Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Boss, boss, I want to buy meat."

The voice of a child, still fresh and young, came from beneath the market stall.

A cherubic little boy appeared, carrying an eco-friendly shopping bag. Around his neck was a pink coin purse with little Peppa Pig printed on it. He looked so cute and adorable that one couldn't resist the urge to pinch his chubby, rosy cheeks.

"Little brother, I only sell fish here, I don't have the meat you want." The vendor popped out from his stall, looking confusedly around and said with a frown.

What irresponsibility it was of the adults from his family, letting a child go out to buy groceries alone. He might even get kidnapped.

Yun Xiaoyuan pouted cutely, the innocence in his eyes glistening as he gazed at the fish vendor. His chubby little hand scratched his head, "Do you have any greens?"

The vendor's eyelid twitched as he responded coldly, "No."

"What about carrots then?"


The vendor’s reply drew out the word, struggling to suppress his inner rage.

"Oh dear, how come you don't have anything!" Yun Xiaoyuan threw up his hands in despair and shook his head, "No wonder your stall doesn't have any customers."

The fish vendor felt like crying, Yun Xiaoyuan was right. His stall hardly had any business.

“Are you going to buy anything or not?”

The vendor couldn’t hold back his frustration any longer.

Yun Xiaoyuan was not at all ambiguous. He pinched the strap of his eco-friendly bag disdainfully, and shook his head, "If you don't have anything, why should I buy from you?"

The vendor was left speechless by Yun Xiaoyuan's candid words. He was seething inside, but couldn't lash out because Yun Xiaoyuan was just a kid. All he could do was watch the child’s retreating figure with a venomous look.

Yun Ruoxi flew back from Japan early this morning, arriving home just exhausted enough to drop into bed. If she did not wake up early to go to the local market to buy groceries, she would definitely starve by noon. She had to hurry, as the school bus for the kindergarten would arrive soon.

Still lying in bed, Yun Ruoxi opened her eyes in a daze. She reached out her small hand to touch the empty space next to her.

"Xiao Yuan, my little treasure, are you in the bathroom?" She sat in bed calling her son while yawning.

She hadn't even graduated from university and was barely making a living by shopping for others. It was tough juggling work with taking care of her son. Whenever she went on her shopping trips, her son had to stay at her friend's house. It was a tough job, but it was enough to sustain their lives.

Whenever she thought of her obedient and sensible son Yun Yuan, she felt relieved but also guilty.

So, she made a vow to work hard to earn money to ensure her son's standard of living.

Little Yun Yuan, carrying a shopping bag with a couple of salad leaves, a carrot and some meat, was struggling to walk forward.

"Ah yo, ah yo." As he walked forward, he kept chanting, encouraging himself.

Behind him was a black Bentley parked in the opposite street corner. The man in the back seat of the car had his sharp eyes focused on Yuan's small figure, he held a hand full of documents.

"Yun Ruoxi, Female, age 26..."

"Little Yun Yuan, male, age 6, currently studying at Sunflower Kindergarten..."

The man wearing glasses sitting in the passenger seat said respectfully, “Master, the child you just saw is indeed your son. All the information matches, Yun Ruoxi is the woman who underwent in-vitro fertilisation surgery in the hospital six years ago.”

The man sitting in the back seat, Ye Xiao, held the documents tightly, his eyes darkened, his magnetic voice coldly said, “Bring the child back to me.”

“Yes, Master.” Mo Xuan bowed respectfully.

Little Yun Yuan was riding the elevator up to his apartment on the 18th floor. All his life, there was a problem that the elevator buttons were too high for him to reach. Every time before stepping out from home, he would place a stick in his shopping bag. He would then open the stick skillfully and hit the elevator button with it.

This minor gesture of his was observed by the security guard on duty in the security room.

"That's Yun Xiao Yuan from the eighteenth floor again! This lad is not only bright but also clever. The lady of this household is really pitiful, living her life alone with her child after her husband's death," the security guard conversed with his colleague.

Yun Reo Xi had her son, Yun Xiao Yun, a year after she took a break from her studies due to her pregnancy when she was twenty. Subsequently, she moved from the city where they originally resided to City C with her son. In order not to instill a sense of inferiority in her son, she lied that his father had died.

With his little head held high, Yun Xiao Yuan watched as the elevator reached the eighteen floor. Just as he stepped out, he was abruptly picked up under the arms, his little body suddenly feeling weightless.

His shopping bag was left behind outside the elevator.

"Mommy, save me!" Yun Xiao Yuan shouted out intelligently at the top of his lungs.

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