much your family loves you, you can't just stand by and do nothing at a critical time like this."

Yin Yixi bit her lower lip. Her heart was beating fast. She seemed to have guessed what Yin Teng was trying to say, but she couldn't believe it!

Yin Teng did not intend to give her any time to think about it. He went straight to the point and said, "Go in and sleep with Mr. Gong. All the problems of the Yin family will be solved. Go on."

Yin Yixi suddenly raised her head, as she was astonished by what she had heard.

So that was why... that happened earlier. The reason why she was in a hotel room and was taken advantage of by Gong Bingye was not an accident, but it was planned... by her family.

Yin Yixi's strength was drained in an instant. She leaned against the wall in a daze.

After hesitating for a while, she held onto the last glimmer of hope and asked, "My father, did he also participate in this matter?"

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