Chapter One :Chapter 1

Country A, City B.

As the music started playing, Lin Guohui held his daughter's hand and led her step by step towards the groom at the other end of the church.

Looking around, Lin Shen's gaze fell on the mockery from the guests and the smug expressions on her stepmother and sister's face; everything around was just a constant reminder of the harsh reality!

Today was Lin Shen's wedding. However, her to-be husband was a bald, overweight man over fifty years old.

The man who was about to become her husband was older than her father, to the point where she felt it was more fitting for him to be her grandfather.

But who would have thought that it was her own father who forced her into this marriage, using her own younger brother's life as leverage!

Finally, Lin Guohui handed Lin Shen's hand to the groom, Chen Daguang.

"Don't worry, father-in-law, I'll take good care of Shen." replied Chen Daguang, his lewd smile never leaving his face as his gaze lingered on Lin Shen.

Although he felt that Lin Shen was a tad too dark and plain, he didn’t care.

After all, Lin Shen was just 18, young and in good shape. Any woman would be the same in bed.

The thought of having Lin Shen under him ignited Chen Daguang's excitement.

The priest solemnly asked, "Mr. Chen Daguang, do you take Miss Lin Shen as your wife?" The words ‘I do’ were nearly out of his mouth. However, something unexpected happened: the church's main door was violently thrown open!

"Who dares to marry my woman!" The voice, filled with deep resentment, was akin to the devil, striking fear into the hearts of the guests.

Everyone's eyes turned towards the entrance. There stood Mo North, dressed in a fashionable beige suit, a gold watch flashing on his wrist showing his extraordinary nobility. His very being exuded an innate sense of grandeur.

Looking towards Lin Shenshen was the sharp yet profound gaze of Mo Beihan. In the brief moment where their eyes met, a silent dialogue exchanged in the air. Lin Shenshen's heart trembled. His gaze was terrifying! Just like a bottomless pit which could capture souls, anyone who encountered such a gaze was sure to fall in…

In the midst of this, two columns of guards carrying rifles started to enter the church. In just a few minutes, all guests inside the hotel were cleared out. Mo Beihan strode over to Lin Shenshen, firmly pulling her into his arms.

In country A, armed people would be imprisoned, yet this man could bring a whole row of riflemen. Lin Guohui knew at a glance that he was no ordinary person!

Her stepmother, Zhang Hongmei, and sister, Lin Feiya, grinded their teeth in resentment. Just as they were about to marry Lin Shenshen to such an old geezer, a slip of a man appeared and disrupted their plans. Lin Shenshen was truly a sneaky one!

Chen Daguang, seeing his bride in another man's arms, cursed loudly, "Who are you, kid?! How dare you hold my bride?!"

As a nouveau riche, Chen Daguang's judgement was subpar. He only saw Mo Beihan as a worthless pretty boy.

"Stop pretending, are those toy guns? Hurry up and put down Chen's woman!"

Mo Beihan's beautiful phoenix eyes looked amused at the man in front of him. His thin lips lightly parted, "You can't afford my woman!"

Upon hearing this, Chen Daguang became even more infuriated. He had given away an entire piece of land just to marry Lin Shenshen!

Lin Guohui, observing the livid Chen Daguang, feared that he would stir up trouble and quickly tried to appease him. Respectfully, he asked the man in front of him, "Sir, today is my daughter's wedding day, may I ask your intentions?"

Mo Beihan's response was a cold one, manifesting no signs of emotion, "I'm afraid this marriage of your esteemed daughter cannot proceed."

As he spoke, he cradled Lin Shenshen, princess-style, and started walking towards the church's exit.

Lin Shenshen was completely baffled. Who was this man? Not getting married was certainly an excellent outcome, but if she left now, what would happen to the treatment fees for her useless father's younger brother?

Deep in Lin's struggle within the hold of Mo Beihan, the man's arm tightened, and she was unable to escape.

Mo Beihan lowered his head, his cold and dangerous voice resonating in Lin's ear.

"Lady, if you struggle again, I'll deal with you right in front of your betrothed and your father!"

At his words, Lin immediately fell silent. However, Chen Daoguang behind her, like a mad dog, tried to pounce on Mo Beihan. Yet, before he could touch Mo Beihan, he was grabbed by two guards.

Outside the church, luxury cars lined up. Mo Beihan carried Lin and got into the one leading the pack.

The car drove all the way to the entrance of the Rose Manor, where Mo Beihan carried Lin out of the car.

As they entered the great hall of the Rose Manor, respectful greeting from the servants and bodyguards echoed, "Welcome home, Master!"

Mo Beihan, with Lin in his arms, went upstairs to the bedroom and threw her onto the King-size bed. Clutching her knees, Lin looked at the man in front of her with caution.

"Who... Who are you? What are you trying to do?"

With a wave of his hand, the man forced Lin into a corner of the bed. A smirk appeared on his face. "Little girl, who on earth gave you the courage to forget me?"

With the man's handsome face magnified in her sight, Lin's mind raced. It was him, that damned man!

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