Chapter One :Chapter 1

Awoken by the alarm clock, Bai Weixi hurriedly rose from her bed. She glanced at the man lying behind her and only revealed his bare shoulders. She didn't dare to delay and hastily grabbed her slippers to head out for a wash.

In the bathroom, Bai Weixi was brushing her teeth while frowning at the reflection in the mirror, full of bruises. These were the result of Yan Tingxiao's rough handling last night. He was always domineering in bed, gnawing and biting at her when aroused. Her protests were ineffective, so to avoid disapproval from him, she just went along with it.

After washing, Bai Weixi headed to the kitchen. Last night, she had found a half-consumed box of stomach medicine in Yan Tingxiao's bag. She guessed that due to his busy schedule and irregular meals, his stomach issues were recurring. She needed to prepare breakfast before he left for work.

After forty minutes of bustling about in the kitchen, Bai Weixi served up simmering beef congee. Yan Tingxiao was already dressed and was on the phone while grabbing his briefcase to head out. Rushing to the entrance, Bai Weixi watched him as he put on his shoes. When he finally hung up the call, she asked hesitantly, “I made breakfast…"

“No time to eat,” Yan Tingxiao interrupted her. He put on his shoes, opened the door, and left without looking back.

The sound of the closing door fell on Bai Weixi's ears. She froze for a moment, then let out a sigh.

It had been four years since she'd started dating Yan Tingxiao. She should have known by now his kind of personality. He had never been the kind to consider others' feelings. To her, making breakfast was an act full of warmth and tenderness, but he saw it as her being overzealous.

She shrugged it off. After all, she had been overzealous many times before.

After tidying up the beef congee, Bai Weixi changed her clothes and left for class.

Bai Weixi was 22 years old this year, a final year student of "A" University from Jiang City. Yan Tingxiao was her "boyfriend", or more bluntly, her sugar daddy.

Yan Tingxiao provided all of her material needs, gave her a lot of money to spend, and fulfilled all her requests. But he had only one requirement for her – obedience.

This "obedience" included being at his beck and call, uncomplaining and submissive, absolute submission in bed, and not revealing their relationship to anyone.

This was just like being kept as a mistress.

After spending a whole day at school, Bai Weixi headed straight to the library after class. She picked up a huge stack of professional books to prepare for her graduation thesis.

The reason why she was not in a hurry to return to the apartment today was because she calculated that Yan Tingxiao, who came over yesterday, would not appear again for the next week. To Yan Tingxiao, the apartment she lived was one of his countless homes, and she was just like a pet cat being kept at home, she merely needed to please him.

Bai Weixi was deeply immersed in her graduation thesis materials, remaining in the library until it was closing time.

Not until she was reminded by the library staff that the library was closing did she realize she was the only one left. Apologetically standing, she returned the books to their shelves and hurriedly left.

At ten o'clock, the large A University campus was quiet. Bai Weixi took the last bus at the school gate, picking a window seat where she plugged in her headphones, gazing absently at the passing street view while listening to music.

This was her fourth year of knowing Yan Tingxiao.

She still remembered the scene when she saw Yan Tingxiao for the first time.

It was at the freshmen welcome meeting of A University in 2012. She, along with other freshmen, sat in the university auditorium, with their innocent and excited faces watching the principal passionately describing their impending future. She forgot what the principal had exactly said, but she couldn't forget the principal's last sentence, "Now, please welcome your graduated senior and alumni, Yan Tingxiao, with a round of applause."

There were no spotlights in the auditorium that day, but when that man walked onto the stage from the audience, everything around him seemed to fade under his brilliance.

For the first time, Bai Weixi understood that a man could also be described as "someone with a stunningly handsome face that could make a city fall, stunning everyone in the world."

At that time, Yan Tingxiao was wearing a black suit with a dark blue tie. He stood tall and straight, his high nose and deep eyes exuding an innate noble aura as he stood onstage, a scene that Bai Weixi found stunning for many years.

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