Chapter One :Chapter 1

"Boss, we got a problem, Little Star is missing again!"

Inside Qing Shan village, in a farmyard with a courtyard, Liang Yue was conducting an experiment when suddenly screams came from the outside.

She let out a sigh, took off her safety goggles and went outside, "Stop yelling, the kid has gone to look for his dad."

"What?" Lan Yao, who came with the news, was completely puzzled, surprised he said, "You don't even know who his dad is, how would he know?"

Liang Yue also found it strange, "He said he found out before he left. The kid is too clever for his own good, accused me of not caring, and went off to find his real dad to get justice."

Lan Yao probed, "Boss, do you really have no idea who Little Star's dad could be?"

"What do you mean?" Liang Yue frowned, a touch of displeasure appearing on her indifferent face, "You think I would lie?"

"I didn't mean that!" Lan Yao quickly shook his head, "I just wanted to know, where exactly is Little Star going to look for his father?"

"I heard he went to the capital."

Within the capital.

In front of the Jinhe Building.

A Rolls-Royce stopped in front of the tower; a black-clothed bodyguard opened the rear door of the car, a man of noble and aloof demeanor stepped out.

This man was the only heir of a top-tier family, Li Xingting.

He was also the current president of the Li Group. His powerful aura had everyone present secretly sweating.

Just as Li Xingting was moving forward, a cute toddler popped out from nowhere, like a rocket, he rushed out and accurately clung to the leg of the president.

"Finished," he blinked his lively big eyes, and in a childish tone, called out, "Daddy."

Suddenly, everyone was dumbfounded.

The boy, dressed in blue overalls with a matching sunhat and carrying a "Hello Kitty" cartoon water bottle.

This child, with his adorable and a little bit naive looks, could make anyone overflow with maternal love.

With his chubby arms, he clung tightly to Li Xingting's leg, and said pitifully, "Daddy, I finally found you."

Li Xingting had an expression of distaste, he looked at his staff and wondered, whose brat is this?

The manager of the administration department almost fainted. Such a tremendous work blunder might see him fired.

He intended to pull the child away, "Kid, you must have mistaken someone else as your father, come, follow uncle."

The little boy looked at the almost fifty-year-old administration manager, and pouted, "At your age, you could be my grandpa, and yet you want to me to call you uncle?"

Seeing Li, the CEO's, face turning iron blue, the manager of the administration department was sweat-soaked and quickly corrected himself, "You can call me whatever you like, but let's go."

The little boy clung tightly to Li Xingting's leg, refusing to let go, pitifully asking, "Daddy, do you not want me anymore? Sob..."

The group employees got more curious as to when their CEO Li got a child.

But none dared to risk their lives prying into the CEO’s personal life, especially when they saw his intense gaze, all of them chickened out.

If the commotion continued, more people would gather to watch the spectacle.

Rubbing his forehead, Li Xingting, with a cold face, ordered, "First carry the kid back to my office."

Upon hearing this, the assistant Yuan Jia, disregarding the wailing child, picked him up and walked towards the building.

Senior executives speculated, "Am I dreaming? CEO Li, who shuns the opposite sex, actually has a child now?"

"Indeed, it's CEO Li, doing great things without making a sound!"

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