Chapter One :Chapter 1

The most significant event in a woman's life is her marriage.

Exhausted after going through this life event, I returned home almost collapsing.

Getting off my wedding dress and lying on the bed, Tan Bin gently massaged my legs, teasingly winking at me. "Jingjing, it’s getting late. We should sleep now."

My face turned red instantly; during the three months Tan Bin and I were together, we never made any advances to ensure the wedding night would be special.

Tan Bin stole a peck on my face. Suddenly, he flipped over and passionately kissed my cheeks and neck, his breath strained. Seeing the fervent man on top of me, my heart raced with anticipation and apprehension. After all, this was my first intimate encounter.

What surprised me, however, was that after our passionate kiss, as open-hearted as we were, Tan Bin couldn’t continue. Although

I didn't have experience, I could tell something was wrong seeing Tan Bin fiercely sweating.

In the end, Tan Bin whispered, "Jingjing, I might be too excited and tired today. Can we... tomorrow?"

Understanding his situation, I nodded, "Hmm, we are indeed tired from the day's events. Let's sleep."

Like a child who made a mistake, Tan Bin went over to wear his sleepwear, turned off the light, and slept. I also dressed in sleepwear and lay back to sleep facing away from Tan Bin. Even though I felt sorry for him, there was a knot in my heart.

After some chaotic thoughts, I drifted off to sleep. I didn't have a peaceful sleep as I was preoccupied with thoughts. I wasn't sure when I woke up but found Tan Bin missing from our bed. The bedroom door was slightly ajar, and I heard voices from the living room.

I stealthily got off the bed and went up to the door to eavesdrop.

"What? You can't get an erection?" It was the voice of my mother-in-law, Li Lian.

"Mom, I've been suspecting that there's something wrong with me. Now I'm sure I can't perform. What should I do if Jingjing divorces me because of this?"

"We absolutely can't get divorced! Do you know how hard it was for us to get connected with her family? Her father's inheritance would all be yours!"

"But I'm impotent, we're also deep in debt. If she finds out we've been deceiving her all this time, she's sure to divorce me."

"Binbin, listen to me. As long as you do as I say, you won't get a divorce!"


Like a fool, I plopped down on the ground, unable to believe my ears. I couldn't believe that Tan Bin knew all along that he was good for nothing and that mother-son pair were after my parent's property. Their hatefully artificial kindness towards me was all a facade.

I, Chen Xuejing, was blind to have married such a man!

Before long, Tan Bin returned. Seeing me sitting by the door, he quickly bent down to assist me. "Xuejing, why are you sitting on the cold ground?"

I was disgusted by Tan Bin's two-faced antics. Raising my hand, I gave him a resounding slap across his face. "Bastard! How dare you deceive me!"

A shadow crossed Tan Bin's eyes. "Chen Xuejing, did you hear everything?"

I was so furious my chest was heaving. "If I hadn't heard, how long were you planning to deceive me? Divorce! We'll get a divorce first thing tomorrow!"

Tan Bin's face instantly darkened. Tearing away his usual gentle disguise, he returned my slap fiercely. "So you do want a divorce. In your dreams! I'm not divorcing you!"

Tan Bin's slap was heavy, sending me sprawling to the ground, stars exploding before my eyes. For the first time in my life, I was hit, and it was by my newlywed husband.

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